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  1. Not sure if any of these are value suggestions, but I use AV-Vallejo Surface Primer on grey primer for a paint on primer, and Tamiya Fine grey rattle can for spray for minis. For larger or armies/non-pcs minis I will use Army painter. For terrain, Gamemaster Army Painter. Usually in non-black or light colors, as I find that most dark, black or near black primers usually end up tacky and I have to go over it with may costly Tamiya Fine grey to correct.
  2. The eye socket on this model is skeleton like and just a hole. I never liked how a 'glowing' eye shows in just a socket, so I kept the socket black and painted one small lead bird shot (my Dad refilled his own shotgun shells, and I have some of those), and painted it AV Fluorescent green and glued it in. You could roll up a small ball of milliput or green stuff and have the same effect.
  3. Not sure if this would help at this point, but some of the posts on this forum about the translucent minis might help. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87575-experiments-with-translucent-bones-models/#comment-1855327
  4. Got to one of the bigger ones on my pile of to do's from the Kick Starters... It has been sitting there primed dark grey for a long time.
  5. I use an Andrea paint (from skin paint set) that is a brown-reddish for caucasian deeper skin areas, lips, etc. It is like a Reaper 9071 Chestnut brown, with a bit more mahogany red in it.
  6. So I see you want to run virtual RPGs... I would check out Foundry VTT (50 bucks US one time, for GM to host on their PC - you would need to have a decent/newer PC) for Pathfinder 2e or DD 5e. And run discord for Audio. If you want simple and free, I would check out Owlbear Rodeo and use discord for Audio.
  7. I think the blue background I used allowed too much of the brown through. It was not/is not really that brown. I put a black wash on the wing bones/hands. Used Blue liner on the body (ended up more of a wash with it), and painted the stone where the brown was coming thru to get a good base down with black, and painted the cracks of the stones on the base. This is closer to the colors. Will start working the bright blue and light back up and figure out how/what to do about wing highlights.
  8. Started working on the Bones IV Black Sting -77981 (I think) and had initially thought about doing it green/brown wings, so I used the Army painter brown primer, but it stayed way too tacky. So I covered with Tamiya fine grey, and saw a bright blue dragon by @Elijah7 under Paint forum. So going in that direction. Note the Army painter brown, went down well on my wood docks, boats, etc., but not on my tree or dragon. Do not recall what I did first, but that may have something to do with the tackiness. Maybe I did not shake well/long enough. The wings still had some of the brown primer on it, but mainly the light grey, and I went over it with the Reaper steel wash. I looks good, but some blotchy areas, and will need more work. Started with a wash of the 09016 Sapphire Blue I am using for the main body color. Will likely need to highlight wings somehow... dry brush or detail brushing or both, and do some ink or wash to include some purple. I always like purple in a mini.
  9. In looking at my original pile, I did see a couple of items I did not do photo for WIP, but I do have some finished looks at them. The Tree of Despair, I primed with Army painter brown, and finished with Army painter clear coat... and it ended up a bit more glossy than I like. But this is the end result with the tree bits.
  10. Few more touch ups and finished the base - ready to hand off to my buddy for the table.
  11. I have been away from this mini for a long time... Been busy painting minis for boardgames (Kemet & Tiny Epic Dungeons), and some old pewter projects I had gotten for gifts. One of my buddies will has a Saltmarsh/Dreadmere/Cthlulu type campaign he needs this for, so ramping back up on it! Had to shore up the base and put on an MDF base, as the pvc base just was too warped and it kept falling forward. So will have some work to do on that. I cleaned up some eyes, did the teeth/fangs/tusks and some more highlighting on ribs, tentacles, skin and the back diamond shaped thing. The back, kinda came out like Godzillas power up, and I ran with it.
  12. Painted up this 3D print for a buddy that is going to use to decimate his PCs!
  13. Like the rusty rivets and the reddish tint to the barrels to contrast with the bar top - Nice.
  14. I have tried and liked Tamiya Color - Clear Matte spray. It seems to be same size as Testors but more expensive. Just as good. Regardless, I have still found and ordered the Testors Dullcoate (Michigan Toy Soldier Shop).
  15. Don't think I have either of those to give you any feedback - sry.
  16. I think they look good on the table along side the other sets, can only tell that the command has some additional details painted, but not by much. 5 colors on 12 minis in 1.5 hours for painting only, is pretty good =7.5 minutes per mini. The only thing that i see is the glossy finish - that is a personal opinion of mine- as I like my minis flat. But I have not used the AP speed paint, so not sure if the pict is taken after painting or after final clear coat that would make it shine.
  17. There is now a 'Not_Darren_Latham' utoob page... so just morphed!
  18. Great story, gift and paint job. Thanks for posting.
  19. I used small copper wire, and I also clean my Masterson out with a few drops of bleach and water every couple months. Also, when filling after wash, put a drop (like the tip of my finger) of bleach in with the water... not sure if this is highly recommended, but it has kept my pallet from molding.
  20. There are some pumkins in carts I painted in this post. I think I started over primer white for one set, and used some of the Reaper oranges (noted above) on the other. The green washes (I think) helped sell these... https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89688-boat-pig-cart-and-stuff-from-bones-4/&tab=comments#comment-1908488
  21. They are both 3D Resin prints - The Bengal is from AMINI3D and the Black Panther is from MISCBOYMINI
  22. A couple of Tabaxi/Cat people PCs I have been busy painting.
  23. You may want to look at GWs Brass Scorpion... I think that is close.
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