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  1. PixelPunks

    Statue of Cthulhu

    My first experience ever with an airbrush and I really love this piece
  2. PixelPunks

    Trying to get blending down on this elf ranger

    I like the color on the cape however I decided to darken it again
  3. Just practicing trying to get the highlighting and shading I’m doing black and white because the girlfriends little sister is a edgelord but I’m doing two coats of a dark wash, then touching it back up will post pictures after!
  4. PixelPunks

    Tiefling Sorcerer (female)

    Little peice I did for my girlfriends character!
  5. PixelPunks


    Wish I had something to do a background with!
  6. PixelPunks

    Aaron the warlock

    There you go sir, please note I’ve only really been painting for about 2 months now!
  7. PixelPunks

    Aaron the warlock

    First time posting I’ve done a good bit of Minis before discovering this website! Hope you guys enjoy my first one (model isn’t specifically a warlock but Eldritch blast tho)