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  1. See this other thread in forums... https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93513-weird-email-from-reapermini/
  2. I deleted, thinking it was a Phishing email... maybe it is. Content below:
  3. Finished up the Pack Turtle. Nice detail on this model. Paired him up with his traveling companion that I finished some time ago. On the the rest of this group at a snails (turtles) pace...
  4. Work done on the wizard and calling him done! yeah! Blocked in some colors on the pack tortoise...
  5. Not much progress in last couple of months. Work is keeping me busy (good thing I guess). Barbarian and Wizard work. Barbarian did some padding and added some shadow to elk shin smoothside, and mainly weapon and metal work. Where metal work ended up being half NMM and highlight of metal paint... not able to fully drag myself away from the sparkle... Wizard was robe and cape highlight and shadowing.
  6. I usually 'collect' or get new dice when mine go cold... I do have a buddy who buys a new set for each new Campaign, he has a lot of dice.
  7. I have tried the DR inks and they dry too glossy for my tastes. I have always had great luck with basic colors (blue, green, purple, red, etc.) with the Army Painter line.
  8. Bit more work on the dwarf, trying to finish off the armor. Plus hood trim work on the gems to block those out.
  9. Worked a bit on the Dwarf. Used Armor Grey HD and went over high areas of armor to bring the blue down and did a heavy wash of black. Put a layer or two of Chestnut brown on cowl, I think that looks good, and will look to work yellows in. Not sure what to make the buttons/badges/gems in the cuff/cowl, but maybe red gems. For his hair, not sure if to go, black, black w/grey streak, red, blonde or brown... I will think on it. Do not want it to blend in too much to the gold/yellow, grey or red that I have, but complement it still.
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