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  1. Have tried other matte finish clear coats, and always do my PCs or better minis with Testor's Dull Coat. Always end up going back to it. Now the cap is the only way to tell between the gloss and matte (gloss you can see thru the cap/clear). Have been coating my Bones since 1st Kickstarter with it and never had any issues.
  2. The colors of the hood and robe are just... rich. The chocolate brown, oranges and golds/tans(?) just work. Nicely done.
  3. golldan

    Patchwork Gang

    Wanted to use all (most) the colors on my wet palette before I cleaned it... and decided to tackle the Patchwork Gang.
  4. Thanks. On the jaw bone/skeletal paint job, I used Spodi's recipe. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86209-first-bones-4-painted-figure/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-1835064
  5. Thanks - seeing a lot of great minis out there with (many) more blended colors along with the main colors and trying to work in that direction. Using purple more for shadows and pinks or olives for skin - not that evident here, but trying still.
  6. Thanks - On the grass, I tried to show that the grass was coming up between the flagstones.
  7. Thanks.... not always intentional. My basing usually ends up colors of minis that I am working on while creating the one working the base on, some colors of the mini that I am working on to pull the two together, and then random greys/browns/olives to mute the whole thing. I think this one got some aqua and peacock green from my Cave Troll I was working on concurrently
  8. With the tubes carrying fluid, it gave me a reason to try my new colorshift paint from TurboDork that someone on the boards recommended. Seems to work well. It is only a small area, but maybe you can tell in the pics. (3D Glasses is the color).
  9. More Large Mini work... this guy could/should have been on Medium base, but he seemed better suited on a Large.
  10. Ratman.... or maybe Wererat.
  11. More April work on Large minis...
  12. Putting my pictures up from April painting. Tried to put some more flock/base work before taking pictures... to liven things up a bit on these large size minis.
  13. Looks like a Blue Jay variant - Nice...
  14. Imposing set of guards!
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