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  1. There is now a 'Not_Darren_Latham' utoob page... so just morphed!
  2. Great story, gift and paint job. Thanks for posting.
  3. I used small copper wire, and I also clean my Masterson out with a few drops of bleach and water every couple months. Also, when filling after wash, put a drop (like the tip of my finger) of bleach in with the water... not sure if this is highly recommended, but it has kept my pallet from molding.
  4. There are some pumkins in carts I painted in this post. I think I started over primer white for one set, and used some of the Reaper oranges (noted above) on the other. The green washes (I think) helped sell these... https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89688-boat-pig-cart-and-stuff-from-bones-4/&tab=comments#comment-1908488
  5. They are both 3D Resin prints - The Bengal is from AMINI3D and the Black Panther is from MISCBOYMINI
  6. A couple of Tabaxi/Cat people PCs I have been busy painting.
  7. You may want to look at GWs Brass Scorpion... I think that is close.
  8. It's been a few weeks, but picked up a couple of Scale 75 colors and thought I would throw down on this Chaos beast to get started up again. Blocked in the base with a sand theme and picked spots to put down dry brush and filling in some details on the eyes.. many eyes...
  9. Embracing the Chaos of this creature, I am just experimenting with eye color and different washes or inks on them. Same for the tentacles - just playing around. Watched a Marco (NJM) video yesterday where he says he has a concept and color values ready before he paints... not many times do I have colors ready for a mini prior to paint unless it is for someone else. I usually just experiment on the fly...
  10. Next is the Yog Sothoth... would typically go purple and green, in the same shades of the WellThing I did, but thinking this is born of Chaos, I went with Brown and Purple and then like Blue... and then use some of the paints I usually don't to add to the Chaotic visual. Went Purple for body and blue (some purple/pink) for tentacles. Should end up being a bit more colorful then typical for me.
  11. It looks like you are doing: 1-careful paint job, 2-washing, 3-paint job. The only thing I can think of would be to do 1-sloppy paint job 2- quick wash 3- careful lining with black or dark color to define blocks of colors (and color clean-up possibly). But not sure it would save much time - you would be trading careful painting with careful line work. But may be worth a try on one to see if it goes smoother/quicker.
  12. Work on finishing stone work on Dragon base. Couple of coats of matte clear coat and then some basing stone and flock. Calling the Dragon, Spider and WellThing done.
  13. When I look at the picture, I read a bit of green - like WWII German Grey/green/blue. But could be it is my eyes. AV military color I was thinking of when I saw the image is AV Field Blue. I just finished the cut stonework on this base with Carbon Grey 9318 base, then went over it with 9020 Twilight Blue, and highlight with Glacial Mist 9323. It reads a blueish grey to me - not sure if this helps or not.
  14. If you are referring to the HarknessArticle.pdf - I had no problem in downloading it (and opening it from there). Maybe try downloading it first.
  15. Looks like images/uploads surpass the 150k limit (is that still a thing???)
  16. Spent more time than I expected on the WellThing... but it is done.
  17. Tentacle day. Reddish on base and green/brown for the well thingy...
  18. Question - where did you use the DR red/purple? Around mouth/nose/ribs? I just find DR to dry too wet and glossy looking, but I do not have reddish one - and that may be a perfect color to have some gloss to it?
  19. The blog pictures show those spots/mottling/splotches much clearer - nice effect! It looks like a ghost spider - a real killer with those dead back eyes. Great work on the base too - like the additions, the dirt piles, and it seems like the highlights match the darker connective areas on the spider. It seems to bring those together.
  20. Did some finer work on the body, eyes, fangs, finished up talons. Blacklined between some of the scales in some areas. Will move on to base and finish up.
  21. I used it on small tubes on this guy. I used TurboDork. I like the effect, just do not have large need for using it, and have only used sparingly. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91406-flesh-golem-bones-3-77512/&tab=comments#comment-1939301
  22. Went over scales in black wash and wing arms in black thin paint again, and then tried a mid grey dry brush, then a dusting/dry brush of ivory (brown) for highlights. I just could not help but dry brush on so many scales and such a big surface. I will look to do some details like eyes and teeth and see if I am liking it. Trying to keep my greys and other colors on the dragon in the brown family (ivory for highlight) and base in the grey-blues. I do like the under painting of the red/purple vs the grey base colors when dry brush went down.
  23. It strikes me that one of the color shift type paints might be useful this type of skin.
  24. Blocking in some color and did some work on horns/claws. My initial thought was a black dragon for this one, and looking more green... I will likely try to push back to black dragon somehow, or he could just be a cross btw black/green dragon.
  25. No way that snake is real... incredible and great idea.
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