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  1. Do we know when the pledge manager is closing? Last time we had a date they had to close the pledge manager down, is that a thing this time around?
  2. So I have a question, the late backers last time paid extra on every item on account of not pledging till after the 30 days. If you back while the campain is still running, will you get to add to your order in the pledge manager at the original prices or will you have to pay the upcharged prices?
  3. I remember making a pledge manager account last time.
  4. I'm in wave 1! I was in the last wave last time, first wave this time!
  5. I will probably get close to one of everything again. I don't buy chronoscope though. I'll have to see how much money I have, I dropped $850 on bones 4 as it was my first kickstarter. My mom and I paint together and I know she will want every large figure. We got all the big stuff in bones 4 and she painted all of them within 2 months.
  6. Hey, I don't know if this is allowed or not, (very sorry if it isn't,) but my mom and I paint our miniatures together and we just got our big box from bones 4 and we post all of our minis on instagram. We'd love it if y'all checked our page out and maybe passed on some constructive criticism. We are @macklinfamilyminiatures Thank you so much if you stop by and once again I am very sorry if we aren't supposed to promote any other websites, or link outside accounts. EDIT: I didn't notice I could attach an image. Here is an example of my Mom's work. Hope y'all like it!
  7. After hearing about the contents of the VIP swagbag, I am wondering what the VIP tickets will cost. What did they cost last year?
  8. I gotta say I am jealous of all of you fine folks getting your stuff. I'm still back in wave 14. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will get to join in on the fun. Some of these minis I already have pegged to make Heroscape customs with.
  9. We made it to 1000 pages! Now I only have to wait for wave 14.
  10. Do Dallas Cowboy jerseys count as cowboy gear? If so a lot of us wear cowboy gear.
  11. So does anyone know how many waves there are and how many orders are in a wave?
  12. Now I need to order a truckload of bases. I have plenty of 3-inch bases but I'll need a whole bunch of 2 and 1 inch bases. Do they have any kind of exchange program to swap out the 1 inch round bases it comes with for square ones? I don't imagine they do, I just prefer the square on 1 inch figures so you can always tell which direction the figure is facing. Other than that, WOOO! Lots of plastic in the mail!
  13. I wish Dallas locals could drive to the facility to pick theirs up, but either way I am SO excited to get my minis, even if I have to wait. My birthday is the 31st of March, so I'll call mine a late birthday gift for myself.
  14. I really hope they come in soon. I wish it was logistically possible to do a partial fufillment. I would pay extra shipping and handling if I could get what is already stateside in the mail.
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