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  1. Hey everyone! I'm painting Reaper's Demi-Lich miniature to serve as a Flame Skull in my D&D campaign. It is the first time I'm painting fire, and I might be a bit in over my head with the miniature (and the fact that I'm jumping on green flames immediately, rather than trying normal fire first). Attached my WIP picture; the fires currently look more like a weirdly shaped leek than actual flames. Any tips on how to proceed?
  2. Hey there! First time posting on these forums. I feel like the Chthon miniature is obviously supposed to resemble a D&D Grick, but it misses some of the defining features.. I'm rather new to messing around with green stuff, but I felt rather proud of how this one turned out. I used a matte sealer first, and then used a brush-on glossy sealer on the beak and the 'inside' part of the tentacles, to give it a more fleshy and mouthy look.
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