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  1. I haven't painted in a few months, so I have decided to try to knock out as much as possible as quickly as I can. I gave myself an hour to do this guy and tried to stick to just a few colors and lean into washes and dry brush.
  2. Thanks! First off I have to say that my color choices are basically a copy of the official painting of this model, so I can't take credit. For the OSL, as soon as I posted saying I was done, I continued and pushed the lighting a lot further. Getting there with the metal, but warm on blue is very WIP. And yes, my photos are not good.
  3. I've shared some pics of her in works in progress, but I'm putting the brush down. Added Sophie for scale.
  4. Getting somewhere. Still lots of refining to go, but the basics are there. Will do some Object source lighting from the ground. not yet fully mounted. Back still needs lots of blending.
  5. Trying to get through my wall of shame. Getting close on this guy. Smaller eyes still need a lot of work.
  6. I say, "for now" because I can never really stop. I find myself going back to old work and fiddling, so nothing is ever really done. Need to just put it down.
  7. This guy sat for awhile. Finally got him finished. For now...
  8. Haven’t painted in months and she looked fun. Still needs work.
  9. More quarantine painting. Still lots of cleanup to do but he’s mostly blocked in.
  10. Finally had time to pant and made some progress on this guy.
  11. Got a good start on this beautiful dwarf. Lots to do still.
  12. Thanks for the renewed interest in this thread. To answer CosmoKramer, I believe used Reaper Suntan Flesh & Caucasian Flesh on the mouth, used a brown wash over it, then went back and cleaned up/highlighted. The transition from mouth to body is largely dry-brush/stippling. The blue is actually Bright Turquoise with a blue wash over it. Then I think I dry-brushed the turquoise back over it and manually painted more highlights. I'll post the reverse when I get home. My one regret I have on this guy, is not doing more cleanup on the model itself before painting.
  13. Ah wings mounted. Now I can get back to painting.
  14. An organized painter, is not the way I would describe myself.
  15. Ha! Thanks, I was on a roll hurting myself this weekend. I discovered that a hand drill can cut just as bad as an Exacto knife.
  16. Started on this guy this weekend. Can't say i recommend this model unless you really like building models. There is a huge amount of warping necessary to get anything to fit. I'm really surprised I got any paint on it this weekend. Very pretty model, but I like to paint not fight with pins and superglue. These pieces have to fit together so lots of heat is necessary.
  17. Painting cold stuff. Super quick Yetis and remorhaz.
  18. Credit where credit is due, my painting is heavily inspired by the official painting. I believe Michael Proctor is the original artist, but If I'm incorrect please let me know. I painted this, "mini" to use in game play, so she will be used as Tiamat in future epic battles.
  19. Thanks very much! Eyes are always what I stress on the most, and there's no hiding them on a model this big.
  20. Thanks! I think the darkness of the green and blue is in part due to my terrible photography skills but I may do a bit more brightening. Here's a slightly better pic: One painting tip I have in regards to brightness. This is where ones workspace lighting is critical. I tend to paint under really bright lights so i can see detail, but that can totally through you off. Minis that look great under the bright lights might end up looking very dark under normal lighting. I try to back off the light at some point and take the model into different lighting conditions. Of course bulb spectrum can also dramatically change the perceived color as well.
  21. Finally had a chance to do a final'ish pass on Ma'al Drakar. Still need a bit more work on claws and some touch ups.
  22. Got some traction on the pile of minis I have been asked to paint.
  23. Thanks All! Very true about the lighting, and my photography in general. These were taken at my desk at work with little care. When I get further into this set of minis I'll work on taking some better photos.
  24. A friend of mine hired me to paint a giant pile of minis, and I have finally got a chance to start on some. My direction for this guy was, "Make him gross."
  25. Thanks! Most of the minis I paint are used quite a bit in game play, so I haven't ever done any fancy bases. However, seeing all the wonderful things people on this forum have done is inspiring, so I think she will get a special base at some point.
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