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  1. Your welcome. Glad you like it. Running on empty after helping to run DucKon 14
  2. Do you mean that it lands rather quickly and abruptly? Or would it defy gravity?
  3. That is not quite how I understand it. According page 49 you cannot have more than one troop of each type of adept, say, Khamsin Rangers in your Nefsokar Company. But you could have 1 troop of Khamsin Rangers, 1 troop of Khamsin Dervishes, and a third troop of Tomb Guards of Sokar (provided you have enough of the right type of leader models, yadda yadda yadda). I believe you could have a troop that is made up of both Dervishes and Rangers, if you wish, you just can't have any other troops with Dervishes or Rangers. And then there's my wife's complaint about her Deathriders that are both Adepts and Cavalry SA, but that's a different thread...
  4. If you mean the edges of the bases that is on the list of to do's. I just didnt have time to finish them before CODCON last weekend.
  5. Here are the Lupines I made for my army The Lupine Lord The Lupine Shaman And one of the Lupine Ragers and the troop (I know I need to lose either a Ranger or the Shaman to have a playable troop)
  6. Here is Dana that I painted in about 4-5 hours yesterday during CODCON. Yes I know that her unit colors are red and black but I just gota be me...
  7. The point values without magic/spells would seem to favor the Necropolis but for some reason it the Crusader generally win. As soon as the Necropolis (and Crusaders) start using spells the Necropolis win. I can’t explain it but it seems to happen. The Unforgiving do have a better DIV (9 vs 8) Lord Ironraven and Halbarad do have a better MAV than Azarphan or Naomi. Naomi is pretty useless in close combat and rather expensive in point value 208 pts.
  8. Nice job on the Base (since I am learning how to do things) how did you go about doing it. Nice job on the Fig also.
  9. At this point I am using the starter set to do demos. Just as a reminder of who is in the starter set: Crusaders with Lord Ironraven, Halbarad the Priest, and 9 Templar Unforgiven. Necropolis: Azarphan, Naomi and 9 Skeletal Breaker. I am finding that without the use of spells (cleric or magic) the Crusaders almost always win. But if I add spells to both sides then the Crusaders seem to get thrashed. I thought that adding a solo to both sides might even things out so I added a Celestial Lion and Kaena the Banshee. But this didn't accomplish any thing. The winner seems to be determined by if spells are used or not. Keeping in mind that I am dealing with people new to the game, so I am trying to stick as close to the starter set as possible. What I am looking for is some way to set up the two armies so that the winner will be less dependent on whether the armies have spells or not.
  10. Love the tatoo it looks great
  11. As for the general yellow cast of the pictures, are you using flourescents for lighting? If so try incandensent lights or if possible a full spectrum light, that should eliminate the yellow cast. When I take pictures of my minis I use flourescent lights but I use my rameras raw mode so I can correct the yellow cast that the flourescents impart.
  12. I just recieved my Mini from battleMountainminis and it's so cool.
  13. Painted this ant enworlds game day at Games Plus on Saturday.
  14. As promised here is a side view
  15. nothing in paticular I was just feiling weird that day and grabed that color. As for A side view I can add that when I get home tonight.
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