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  1. hello guys. I han't seen this post before then now so, first of all thank you to all your support (thank you Samurai Jack ;) ). I have added another post with more pics. Hope you enjoy it and if you like my works, please, support me!
  2. Hello to all. I present you my new Kickstarter campaign, Elder-Forge Tier 2. In this campaign I've added much models, busts and , expecially, figures in 32 mm to play with much boardgames. First of all here is the link, so you can go directly to see on Kickstarter the main page of this campaign http://kck.st/2ZXtVkl So, here is some pics of my models. Hope you like them and hope you'll support my campaign. Thank you to read. I stay at your disposal for every question. Cheers, Manuel Caterini
  3. Hi to all! First of all thank you to Samurai Jack for sharing my project in this forum, this is a surprise and an honor for me. And thank you to every people that has commented . This is really important for me to know what do you think about my works. I am the founder, producer, graphic and sculptor (ok, yes...I am the the only employee of my little brand) so is fantastic to see people interested to my little house. I try to create something of original and different from the classic fantasy. I try to tell stories with my words...with my imagination. About the umbrella...Sanael! yes, the strange umbrella is a Kasaobake. So...i try to imagine a story..the story of Kuzunoha...a kitzune, the guardian of the Shinoda temple. For one time...some hundred years ago, she was a wife, a mother. But now she is just a demon that live in the temple, forever linked to it. The strange umbrella is a key to read this work, to undersand how much old is Kuzunoha. The spirits Kasaobake are objects that, for the japanese folklore, become alive after one hundred year that remain unused inside a building. Now Kuzunoha, that is alone, take this mad spirit on his shoulders to feel less solitude, to talk and to find a friend that protect her from sun and rain. So Kuzunoha is alone, yes, but also happy to find a friend...his Kasaobake, an Umbrella that can be painted in every way you want THANK YOU GUYS!!!
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