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  1. @lexomatic I think your calculation is pretty far off :) If you went for the Innkeeper Pledge you would get 18 miniatures for 475 DKK which is just around 71 USD, so that's about 4 USD per miniature plus you're getting accessories and some pets for free as well :) @Disciple of Sakura Thank you for backing! :) @knight of the Dinner Table Thank you too! Hope you'll be happy with your picks :)
  2. @TheUncannyAK - Glad you like them both :D @Lidless Eye - Thank you for the support! @Spodi - Thank you so much, that's a huge compliment as our goal was to give them as much character as possible to avoid "Generic townsfolk". Here are 2 of the latest pictures from the last update. A little mood picture with a bunch of the miniatures and a render of Heinz the Noble Kid and his dog Felix.
  3. @dwarvenranger Thank you! :) @animesensei Sorry to hear that, but I understand. No point in backing if you don't use metal miniatures - Thanks for your interest nonetheless :) Here are some new pictures from our latest update - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-the-prancing-peacock/posts/2880546
  4. @Marc Hehe, I can understand that. I think Reaper has spoiled a lot of us in regards to that. They've done a great job with the Bones line and improved them so much compared to the quality of the very first Bones Kickstarter. Price and quality makes it super attractive, but unfortunately it's hard for smaller companies such as ours to get that sort of operation set up as we would need to get them produced in China and get A LOT of miniatures made before it would make sense. Reaper has probably also spent what I expect to be a huge amount of time perfecting their "Bones recipe" and I wouldn't even know where to start even if it did make sense for us to venture into that area/material :D Resin is of course an option, but we would need to raise the price of the miniatures for that, which we would prefer not to do and the resin casting process is a lot more time consuming than metal production. So in the end we went for the "Old school" choice :) I'm pleased to hear you like the miniatures though! - Nicki
  5. @Loth Glad to hear that! We had talked about a male version of a wench, but we thought a peglegged version of a traditional wench would be a lot of fun :) I've attached a few of the latest pictures from the project. The painted version of our bard, a little scene in the dark streets of Dunkeldorf (With a mutant lurking around in the background), the sculpt of the halfling Thia and concepts for our slightly silly "Guard Chicken" pet.
  6. @TheUncannyAK there are still several add-ons coming up, so you'll probably have a bit of choosing to do :D @dragonwyrm thanks for backing! Glad you like several of the miniatures, despite thinking the scribe is a bit too much out there, which is exactly why we figured that the pledges where you can choose the miniatures would be a good idea :) - If you can live with the parchment, the candle shouldn't be too hard to remove and cover up. I've just looked at the sculpt right now and that's certainly doable. But hopefully there'll be plenty of others that you can choose from. I took a picture yesterday to show what you're getting for free so far. The table is not included :) - 4 Miniatures of your choice, a peacock and several table accessories. And then a WIP render of Olivier Redeux the Gambler, one of the stretch goal characters.
  7. Hi everyone, Sorry for not having replied to all your kind replies, the Kickstarter has been doing much better than we expected so things have been really busy for us! Thank you so much for supporting us and showing interest :) Regarding the sitting miniatures, my wife and I are huge Reaper fans and have been for many years (We also stock a lot of their assortment in our webshop) we have been hoping (And have even suggested it in the past) that Reaper would make sitting minis at some point. But it may not be worthwhile for such a large company to produce them and there's also the issue with what they need to "Fit together with". This has been easier for us to manage with a smaller campaign compared to how insanely large Reaper's campaigns are. We're still hoping to see them from Reaper in the future though as it would be awesome with more! We always create scenes for our RPG sessions, and finding sitting miniatures have always been a problem for us. However, we didn't want to go all in on these, as we still felt it was a bit risky, but we hope to have a few more ready by the end of the campaign :) The Peacock! He's a freebie for the large pledge, but we can certainly make sure that he can be purchased as an add-on in the Pledge Manager, something we have already considered. It would also be cheaper than the miniatures as it's not as large as the regular miniatures. I would think approximately 25 DKK, which is around 3.5 USD. @TheAuldGrump regarding the lanterns, we actually have a large set ready. Two different lanterns for hanging on the walls, as well as free standing lanterns. These were mostly created for the tavern, but if there's interest in the wall lanterns we can make those available too. Personally I would prefer to have one design in a set, even though we have 2 variants, what about you, if you were to purchase such a set? I've included a few pictures of some of the add-ons that'll be available in the campaign. The last one is a new one that we haven't revealed in the campaign yet, so I guess a bit of a preview! We have a ton of small accessories for the tables, but we're waiting for the Pledge Manager before we make all those available as it'll flood the add-on section otherwise. - Nicki
