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  1. Good morning all, hope everyone is safe and well. With 7 days left on the campaign the 2nd and last stretch goal is now unlocked, 10-4 pledge level will now recieve a £4.00 coupon to use in the pledge manager to redeem a free 32mm mini or money off any other scale/add-on! Take care and stay safe, TD.
  2. Morning all, hope everyone is doing okay during these difficult times. 1st of 2 stretch goals has been unlocked, every copy of the Story Teller will now come with a scale appropriate display plinth in a choice of style; recessed for magnetization or flat top for a clean top or custom base building; Take care and stay safe! Throne Down.
  3. Awesome thanks! Just seen your pledge actually, are you wanting 1x 75mm and 3x 54mm? If so, go for the 10-4 pledge rather than the BYO and it'll total £48.00 rather than £61.00 :)
  4. Thanks for the post Jack you beat me to it! @WhiteWulfe He's not strictly a fennec in the sense of being anatomically correct, for a start he is around the size of a medium dog, a wizard did it! Seriously though the sculpting just took me there when doing it, I get lost in it sometimes during workflow, it's supposed to be a whimsy high fantasy critter rather than an actual fox if that makes sense :) @Gadgetman! He's a half orc, big guy, benches cask carts before breakfast. Enjoyed reading your comments, all the best guys!
  5. Hello all hope your well, I know you are an insightful bunch so I just want to put something out there for a bit of an opinion if I may? Quick background; I am running a fledgling business, I sculpt my mini's digitally and produce in resin from the master prints, I am on the cusp of completing a KS project's fulfillment and so gearing up for my next one, some people who have seen snippets of the upcoming project have been asking for the .STL files to be available as well as the resins, I have said no to this, one person then said that's a shame, most of us who own resin printers won't buy a premade model. To that comment I have basically said that I feel it's not fair to sell a .STL file along side a resin miniature, because surely it's not is it? If customer A is buying a STL which I know most people expect to be cheaper than a physical mini, for arguements sake lets say I sell it at the same price as the resin, even then they can then reel off as many copies as they want in any scale for next to nothing, where as customer B who doesn't/can't home print has to buy successive copies which only increases in cost as we go up the scales. I should stick to my guns and my gut instinct on this one right?
  6. Hello guys hope all are well, I'd like to show you my project for 3D printable miniatures that I have just launched; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/568025447/3d-printable-miniatures-for-tabletop-and-rpg-games?ref=9faem8 They are a selection of 6 models inclduing a Dragon, Drake and Kirin with a forest/woodland theme along with a Dragon head dice tower, all the best guys
  7. Thanks mate, I had a look at Oathsworns line (not seen them before!) they are pretty cool shoes! I think what's difficult when creating something is how it appears in my minds eye versus how it appears visually to others - in my head there is an entire world where she exists as a small part, this particular character wouldn't *really* stray too far from home so survival gear etc wouldn't be something needed so design wise it just wasn't in my mind, the finished miniature aesthetically fits exactly where she should (in my mind!) I think what I might do with my future releases is write up a small paragraph about the character(s) so that others can (hopefully) say ahhh, that makes sense that he/she has "x" weapon and no tent, or he/she has 45 tents and no weapon and so on.
  8. Hi Cyradis thanks :) I just took a few measurements - you can seat her on something like a 50mm square plinth without trouble, looking at it on my screen though something like 35mm plinth would suit her best. The stave is also actually 2 pieces so it's preference to assemble at full length which is just over 103mm, or the shortened length at just over 48mm in which case she will sit nicely on the resin plinth included - I added the option for full length stave should people want to mounth her on a secondary plinth giving more height if that makes sense.
  9. Hello guys I have just seen this has been posted on my behalf and I feel I need to have some input here regarding comments; Regarding her ankles; this has been fixed on the 75mm scale model in my KS update #5 and was a result of my poor posing, at the end of the day I'm human and miss judge things sometimes, being bound to a computer screen for countless hours can blind you to areas when working and ideally should have been picked up earlier, however I have recognised the problem and fixed this. The 35mm miniature sits at the correct angle for the ruins on her resin base, that first image is a render on a default platform. Going forward these are all valuable things I will learn from and bring with future products. Regarding her comming through as a being a "pointy-eared bimbo in very high-heeled shoes" that's an end user perception that I cannot control, however I will note that she is in fact a highly intelligent spellcaster capable of commanding magic well beyond the average mortal, heels or otherwise. Regarding; "(Not certain what Kickstarter thinks about such intangible rewards)" Project has been green lighted by KS so any problems would have been flagged, the reward is a little extra thanks in addition to the minis for backers helping me get my business really going, they get a physical item and an extra cheers from me. Regarding " Man when I saw the title of this KS, I was ready for some great D&D elf minis not Sailor Stripper," I respect that she won't be everyone's cup of tea as we all have our own perspective on art, one mans mage is hooded top to toe in heavy cloth, another mans mage is free to wear what he/she wants. Thanks for the comments, all the best guys.
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