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  1. You would think they would do a test casting first and just give those test away if they came out like the Rock Troll did. Also it's was the metal Trezzna (02263), that came with the bent right horn and axe head. I would think they could be bent back to shape without breaking. It is just weird that it is bent like that yet the blister pack shows no sign of being squished in to have caused those bends. Thanks for pointing out the the video clip CorallineAlgae!
  2. Yes, I got them Saturday 03/02/2019 and boy did these figures take a hit in quality compared to my first box of reaper minis that had 2 each of the Owlbear (44001) and Ogre Clubber (77454)! One of the Trezzna (02263) came with a bent right horn and an axe head that is bent backwards yet the box is not damage! Both of the Rock Troll (44002) came with mold lines and like a small hole in it's left side! So, why did whomever box the Trezzna not bother to straighten them out before it was put in it's blister pack?!?! Should I risk trying to bend it back to the right shape?! I am still looking forward to order efreeti (44003) this month and maybe another figure! Just hope it doesn't turn out like the Rock Troll! Also, I am looking for role-play stats for the rock troll, are there any????