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  1. Hi again guys. I just had a whim to paint a stormy looking dragon and I happened to have Narthrax biding his time in my stash. Hope you all like him!
  2. Almost exclusively Army Painter shades, but a lot of the credit for the color mixes on the necks goes to the Pro Acryl transparent paints. They're a great substitute for the Citadel line of glazes and they're a LOT cheaper. 4 bucks for a 22 ml pot and even cheaper if you buy a bulk lot of them and just buying eight is enough to get a good discount.
  3. Hi guys. I don't think I've ever posted here even though I've been painting Reaper minis for years. Anyway, I just finished up my version of Ma'al Drakar and thought I'd share. Thanks for taking a look!
  4. Stunning job! I'm getting ready to do my second Ma'al (the first one was a commission, but the new one is all MINE!) and wanted to ask where you got the base? I've been looking for one like that, but I can never find one that seems to be the right size.
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