  8. Hey everyone! We have just launched our new Kickstarter containing a bunch of townsfolk and tavern miniatures. The Kickstarter includes several sitting miniatures that fit together with our chairs, benches and table. There's also quite a lot of accessories for the tables and many other things planned during the campaign. Our first campaign was mentioned here on the forum so I figured there might be some interest again with our second Kickstarter! :D https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-the-prancing-peacock
  9. @kodiakbear That's a great story/background! Thanks for reminding folks Ratmaster2000! :) - Link here to those interested: https://dunkeldorf.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Some of the latest pictures included below
  10. And finished! Thanks to all of you here on the forum who supported us, showed interest or gave feedback - To those who missed the opportunity, we will be launching our Pledge Manager in about 2 weeks where Late Pledges are possible :)
  11. Glad to hear it redambrosia, thanks! We can always figure something out later on, just send us a message and we'll sort it out (If you don't have the funds during the Pledge Manager). As long as you write to us before we ship out your pledge of course :) We have just unlocked the very last Stretch Goal of the campaign - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-28mm-fantasy-rpg-townsfolk-miniatures/posts/2468575 Which means that the Noble Pledge is getting everything below: 17 Miniatures (5 added for free through Stretch Goals) 3 Animals (2 Cats & 1 Dog) 10 Accessories (Chopping Block, Lockbox, Anvil, Feast, Wiener Barrel, Surgeon Bag & Cauldron, Coin Pouch, Curiosities, Wine Bottles) 5 Weapons (Throwing Axe, Dagger, Rapier, Zweihander & Cleaver) 18 Miniature Posters
  12. Nunae, thanks for that thorough reply, it's great to get such feedback, and thank you so much for backing! The very first thing we talked about when we started the project, was that we did not want to make generic townsfolk, we wanted them to be quite unique, and that, combined with the gloomy tone definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea as you mention. But I agree with you, that the miniatures are much more versatile than the artwork, both because of the sculpt but also because a paint job can make a huge difference :) redambrosia, the animals will be made available separately in our Pledge Manager after the campaign. So if you're just interested in the dwarf and the cats, you could take the "Peasant" pledge, choose the dwarf miniature and add the two cats as add-on :) All the miniatures will be available in our webshop after all pledges have been shipped out (Most likely a few months later) but, if you're going for the Noble Pledge, you save more than 50% of the planned retail price. (Due to the already reduced price on the Pledges, but also because of all the free Stretch Goals)
  13. Thanks Ratmaster2000 and JoeGKushner! :) Nunae, glad you like the scale comparison photos, we've experienced the lack of these in the past on some Kickstarters, so we really felt that it was important to do these :) Regarding them looking grumpy, I don't personally find it that bad. I have all the Reaper townsfolk by Bobby Jackson in my collection, and they're definitely not running around with huge smiles on their faces either :P - So I don't feel that it's something that really stands out compared to many other miniatures. And the setting that we're creating with Dunkeldorf is pretty gloomy, so it wouldn't make sense if they looked too happy ;) But with that being said, I can definitely see what you mean, and it's something that we'll be more aware of in the future. We'll make sure to throw in a couple more smiles on the next one :D We have just added a new Add-on 6x Wooden Floor / Tavern Bases. These can be added for 32 DKK / Approximately 5 USD - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-28mm-fantasy-rpg-townsfolk-miniatures/posts/2460841
  14. Glad to hear @Pineapple! 17 miniatures included in the full set now, along with all the other stuff :) - Hehe, great idea, he does fit the criterias of a pirate's pet :D The Bailiff has just been painted up as seen below (Fun fact now that we're on the Reaper forum, she was painted with 90% Reaper paints), and then WIP pictures of the Ogre Bouncer (This one's an add-on) Latest update from the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-28mm-fantasy-rpg-townsfolk-miniatures/posts/2461835
  15. A little update from our campaign! The second cat has been unlocked and Linus Witzner is almost unlocked as well which will result in a total of 17 miniatures if pledging for the full set :) Here's what you're currently getting with the Noble Pledge 16 Miniatures (4 added for free through Stretch Goals) 3 Animals (2 Cats & 1 Dog) 7 Accessories (Chopping Block, Lockbox, Anvil, Feast, Wiener Barrel, Surgeon Bag & Cauldron) 5 Weapons (Throwing Axe, Dagger, Rapier, Zweihander & Cleaver) 12 Miniature Posters A couple of pictures below, the first one is a little scene of the town's barber surgeon "Günther" having fixed up Bertha the ratcatcher's cat "Bull". (You can see where all the accessories are from in the Kickstarter update right here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kinggames/dunkeldorf-28mm-fantasy-rpg-townsfolk-miniatures/posts/2457994 ) The second picture shows resin copies of Eva, Ludmilla and Haelga, these will be used for painted examples of the miniatures :)
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