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  1. This is my first try at using Milliput to sculpt. One of my players has a Druid with a turtle shell shield so I made the flat metal looking shield of Tolan into a turtle shell. I may wash or glaze over the shield to tone down the contrast. Not sure what color to use though.
  2. Sure. Jack it is. My eyes are not the best but it looked like he was holding something to his eye or something. So in our D&D game Jack the monkey will have a magic monocle that he hold up to his eye and the captain can observe the crew through it. This should keep the crew sufficiently terrified of Jack the monkey. Lol
  3. Iridil, i took this pic before I was finished the mini and looking back at it the lighting was better. I quickly learned to not use the camera’s Flash but it requiring a little experimentation to get the lighting right. I have since given the mini away so I can’t retake any pics.
  4. I like the sculp a lot. It is a different take on most of the other Owlbears. Nice work.
  5. Started painting all of these old D&D pewter chainmail minitures game minis.
  6. I still have to work on basing. I am going to go to Hobby Lobby or someplace and look for green stuff to sculp wood and stone or some type of texture paint to coat the base. I have some old flat round bases from D&D Chainmail figures. Would those bases work or do I need some with a lip around the edge. Also any suggestions on the materials needed would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I painted this for a friend. He provided me with a picture of the figure painted how he wanted. The figure he showed me was done very well. While I could not come close to equaling what he wanted, trying did help me improve my skills.
  8. I will try to do a base while leaving the original one on. I was afraid to try cutting it off anyway. Thanks for all the advice and support!
  9. I have only painted a handful of figs before this one. With this figure I tried using a wash for the first time (on the armor). I am not sure how to go about putting him on a nice base like others have done. The figure already has the small base attached to his feet. Otherwise I am somewhat satisfied with the final result. It just seems lacking without a base. This figure was painted to update my AD&D Paladin that I painted nearly 40 years ago when I was a lot younger hand had some Testors enamel paints and a lead figure of a Paladin.
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