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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I should mention how helpful the inspiration gallery on the main site was for this paint job, hopefully I can add some of my own pictures to it too.
  2. Those beady green eyes and yellowed teeth are monstrous, they're great! Good job on the edge highlighting of the horns and the leather on his arm too. For a suggestion, I'd paint the rock he's throwing and the ground he stands on the same color, or add some blue crystals to the base to tie it all together. Then again, his blue skin contrasts so well with the current brown color of the dirt. I hope these ideas helped.
  3. The texture looks amazing! You painted all the scratches on the armor, the hammer's wood grain, and the cape fabric so well. Nice base too.
  4. Hello, this is my first post on the reaper forums. I wanted to share my most recently painted miniature, the Ogre Guard sculpted by Bobby Jackson. The base is made out of a 74036: 2" Round Base, some apoxie sculpt for the rocks, green flocking and some army painter grass tufts. I picked this figure because while he is intimidating, he hasn't started attacking yet. This monster fits the look of both wild beast or gentle giant.
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