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  1. I would suggest you go with your gut. I am a basing beginner and not very sophisticated and usually go with blending my base in and not taking that leap on making it pop (so I would typically vote for blending in)... but if you are liking the Mediterranean, then roll with it.
  2. For Blue cotton candy, I would go with Tropical Blue for dark areas and Frost Blue for highlights.
  3. The glow in the windows looks great and the door weathering looks so real. Great job.
  4. Couldn't sleep last night, so finished him up. Put some clear coat on him this morning... Done. I am happy how he turned out - thanks for for the recommendation and suggestions/push to put down the coat/s of gloss varnish, it really helped.
  5. Got some paint down on him. He should turn out fine. I will work on finishing him up this week.
  6. Put some paint down over the gloss brush on... better. I will need to ramp up my skills and paint him now. Wish me luck! Orig on Left - After gloss coats on Right.
  7. Great job. Wonderful effects on the slime/sludge! Neat mini, your time and effort on the targeted washes looks great.
  8. This one did seem to be better than the older/examples they show on line, so I think it is some improvement. It is solid and will last with the worst Ogre using it during play. I did go ahead and used AV brush-on gloss varnish. I started doing just some, and just gave it all a coat. For the open cloth and armor areas I let dry and did x3 coats. I think this will work and hopefully will look better once I get a layer of paint down over it. I will just have to paint in back some of the details lost. Like you said @Iridil hopefully they just see their character in there and not all th
  9. Yes, I might have to see about some target using of gloss varnish... I will look at it and decide. Then post the results! We shall see...
  10. Yes, I saw suggestions on rough surfaces by putting gloss spray/sealers on to smooth it out. I didn't as I was afraid of loosing any detail that it had. So, I guess I could do it and if it wipes out all detail (like on eye/hair/sword) with out significant reduction in roughness, I could try to strip and do again... that's that worst that could happen right...?
  11. So a friend of one of my gaming buddies wanted a Heroforge mini painted, so I agreed to do it. I have done a few in the past, and thinking it should be no problem. Those have been the plastic or premium plastic, but when I was given the piece, it was the steel version. It is solid and will not break, very tough, but very rough texture. I did not try anything to try to smooth out because I think I will remove any details it has on it. Note-the mini looked more detailed/less textured than the sample steel minis on the Heroforge site (glad for that). So, let's see how it goes... This
  12. Bought the Romag Davl mini to try see the new Bones USA. It is really nice, crisp detail, very little flash and primer goes on nicely. I saw what Rhonda Bender did with the two main brown shades and shamelessly copied that to start. The orange/fall vibe came from the orange testing that from Highlander's post on the orange in the Irish flag. Added some horizontal texture after seeing what many have you have done to add some depth/texture to the cloth you have painted on your minis. Any tips/hints/comments/criticisms welcome. I enjoyed painting it - so crisp, it almost paints itself.
  13. So finally prepped some minis and painted the cape on one orange. Used Lava orange as base, and then wet blended the Dragon Red into recesses, and yellow up for highlights. Seemed to work out well. Although, with how far I came up on the yellow/white, it is a bit brighter than the flag example. But I think it worked out ok. Thanks for the idea/exercise and the pointers here.
  14. Thanks Clearman and crowsandbones- I will have to check the Mantis Grey out! Found that Rhonda Bender/Bird with a Brush did a blotter/swatch sampling (thanks for that) of the new colors and the Mantis grey is looking great! - Thanks again.
  15. Hey All, Have been testing colors on a batch of wraiths... and finding I am really liking the HD paints Witchcraft Purple and Armor Grey for the undead with armor. The purple was continued/replaced with 09477, but the grey was not. Trying to replace the grey and I looked at Tempest Grey (still off) and AV French Mirage Grey (closer) - has anyone found a good replacement for Reaper Armor Grey - thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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