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  1. So after painting a bunch of fantasy adventurers, I decided I needed a bit of a change of pace.  Enter my finds of some IMEF infantrymen and a mech from something I'm not familiar with (all Reaper minis).. and combine that with my extensive experience with military model kits.  What you get is this project to paint the IMEF guys in colors inspired by the Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces; one is finished and the others are in progress.


    The mech is being painted up in camo inspired by Japanese army tank camo colors to make it kind of a matching set.  In the last pic you can also see my Victorian adventuress from the Raj, if you want to call it that.






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  2. Here is one of the first minis I finished when I was first getting into this crazy world of painting minis.  After several years in storage I decided to touch up her dress and the base specifically, adding some extra color and fixing scuff marks.



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  3. 2 minutes ago, Clearman said:


    Don't worry about random.  That's part of the fun.  They don't even need to be bones. If you have models you don't want, you can swap them out for something in the box.  It's all about sharing the wealth and having fun. 

    Groovy!  I like eclectic things, so getting a random box of awesomeness to dig through and add to would be fun.

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  4. I've been running a tabletop campaign in which a friend insisted on playing as a pixie fairy, and he chose this as the mini to represent her.  He also asked for specific coloration on the wings and a metallic gold colored outfit.. I'm sort of proud how this one turned out.






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  5. What happens when a D&D friend says "Oh, you paint minis?  Here, paint all of these!" and hands you a bunch of them he's had in a box forever?  This, apparently.  Crossbowmen in both stupidly ostentatious gold and purple as well as in a less crazy look.





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