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  1. So is the dude with the axe and shield (standing in a "come get some" pose) from the same bag. Ask me how I know. (I put em in)
  2. Box has departed and is on the way to Pineapple!
  3. That's a really good idea. I'm glad you came up with it after I got in on this round (since I'm a newbie and haven't posted much). Now that I have Pineapple's address in hand (yay), I can get this little beast out of my house tomorrow ('nother yay)! Will post in the departure thread and send tracking # to both Pineapple & GF when I have it. Thanks again, guys.
  4. Saturday? That is quite a while to wait, seeing that I've had the box packed and ready to go since Thursday and I wrote to both you and Obi John on Friday requesting an address. I'd just like to send it on to the next person in line to be honest. Holding everyone else up doesn't seem quite fair, and it's just one more thing for me to have to remember. I will definitely need an address PMed to me by somebody, regardless. Any address will do! Thanks.
  5. I PMed Generic Fighter and the next person in line 3 days ago and haven't heard from either yet. I'll write to Chaoswolf now.
  6. So here's my haul from Generic Fighter's box. Goblins, Kobolds and 2 nagendra from the KS not included, as they've teamed up with the others and are all currently in the process of being primed. Hubs also apparently took the Efritti and 2 City Guards and put stuff in the pile without telling me! I had a feeling some of the things I came across while repacking looked familiar, but knew they weren't mine, so I didn't give it a second thought. He's been reprimanded accordingly and promised not to do it again next time without telling me. I invited him to go through the box when it first came, but he didn't wanna! Hmph. Anyway...not trying to be a nag, but I'm still waiting on that address so I can ship this heavy little box already. I've had my fun with it, but now it just taunts me from the dining table!
  7. I wrote to you and Obi John a couple of days ago for his mailing address. I'll send the box back on it's way as soon as I have that info. Or I can just keep it....
  8. Box recieved on 5/6 and is all packed and ready to continue its journey! I'm just waiting on an address.
  9. Yay! Good to hear. I think I was just quick enough. Looking forward to seeing what you take!
  10. I understand and won't open my big mouth next time. Lol I just got a little over excited about sharing. Thanks!!
  11. Well, shoot. Should I delete or redact what I put in? I'll definitely take pics of my haul and upload later!
  12. So I've got Generic Fighter's box all packed and ready to go; just waiting for the recipients mailing address now! I wrote to both yesterday, so now I wait. Shouldn't take long to get to ObiJohn, since the package will be traveling from Dallas to Austin. Yay! My KS stuff arrived on Thursday, so I did a quick inventory and set a bunch of stuff aside for the box. I forgot to take pics before packing it all up, and I'm not unpacking/packing it a 3rd time. Lol Sorry! Here's what I took: Goblins Kobolds Wyvern 2 nagendra Metal dwarf brewmaster Bones elven blacksmith Small bag of flocking/static grass Bag of Plastic beads Bag of decapitated old plastic soldiers (? Was super bulky, so had to come out to fit my stuff) weapon bits Thin metal name plates Various size gem stickers Couple bases 2 texture molds And what I put in: <redacted> Basing stuff: <also redacted> This was a lot of fun, though opening the box was initially a bit overwhelming...not to mention trying to find or make room for my own contributions after I'd already decided on what I wanted. I noticed the '95 Ral Partha figure on my 2nd repack, and she somehow managed to stay in the box. I also didn't have time to throw any pigment on the group paint figure. Being pulled in too many directions at the moment!
  13. Got in from my trip late last night to find Generic Fighter's box waiting for me! Its chock full of all sorts of stuff, but I unfortunately won't be able to *really* rummage until later tonight or tomorrow. I also got my KS shipping notice from Reaper this morning. It's coming via Priority Mail and they're only an hour away from me, so I expect to get my Bones on Thursday. I know there's some stuff in my order that I won't use, so in the box it shall go! I will aim to send it back on it's way Friday if not sooner.
  14. I locked in on 8/7 just before the pledge manager closed. Wouldn't be surprised if I'm dead last.
  15. Good, because I'm on a road trip to Missouri for Baker Creek's Planting Festival until Monday. Lol Since this is my first time, the journal is to keep record of what's been in the box? Was at the Reaper storefront on Tuesday for my birthday and came out with a bunch of the Bones Black Orc Shaman promo minis. Anyone interested, I'm first in line and will be including at least a couple. Looking forward!
  16. I'd be happy to see some Bones4 stuff in the box, but don't imagine you have extras of what I regret not pledging for. (Barge, snail or crab man from fan faves). More goblins, kobolds and scenics etc is always a good thing, however! Love the idea of a group paint, and don't care which we do. They're all pretty cool. Just pick The One! Seeing that this is my first time participating AND I'm first in line, I need to go through my stuff tomorrow to thin it out and set aside some (hopefully) interesting stuff for the downstream folk. I'm relatively new to the hobby (little over a year) and probably don't have nearly as much stuff as everyone else, but I've taken over a roughly 25ft wall in the workshop and haven't tried to whittle it down once. I just keep adding... As for timing/shipping, I forgot to mention that I'll be in Missouri 2 or 3 days for Baker Creek's Spring Planting Festival (May 3rd or 4th-6th). I'll only take a day or two tops with the box, so whenever it arrives, I'll try and be quick about it. Looking forward!
  17. I had 17 items in my cart that I'll probably never remember or find again. Literally just went to add Mashaaf to the pile, too. Lol Guess I'll just start anew with that bad boy!
  18. I'm fine either way. Only problem is that I'll be in Japan from June 2nd to the 13th, and don't want to hold up the fun or process should I receive the box while I'm away. So I'm fine with being placed towards the end of the list if need be.
  19. Same. W14 with the hut, so you're not alone here at the back of the line. I've got a 10 day trip to Tokyo coming up in early June, so I'm hoping my box arrives at least a couple days before I leave so I can look stuff over and start sorting. Or the day of, just so I know it's here waiting for my return... Hubs SWEARS the minute I get my hands on it, that I'm going to dump it all out on the bed, spend hours upon hours looking and drooling, and that he'll come to find me "swimming through the stuff like Scrooge McDuck and his gold". WELL, he's wrong because I only got the core, dreadmere, darkreach, the hut & some extra villagers!
  20. Long time lurker, created account in March, and first time posting. This sounds like a BUNCH of fun! I like fun, and definitely want in if you'll have me! Where: Dallas, TX (technically Kaufman, just outside Dallas) International? : Rather not, but won't put up a fight if it's needed to keep the fun going for everyone. Box starter: Not quite there yet, but maybe next time!
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