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  1. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    I am calling him done (almost - need to add some dried out grass...). Thanks for following along!
  2. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Did some work. On the wings I just did a bit on the tail. Not sure will do much more with the back. The wings I am moving slowly on. I do not want to highlight too much and lose the black and carbon gray. I will be putting black 'spots' on the carbon gray once I highlight both wings enough (usually it ends up as too little highlight). For the base, I painted it all Desert Sand, then while wet I brushed on the low areas the Clotted Red and Tarnished Copper I used on the Roc. They blended together and made it look like someone dumped strawberry and orange sherbet on the base, it made me want to get some ice cream. So after a snack, i stempled back over the dried red and copper with the Desert Sand, and then dry brushed with Bleached Linen. For the bones/skull, I saw a recipe for bones not too long ago that used AV English Uniform..... The painter had painted several of the new bones skeletons using it and it looked nice... but I can not find the thread now. So, from memory, I based in AV English Uniform, and then went over it with Tusk Ivory, and then Creamy Ivory. I washed with black and then some brown in specific areas. Then hit the highlights with Creamy Ivory again. It does differentiate between the sand/rocks and the bones, I will come back to it with a fresh eye tomorrow and see if I may need to do some additional work.
  3. golldan

    Friar Stone 77206 - -noob

    Really nice job for just starting out! I can can not tell if the eyes have been worked on (glare), but that would be a focus you would want to concentrate on. Also look to add cuts or highlight to leather straps and bits like that. Keep at it!
  4. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Not a lot of progress lately. Added some details to underside, touched up the back wings to start detail work on back. Started base work. On the base thinking of going sand/sandstone colored and bring in some of the orange and deep red from the Roc. Look to put down fine flock or sand for sand look. Filled in gaps with green stuff (first time using that) and will look to add tan and brown grass (first time using that also). May look to use the Carbon Grey along the base ridge - I guess I will see how that works/looks with tan sand - I think it should look good.
  5. golldan

    Ladies of Death by Glitterwolf

    1 Vote - Ghost Bride.
  6. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Thanks G-wolf... some updates on the progress. I went with a simple underside for the wings and did a gray wash on tips of the light gray/white highlight wings. Finished (I think) off the face and talons... so, going to move back and backs of the wings to add highlights next.
  7. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Thanks for the 'eye's' complements! I actually was going for something completely different, and just went with how it was turning out. The wingspan on the model is rather large, but I did not know it was the same as a real kestrel... Some updates - based painted the underbody, and added a bit to face and talons.
  8. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Some face work done...
  9. Good looking set of horses. And thanks to the link on the horse painting tutorial.
  10. golldan

    Wife's WIP: Sabretooth Pug

    That is great. Cannot be her 4/5th mini ever. She must do other painting... canvas, water color... something. Keep it going!
  11. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Blocked out the top wings, back. Some work on head, will look to block out rest of head or underside next. And I think the new Reaper Carbon Gray 09318 is my favorite color...
  12. golldan

    How do you paint the transparent pieces

    Thanks for the tip on using matte varnish as a 'primer' on clear minis. I broke out the Reaper and Wizkids minis I had in clear, purple, black, green and primed and started using inks and washes. All the inks and washes I added a bit 10% water for flow, and they all turned out ok to great. Reaper yellow clear, Reaper Washes, GW Washes, Secret Weapon Washes and Army Painter Inks all had fun great effects. It was fun to test and play around with them... and they held well on that base/primer of AV matte varnish. Thanks again.
  13. golldan

    Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

    Thanks! I will need some luck!
  14. Trying to paint the new Bones 4 Roc with the coloring of the American Kestrel. You can see some of my printed off sample images/notes. I was mainly taking the photos so I can recall what colors I am blocking in sections, so if I get distracted (typically), I can go back an easily pick up the colors I need. As I was taking the picture, I thought I might try my first WIP, so here it goes...