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  1. His skin is great. You made the veins and imperfections in his skin stand out.
  2. I love how you made his teeth look like dry dead wood as well as his beard and toe. Did you find the frog on his front left leg? I like your bracket fungus on his left shoulder. The sculptor's details were amazing. I wish my had come out this well. I posted it about two weeks ago.
  3. I glue it on a base as is and glue on fine sand to even it out. I then create a wash to make it black or mottled Browns.
  4. Which ever is not the one that keeps your drink cold.
  5. I like how the blue under his caps is echoed in the blue on his sword .
  6. I'm having fun. He'd better not quit. I'll either go into withdral or start selling on ETSY.
  7. I did not like the way her hair ended in two even round globs hanging down her front so I just went for it, and tried to create the long scraggly hair I saw in an artist's sketch online. Her hand broke off and disappeared twice. Long story, but thanks to a dollar store army guy she has a new hand. For now ...
  8. Some patterns are based on actual species of spiders . I had read about how early players had searched the bargain bins for potential characters and I found these and a gorilla which I turned unto a yedi.
  9. Thanks for the information about how to do a transparent mini.
  10. Oh, I like your work. I just ordered this one and am not sure where to start.
  11. The birder in me thought the mini looked more like a crazed parrot than an owl, but I thought I did a good paint job camouflaging his beak and making it appear more owl like. oops? Am I not supposed make unfriendly comments about a Reaper mini on the Reaper forum site? I obviously liked the mini enough to buy it. I am new at this forum stuff and noted my rank is " mostly harmless " and I don't want to be down graded, or kicked out.
  12. I painted this on before I learned that all Reaper minis are not for Dungeons and Dragons. My son wanted "beasts", so I thought this would do. Oh, well. I like him. The beast, and my son.
  13. That shade of blue is awesome. From reading other comments, I think I need to get some indigo. sometimes adding a watered down silver could make that rock more icy. Perhaps a light blue dry brush on the edge. I like the ice idea better than a stone.
  14. Your lines of color are so clean. That takes a steady hand.
  15. Creepy bunny! Just what you were going for I think. The rainbow colored unicorn tail is a perfect touch.
  16. So much detail , on tiny things. Nice work.
  17. I like the lighter brown to highlight the tie straps. Dry brushing a lighter shade of brown on the edges of the planks next time you happening to be using brown , might make the wood more life like. Great job for just killing time. I'm new at this forum stuff. Please let me know if I should have kept my suggestion to myself. I didn't mean it as an insult. If I sound like a mom, check out my name.
  18. I like how the gold has a sparkle but looks old and worn.
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