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  1. The theme tempts me, but yeah, do I need another mystery delivery? I’m still waiting on some Shadows of Brimstone content. Picked up Dracula’s America, so keeping my eye out for more Weird West minis.
  2. So, I’m a total noob, but how does one get tickets to the con? I went to the con site, and I can’t find a way to do that. Sheesh, amazing about Embassy Suites already booked.
  3. Wow, I have this same figure awaiting me. Your beautiful paint job is an inspiration! Love the colors. They really bring life into this mini.
  4. Really like the cloak. A very lovely figure!
  5. He’s actually inspired by a picture of a red shading to black lobster I found online.
  6. Finished this today, Reaper Black Bones Bathalian Centurion. A really nice, clean model, not a lot of clean up needed before painting. I primed with Reaper black. The darkest red I found was Reaper Ruby Red, still a bit on the raspberry side, but added a touch of black and it toned down nicely. Other metallics from the Scale75 copper set. This model has already gleaned a couple of ‘scary!’ accolades. Bad dude!
  7. Yes, I was looking at those yesterday. If the hobby drill doesn’t work out for me, I think a little cordless screwdriver might be the next step. Nice tip about the wax. I was also curious about those units, Coralline. In the end I opted for something cordless, but if you get it, I’d be interested in hearing how you like it.
  8. Here’s my next big project, a 1984 Ral Partha dragon. This old fellow was in pieces when I received him, and painted. I’ve cleaned him up, removed the old epoxy glue, pinned him back together, and tonight realized it looks like he’s rising out of the water. He needs a bigger base, which I have (75x46mm oval). But I have never done any basing, and I’d like to create a base that extends the appearance of water. I have no idea how to do that, so any and all suggestions and illustrations are welcome!
  9. Those look really good. I got that box as soon as it was available, haven’t cracked it open yet.
  10. Thanks Manvsmini, those are really helpful suggestions. I found the Tamiya mini drill on Amazon for a reasonable price, and it sounds worth taking a risk on. I’ll let you know how it works. I did take a look at the Micromark drills and yup...pricey. Not to mention high rpms, higher than the Dremel. JBWeld...great backup idea. I might try that in the summer, but can’t use that stuff inside. No stinky stuff on the house.
  11. Wow, I just put the Dremel mini collets in my basket...taking them out again. Metals are what I have the most trouble with. Where do y’all get your drill bits? I think the ones that came with my pin vise are garbage. Or maybe I am a wimp.
  12. So I was drilling a plastic figure last night, and realized part of my issue with drilling is my hands are stiffening up, and it won’t be too much longer before arthritis becomes an issue. I was looking at Dremel attachements, and came across small rotary engravers, which also might work. Does anyone here have any experience with ways to drill that don’t involve pin drills? Has anyone tried the rotary engravers? If your hands aren’t nimble, how do you drill?
  13. Nice! I particularly like the potion bottles. And the fact that you call 4 hours a speed paint. That’s my kinda speed.
  14. Finished another of the gifted old school minis, this one a Ral Partha (sez so on the base). I really like the sculpt on this one, so much detail...tiny shallow detail that would be easy to lose. So I did very little highlighting after the sepia ink wash. Now what to do about the base. I’m going to attach it to a larger base, but I’d like to be able to take that off someday in the future A) for RP verification, and B) to build a better base if I ever get into that. I’m wondering if regular white glue would be a good choice?
  15. Erk, yes, glue. Fixed it. I will be putting it on a larger base, mostly because the figure is unstable as is. Thanks for the heads up on that.
  16. Oh, that would be great! I’m going for evil dark red, rather than bright red (I think...not my dragon, but the old paint is dark red & she likes it that way), so if you can help me figure out how to do that, I’d elevate you into my personal deity pantheon, and offer ginger meringues and flowers to you.
  17. Thanks! I’ll take a look at that. I’m using model glue on this figure, which is supposed to melt the two parts together. Would you still pin?
  18. Wow, some great ideas here, thanks everybody. I especially like Ced1106’s suggestion for leaving things on the sprue, as I have quite a few Frostgrave minis that will work beautifully for. And also picked up the tip of practicing my drilling on the sprue itself, so that’s going to be a help. I’m currently painting a gnoll with a two-handed sword, so no way could it be preassembled. I’m even a little sorry I put the one arm on. I think I’ve about reached the point where I can put the arm on, and touch up the paint.
  19. Where would I find that? It actually has Reaper colors in it?
  20. How do you handle painting those tiny bits like arms and shields before gluing a figure together? I’ve got one arm drilled and mounted on a piece of paper clip that worked pretty well, but I’m looking at my next mini and wondering if there isn’t a better way...or at least one that doesn’t involve drilling, which I’m not very good at.
  21. Nice effects on the sword. And that old paladin? I think I have some of his compatriots in my box of oldies.
  22. I think I got two of the three. There was a ranger with a similar pose that had a knife. I painted him up and gifted him to the friend that channelled these oldsters to me. No sign of the third one. Thanks for the bit of history on the figures.
  23. Pink is the last thing I want. I’d like something along the lines that of Reaper’s Dragon Red. I personally loath pink as anything other than a small contrast.
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