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  1. golldan

    Paint Shelf Life

    Half of my Ral Partha paint pots from 80-90s are still usable. Don't use them much but they are there when my wife asks why I have all these paints - I can tell her I have had most (bit of a stretch-more like a few) of these for years, since the 80s....
  2. golldan

    Durability of models

    Welcome - some good advice already given, and typically is. i have been to Tromso - nice town, went to see northern most University/only University above the Artic circle (or something along those lines!)
  3. golldan

    Invisible humans and Ghosts

    Did you lay down a base at all? In a few posts on the translucent bones, there were some comments on putting down a base varnish (matte or glossy) and then applying the inks or washes. Found one of them below. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87575-experiments-with-translucent-bones-models/
  4. golldan

    Blacktooth Terror (Bones 4)

    Just Wow - what a terror!
  5. golldan

    (Daddy) Shark

    This is the WizKids unpainted shark. I saw at the store and was not prompted to buy it. I then saw on these boards the Unpainted WizKid thread and saw they were discussing this model, and noted the extra fin mini. Now seeing the fin, kinda pushed over the top to buy this - as you can put down the fin as a party is rowing across the bay, and then after they notice it coming their way, place this thing coming out of the water at them that they now need to contend with! So anyway, a few mold lines needed fixing and gap at base of jaw that needed greenstuff repair. I did a good job on fixing back mold line, but line btw left fin and lower jaw could have been worked more. I do not remove the preprimer it comes with, I file/remove as best I can the lines, then use paint on primer (usually three coats) to smooth back out. And last image are paints used in case anyone was curious.
  6. golldan

    Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China

    Thanks- it is more of a impressionist version of the sun and samurai print
  7. golldan

    Demogorgon - Stranger Things

    Thanks - it is more rubber like. I used Tamiya Fine Lt Grey spray primer. It is holding well.
  8. golldan

    Jack Burton - Big Trouble in Little China

    Thanks for the Intel on the Manufacturer... In looking it up, it seems it was more recent - 2015. It is just small compared to he Heroic sized minis i have become accustomed to.
  9. This was a paint request from a friend of a friend. Not sure what the manufacturer is, but it is lead and seems to be an old 28mm. Pretty good sculpt to it, but I fiddled with the eyes and not as good as I would have liked.
  10. golldan

    Demogorgon - Stranger Things

    The unpainted mini from the D&D Stranger Things Beginner set. The one they give you is more tan/taupe, and in the series it seems to be, but I went more green/olive.
  11. golldan

    Red Dragon - WizKids

    Thanks - I do get inspired by what I see on these forums, and by the tips and techniques that everyone shares... So thanks for that!
  12. golldan

    Red Dragon - WizKids

    The unpainted Pathfinder Red Dragon from WizKids. Thought I would take more time on scales to paint individually, but ended up getting larger brushes and doing some wet and then dry brushing. Wings started out as a purple, but did not like and ended up going over them with Walnut Brown. Then tried to pull in some more of the purple around mouth and in base. Used the Greenstuff rollers for the first time on Sculpty to create some broken title look for the base. They work well on Sculpty and it breaks nicely to create broken stone look. Comments and Suggestions welcome.
  13. golldan


    Great start! As Glitterwolf stated work on shading and highlighting.
  14. golldan

    Prime bones

    The brown and blue Reaper liners have worked fine for the bones I have used it on, the majority I have used Tamiya Lt Grey Fine Surface Primer, and it has always worked fine.
  15. golldan

    Color Pallette for Drow (White) Hair

    Thanks @kazmania7 - nice job and thanks for the example. It looks convincing. I think I have all the darksword dvds except that one (or I lent it out and it has not managed to make it back to me)