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  1. Final touches on some, spray sealer and some vegetation added to two of them. Just a few more to round out this set started last year.
  2. Five getting closer to complete. Details and Highlights mainly left to do. Have two others from this group that are about half done (not shown). Will continue to work on those, and look to prep some more... Next group will be monsters. Change it up a bit. De-flashed/cleaned minis, and put them on bases. Will like keep the bases plain, except maybe the Hill Giant, and spruce that one up a bit. Some of the Spiders leg came off, glued them back and put black gesso over all of it to firm it up so it will not break again (hopefully). On the Giant Catfish, I Greenstuffed the neck and then used some AV paint on primer to cover. Will need to go over all of them with primer base of Tamiya fine grey (or white). Ok, off to the next mini.
  3. Testor's still show Dullcote on their site. I have been using it regularly for a few years, and it seems every year I hear it is being discontinued. If I search the web, there are rumblings going back to 2014 and further-maybe because they dropped the Model Masters line about that time?. Thanks for the insight on alternatives if it does happen, but for now, I will just keep buying it when I find on the shelves. Looks like Model Masters was more recent drop. From the miniatures page: Schogun had response posted on the site from the company in June of 2020. - "With a long history of producing quality hobby kits and supplies, we are evolving our strategy to focus more keenly on Testors, our flagship brand. To that end, we are discontinuing our PACTRA, AZTEK, and Model Master brands as demand for these products continues to decline. We will continue to support the hobby market with a robust line of aerosols, brush paints, tools and accessories – always looking for opportunities to innovate in these categories." Testor's 1260 Dullcote should still be available then." Buy maybe there is a new round of issues with Dullcote? Many noted moving to W&N --"Winsor & Newton Professional Matt Spray Varnish replaced Dullcote for me a few years back as well. Very reliable"
  4. In my experience in working with Bones, I have found that Tamiya Lt Grey Fine Surface Primer spray and Testor's Dull Coat work great on Bones minis/material. No issues with tacky/stickiness.
  5. Some slow progress made. Slow and steady - blocking in small bits like pouches, belts and staff/shovel.
  6. Some work done on some of the others started in this group. Herbalist is pretty well done.
  7. In this topic from Mid-last year, there are some suggestions and discussions on shakers. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90799-nail-polish-shaker/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-1957366 Mine is Heathrow Scientific 120598 Mini Vortex Mixer for 91.00 US when I bought last July. As far as RPMs, I looked it up and it is: 4,500 rpm I usually just give a quick shake or two, and then mix from bottom/top/bottom again, and then use the paint. It is the first I have owned, so not sure if it is the best RPM range, if I am doing it properly or most reliable (fine for me, where I mix up one/two paints a day on average week). I purchased from Global test supply... they email me once a month to advertise to get me to buy more medical equipment. (Sorry source alternatives do not help you much with Amzn restriction - looks like it is 104. USD right now there)
  8. Started work on a group of wrights, shadows and cloaked minis and the Crimson Herald was in it. Started working on him and just could not put him down until finished. More detail and interesting items on it than I initially thought. Didn't know he was 'crimson' until I just looked him up - so he is in grey and imperial purple. :)
  9. Ink from the bags maybe... I have only seen a coffee/tan/yellow staining or shading on any Bones.
  10. I found at my FLGS a kit from Secret Weapon. Not sure what/how many they have but you can check. This one is for a wetlands base.
  11. Take a look at what Dana Howl does for bases and using Color Change/Shft paint over gloss black for bases. Maybe it would work for your orb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGiJuboYvyk
  12. Slow progress.... Fish Monger done. It was nice to work on this, as it has some bits/details that just make it just that little bit extra special...
  13. Nice work! Colors really do look great on it.
  14. For what it is worth, I have used 1" wooden disks as bases. I now have switched to Reapers 1",2", and 3" bases. I have found that the craft glue E-6000 works well, for adhesion and filling gaps.
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