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  1. I’ve found using dry-brushing and layering the raised edges is good so that it shows the translucency in the deepest recesses! It’s a cool effect imo
  2. Seconding @Knight of the Dinner Table. The models in the board game are high-quality, but it was a pretty poorly run campaign and they seemed to have done little planning/research ahead of. Financially and logistically strained and seldom communicated.
  3. Anyone have any better/newer pictures of Yog-Sothoth? I thought I saw a glimpse of it in a stream but nothing too detailed. I remember its back looked super cool! Probably one of the ones I’m most excited about, like Nyarly from B4.
  4. As soon as I saw that, I immediately wrote an encounter of a traveling merchant with his ogre bodyguard! The party thinks they’re dealing with a weak-minded ogre and may try to swindle him. But as you said, we all know who the real boss is.
  5. Come on CMON, what is this trash... I honestly love the style of the other minis, but these cupids and My Little Ponies are just a massive misstep imo.
  6. Ahh yes that’s true, I remember that being a thing. But didn’t Reaper also think the legs wouldn’t be glued on, and then when they received them from the factory, they were already glued? I feel like I remember something like that from a Reaper Live but I could be mistaken.
  7. None of the big ones in Bones IV were glued as far as I remember, and I can’t imagine SHIPping (heh) this big girl pre-assembled... my fingers are also crossed it comes with no glue!
  8. @Glitterwolf It's the werewolf add-on, close to the bottom of the PM!
  9. Backer #1 weighing in! I was taught not to gloat... and it's not reeeally an accomplishment... but who else would appreciate such a thing haha. History repeats itself, I suppose, and here's the story of EXACTLY what happened to me with Bones IV: I started out with a modest pledge of only the Core Set. How naive. Then I added the Dragon Bust because hey, why not. Now as of today we have: Bones 5 Core Set Dragon Bust Pirate Ship Greek Odyssey Dark Depths Fan Favorites Brinewind Extra Walls of Th
  10. I got my package today in Ohio! All looks great!
  11. They look really great! Good thing is they’re in gray plastic, not brown. Though the chocolate doggies did look tasty...
  12. Even if it is translucent I’m fairly certain my “gem dragon” will be painted over as either Kralkatorrik or Aurene from Guild Wars 2!
  13. Whew! Got Wave 1 and backer #1 Is there a reward? Maybe I’ll pat myself on the back and go play a video game while I wait for the stretch goals to reveal themselves. Although it is ultra fun to watch the pledge counter fly up!!
  14. I can’t update my pledge to wave 1 though, is it the servers?
  15. Did I get backer Number 1??? Now to update my pledge to buy all the things!
  16. Sorry I’m new to this - the Pledge Manager will open again? Do they accept new backers or is it waaaaaaaay too late for that?
  17. So are they still in stock with Frost Giants? That’s impressive! I’m wave 14 and ordered them so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they have enough to ship my order tomorrow
  18. I mean the Kickstarter updates they do every first and third Friday of the month! This is so far the only one they’ve skipped to my knowledge and I haven’t read anything on Facebook saying they weren’t posting one. Just curious. As for the Reaper Live, I did watch that yesterday! They did say they thought the train would depart very soon (as in a couple days) so I thought they might address it in an official KS update. Oh well!
  19. Anyone know if we’re getting an update today? I’d love to know if the last container left California yet and what the status is on the remaining Frost Giants. I’m wave 14 and ordered them but I bet they’ll run out before they get to my order!
  20. Any word on when they’ll launch the next one with Lizards and whatnot? Looking forward to pledging!
  21. I’m wave 14, locked in on 6/18/2018 with the Frost Giants so I still have the long wait ahead of me... I’ll let you all know when I get them in a couple months!
  22. I’m a late pledge, wave 14 in the US with one of the fateful trio so I miiiight be one of the absolute last people to receive my pledge
  23. Is there a way to see your backer number if you were a late pledge, and/or order number? On the pledge manager I see my orders are around the #94000 range but I’m guessing that includes not only Bones 4 orders?
  24. I’m quite thankful actually that most delivery services do not leave oversized packages in my building’s lobby. We don’t have a doorman or anything and some of my neighbors have had packages stolen or opened, so hopefully this definitey oversized box will not be left unattended! Best case scenarios for me are either I’m home when it’s delivered or I have to go wait an hour or two in line at the post office to attempt to bring it home myself!
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