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  1. Hey, I don't know if this is allowed or not, (very sorry if it isn't,) but my mom and I paint our miniatures together and we just got our big box from bones 4 and we post all of our minis on instagram. We'd love it if y'all checked our page out and maybe passed on some constructive criticism. We are @macklinfamilyminiatures Thank you so much if you stop by and once again I am very sorry if we aren't supposed to promote any other websites, or link outside accounts. EDIT: I didn't notice I could attach an image. Here is an example of my Mom's work. Hope y'all like it!
  2. Tmac2200

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    After hearing about the contents of the VIP swagbag, I am wondering what the VIP tickets will cost. What did they cost last year?
  3. I gotta say I am jealous of all of you fine folks getting your stuff. I'm still back in wave 14. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will get to join in on the fun. Some of these minis I already have pegged to make Heroscape customs with.
  4. We made it to 1000 pages! Now I only have to wait for wave 14.
  5. Does anyone know why the counter isn't moving?
  6. Do Dallas Cowboy jerseys count as cowboy gear? If so a lot of us wear cowboy gear.
  7. So does anyone know how many waves there are and how many orders are in a wave?
  8. Now I need to order a truckload of bases. I have plenty of 3-inch bases but I'll need a whole bunch of 2 and 1 inch bases. Do they have any kind of exchange program to swap out the 1 inch round bases it comes with for square ones? I don't imagine they do, I just prefer the square on 1 inch figures so you can always tell which direction the figure is facing. Other than that, WOOO! Lots of plastic in the mail!
  9. I wish Dallas locals could drive to the facility to pick theirs up, but either way I am SO excited to get my minis, even if I have to wait. My birthday is the 31st of March, so I'll call mine a late birthday gift for myself.
  10. I really hope they come in soon. I wish it was logistically possible to do a partial fufillment. I would pay extra shipping and handling if I could get what is already stateside in the mail.
  11. Tmac2200

    Bones Black Questions

    So I just recieved the March free mini and the base is already glued on. I use 1", 2", 3", ect bases and want to take it off the base. Will the glue dissolve in rubbing alcohol or will that also dissolve/damage the plastic?