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  1. Thanks. I worked on some Bronze processes, and posted here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95242-bronze-quick/ I used a combo of A,B,C from that post but completed the Bronze on this before I finished my testing and would likely use the more Brown/Dark Brown (D) in the future.
  2. Usually, I show that if the armpits are more visible by adding more green stuff growing there
  3. I had never looked into doing orange seriously, so it was a good exercise for me. After my review I went out looking for more on utube, did not find much specifically on orange beyond painting orange armor, so will keep looking.
  4. This is the Hill Giant from 77939. I have not finished the cat yet, so I only have the Giant here. I have been trying to add various colors (layers of color for one area/color) to my minis to make them more interesting. Following some of the painters here and other utubers and painters like Angel G. I used an Imperial Purple base for this entire mini and then did Troll Flesh as next base for skin and then built up reddish skin tones for skin and then went lighter tan. Hope you enjoy, I had fun painting him.
  5. I think your right on the color to be more red (for Shadows), and when I looked at your sample flags, I first thought of Dragon Red. You could test using colors you have on a blotter/piece of paper. I used Lava Orange for a base orange and tested some brown-reds I use most... and Dragon Red seems comprable, but Bloodstain Red, AV Calvary Brown and Maroon Red are close too. (I have a weak spot for Brownish Reds and have many, and find I keep buying more of the same and have back ups :) ). Image may not be best, but in RL the Orange (Lava Orange) seems to be close to your images.
  6. So I was looking for a quick way to do some bronze on a Hill Giant that I am working on. I had used Jen's Mini page blog recipe, which has nice olive tone and purple shading, and I use Reapers Old Bronze which has some of those qualities, so comes out pretty nice. It is not a new Bronze look, it is more of an older Bronze look that takes time to build up, but not the old statue Bronze look I had I have in my head, which is that rich brown bronze, with a bit of the verdigris. So I checked out some mini painters bronze process on utube, and one fine arts on utube from Jon Burns Fine
  7. Thanks - I do like how the glazing over a light sand/brown/ivory worked out on the crab. I will likely use that technique when doing other chitinous creatures with various inks and washes in the future.
  8. Worked on some critters. The leeches were painted Walnut Brown and highlighted in medium grey. Then I went over them with Turbo Dork - 3D Glasses. Then wash of Nuln Oil Glossy. Ended up with the slimy/glossy look I was trying for. Dire Crab, I was inspired by the color scheme that many have posted here, which i think they were modeling a Blue Crab which seems to be more green with many interesting colors in it. I painted the whole thing Ivory, and then glazed inks and washes up and tried to be careful on where I laid the wash/ink down. Some wer
  9. PF1 or PF2? PF1, my take would be: Bless Prayer Blessing of Fervor Mage Armor Shield Shield of Faith Blur Mirror Image Stoneskin Iron Skin False Life Haste You may want to check Reddit under PF1 or PF2 subreddits, below taken form there: 1: enlarge person (for reach and damage), Mage armor, Protection from evil 2: bull's strength, resist energy, blur 3: Haste (at lvl 2 for summoner!), Heroism (at lvl 2 for bard!), fly 4: blessing of fervor, stoneskin(at lvl 3
  10. Finished the Cave Spider. Inspiration image for colors (and blotter) for first image. Used a bit of Turbo Dork colorshft paint to try and get the hair shimmer that the real spider has.
  11. That ended up being a quick WIP. (Guess I was more hyped to work on it than I expected) The Mountain Stone grey ended up looking great over the Brown Sand. I then put the AV grey green and some black along the top of the back. First stimpled on then, did some washing/layed coats along the top. For the lapreys, I think I would do in Brown, Dk Olive, Purple or Dk Blue/Blk next time. Something that complements the colors of the body more. I ended up with a green, then purple, then black and white with Secret weapon Ruby wash for the eye. Calling it done!
  12. Painted white parts Foggy grey, and washed with Cloudy grey. Washed Brown Sand down into white and Foggy grey into brown to soften transition areas and on the white on fins. Under painted Sea Lampreys with AV Prussion blue wash on head and stripes and after dried, did a couple of coats of green ink. Mouth and tongue was red, washed in Ivory and started bringing in Mountain Stone which is darker, in around the mouth so teeth will show better when I start painting those.
  13. Looking to lay a base of paint down, and started with the Blood Red. Looked at images a bit more and going to have a base of Brown Sand down under the grey - that way I can stimple the greys on and show the bown under it.
  14. Really like the purple and green on these - great job!
  15. I saw a version that Asoares did back in 2019 in a likeness of a Red Tail Catfish, and really liked how that was done. It reminded me of Jeremy Wade on a river in South America catching a monster catfish. So here goes my version. The dark section seems to be more of a brown-grey so using that and not the blue-greys. In some of the pictures I am using for reference, the red has alot of rusty orange in it, so I will be using that for some layering in the red fins and tail.
  16. I was thinking fly toys, or 3D print flies.
  17. For what it is worth -- I have used the spray Testor's Dullcote and never had any issues. I have not used the brush on Dullcote.
  18. Last of the group. Glad to call that bunch done - slow and steady progress. Now on to the next!
  19. Final touches on some, spray sealer and some vegetation added to two of them. Just a few more to round out this set started last year.
  20. Five getting closer to complete. Details and Highlights mainly left to do. Have two others from this group that are about half done (not shown). Will continue to work on those, and look to prep some more... Next group will be monsters. Change it up a bit. De-flashed/cleaned minis, and put them on bases. Will like keep the bases plain, except maybe the Hill Giant, and spruce that one up a bit. Some of the Spiders leg came off, glued them back and put black gesso over all of it to firm it up so it will not break again (hopefully). On the Giant Catfish, I Gre
  21. Testor's still show Dullcote on their site. I have been using it regularly for a few years, and it seems every year I hear it is being discontinued. If I search the web, there are rumblings going back to 2014 and further-maybe because they dropped the Model Masters line about that time?. Thanks for the insight on alternatives if it does happen, but for now, I will just keep buying it when I find on the shelves. Looks like Model Masters was more recent drop. From the miniatures page: Schogun had response posted on the site from the company in June of 2020. - "With a
  22. In my experience in working with Bones, I have found that Tamiya Lt Grey Fine Surface Primer spray and Testor's Dull Coat work great on Bones minis/material. No issues with tacky/stickiness.
  23. Some slow progress made. Slow and steady - blocking in small bits like pouches, belts and staff/shovel.
  24. Some work done on some of the others started in this group. Herbalist is pretty well done.
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