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  1. Szharvid

    Lizardfolk and more

    Got some traction on the pile of minis I have been asked to paint.
  2. Szharvid

    Reaper Bones 77541 Carrion Worm

    Thanks All! Very true about the lighting, and my photography in general. These were taken at my desk at work with little care. When I get further into this set of minis I'll work on taking some better photos.
  3. Szharvid

    Reaper Bones 77541 Carrion Worm

    A friend of mine hired me to paint a giant pile of minis, and I have finally got a chance to start on some. My direction for this guy was, "Make him gross."
  4. Szharvid

    ReaperCon Sophie 2018

    Thanks! Most of the minis I paint are used quite a bit in game play, so I haven't ever done any fancy bases. However, seeing all the wonderful things people on this forum have done is inspiring, so I think she will get a special base at some point.
  5. Szharvid

    ReaperCon Sophie 2018

    Got Sophie this weekend and got a good start. I’ve been painting large minis lately so I needed a break. This is obviously heavily inspired by Wren’s, (Rhonda Bender) official painting but sort of flipping the hues of the dress and wings. Just started playing with the designs on the brestplate segments. I have already made one attempt on the screen left that I rejected and have started to paint out. I may just paint them out altogether if I can't pull it off.
  6. Finally had time to do some work. Went back to the red and blue face, starting to like it. Still lots of cleanup, blending and highlights to do, plus the effects.
  7. Szharvid

    Steel Hero Forge mini

    Thanks! She's my wife's character in our cam paign, and she designed the heroforge mini. It's probably still my favorite face I've painted.
  8. Szharvid

    Steel Hero Forge mini

    Thanks! Yeah the plastics aren't too different. There is just a little bit more fine detail, especially in the faces, from the HQ black plastic.
  9. Szharvid

    Beholder - Wizkids

    Gorgeous. I want to paint this mini. And that sounds like my kind of campaign.
  10. Szharvid

    Steel Hero Forge mini

    I was asked to paint my friend's steel Hero Forge mini. The character is a Half-Fairy Werewolf Drunken Master, so no judgment on the design of the mini. I have painted 5 or 6 of the, "cheap" and expensive plastic minis from Hero Forge but this is the first metal one. I have to say they are tough but as rough as 60 grit sandpaper, and you lose almost all fine detail. In the picture the metal one is on the right, the priest in the center is the cheap plastic, and the bard on the left is the HQ plastic. Still yet to see a brass one.
  11. Thanks! I will be trying the blue and red again tonight. And yes, it's not very mini.
  12. Szharvid

    Blood Effects

    Yes, it dries very glossy and semitransparent. It's even hard to tell that's it's dry.
  13. Szharvid

    Blood Effects

    I haven't seen a reaper equivalent to Blood of the Blood Gods. I love reaper paints but have always used the Citadel washes, glazes, technicals, etc. Blood of the Blood God leaves a very wet and gory blood look.
  14. Got some actual work done on Demogorgon, still very early. I started with playing with the red and blue Mandrill colors, for his face but I'm not sure they work with the green version, so I ended up painting it out. I may try them again when I am further along. I do love Mutilatedlips version with the Mandrill colors, but I think the orange head and torso on his version sets it off better than the green will. Check out his version if you haven't seen it. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75324-demogorgon-dd-galeforce-nine/