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  1. Hello, I want to get back into painting and am going to start with Games Workshop Grey Knights line of figures. I'd like to do a simple form of NMM on them. http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod1160009a Can someone recommend a good "Core" of paints from the Reaper Master Line for starting painting in general and specifically paints I would need for the models linked above. Very interested in the "HD" paints as well. Thank You,
  2. I obtained an unfinished Black Templar lot and really like the way this figure looks. I am hoping to learn some things from looking at the painted mini. From this Picture can you tell what colors were used, specifically for the NMM and Bone colors?
  3. looking for the closet reaper master series color to vallejo model color 887 Brown Violet any ideas? uniform brown? troll shadow? shield brown ?
  4. Well Ive given up on nMM for the time being, just not time effective for what Im trying to do right now. I have seen a few posts mention DEMI SEMI or Metallic Metalics, using some standard colors with Metalic paints to controls some highlights and shadows etc. I have did a few searches but couldnt seem to find anything. Does anyone have some good tutorials for this they would mind forwarding over?
  5. Thank you for those links, they were very helpfull, I esecially liked Necrotales. What happened to Jester?
  6. Are there any official NMM Master Series Triads available or planned? I have the NMM how to paint kit and can mix those up but was wondering if there were any triads that work out of the bottle in the 2nd wave of master series release. For example it looks like Khaki Brown and desert camo triads could work for gold out of the bottle, or the cold grey triad could maybe work as steel. But I dont have the colors and am just learning so I could be way off. On a related note what paints could be used for chrome?
  7. Is there a way to purchase just directions and figs for learn to paint kits? I have purchased the skin tone and NMM kits and have learned a ton. I'd like yo go through the cloth ones but have all the paints in the kit and brushes now. Thanks, -Eric
  8. I am using the learn to paint kit to finally hopefully learn how to do some decent NMM. I received a cheap lot of the new Vampire count skeletons and Grave Guard and thought the armor would make good practice, of course the armor should be all nice and shiny like it is taught in the kit. Any good tips to make the Armor look aged, building of the NMM that is taught in the learn to paint kit?
  9. The 0 that came in the skin tone kits(Sir lanka) was awful, it already has stray hairs. Luckily I bought my own. The rest of the kit is awesome.
  10. Thanks for all the input I bought the Skin tone kits and it does come with a red sable brush. Is this "the next best thing" to kolinsky sable? The instructions do same rather brief, but i haven't gotten to read them over completely. I would also be interested in the NMM kit, but was hoping someone could clarify for me. The Back of the Skin tones kit says that the NMM kit comes with 2 brushes and 9 bottles of Master Series paint. The box at the store looks like it comes with regular screw top paints. Which is it? Also does anyone know what size bruses and which colors are included if they are regular Master series dropper paints? These kits at least are cutting down on my Painting shopping list between the paints and brushes that are included for starting.
  11. I painted for several years and did a decent job with dry brushing, inking, washing, etc. After getting rid of all my stuff and starting fresh a year or so later I wanted to "relearn to paint" and do proper layering, maybe some blending and not be so over Dependant on drybrushing and inking. I know for sure I will be using reaper master series paints and want to buy some nice sable brushes. My question is I saw the Learn to paint skin tones kit at a local store and was thinking of picking it up. I do not recall if brushes were in it or not but saw that it included several reaper paints Id buy anyway. Is this kit worth it for what I want to learn and do? How does the phamplet compare to tutorials you get free on this site and cmon? Will the lessons learned from this kit transfer nicely to other figures? Thanks,
  12. do these come in the drop top or screw top bottles?
  13. How do these compare to Master Series Paints?
  14. getting back into painting and definatley using Reaper Master Series paints. Dont want to buy them all at once so what colors mainly the greens do you think I could use to most closely match these.
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