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  1. Honestly, I would prefer that Reaper went to "NO PREASSEMBLY" with ALL of the Bones line. It is much easier for me to correct gapping issues before assembly than after. Sure, it adds time to the process, but I finish with a mini I am completely happy with rather than "eh, that'll do, I guess". In the previous 4 Kickstarters, there were LOTS of issues with preassembly, the most egregious one, IIRC, was the Baba Yaga's Hut. :Soapbox Time: Besides, these are models!. Models should be assembled by a builder, preferably the owner of the model. Model building is as much a par
  2. UPS updated my shipping today. Expected arrival is tomorrow(Friday) rather than Saturday. I am pleasantly surprised and quietly anticipatory. Tomorrow, I will probably be checking the door and Email every 10 minutes or so. 55 years old and still a kid in many ways. Oh well. Me is me. At least I am willing to own it.
  3. I have yet to have a Kickstarter creator "fail and bail" on me, but one (by Maxmini.eu) took 3 YEARS after the estimated fulfillment date, and required me to actually troll their FB page to get it. So Reaper being 3 months out after everything that has happened since late 2019 is actually pretty good. Disappointed that my stuff did not go out with the initial wave 1 orders, but after the hiccups in earlier Bones, I knew I was gambling with my "one of everything (almost)" order. Still it will be good to get my stubby little dwarven paws on my loot. I am honestly looking forward to the inventory
  4. Got my notice from ups, and PM shows order shipped. 81 pounds, 24 pounds, and 12 pounds. Currently scheduled for Saturday. I was wave 1, and confirmed kind of late (4/15/2020). So 117 pounds of plastic going to the third floor. I can feel the hate already.
  5. Three comments. 1) DAAYEEM!! I thought I had a big order. Glad to see I'm not the only Reapermaniac around. 2) Your daughter's name would not happen to be Abigail, would it? I'm not psychic or creepy. I just read elder Futhark. 3) Is that a reproduction of the gate of Moria on your table? Way cool! Your work or commissioned?
  6. Depends on location. UK seems to be jogging along, Aus is limping, and US is handcuffed and awaiting bail.
  7. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96182-bones-5-kickstarter-figure-assembly-questions-advice/&tab=comments#comment-2023176 It is in general and Faqs, not the kickstarter section. I did a quick general forum search for "bones5 assembly" and it was the first to pop up. Cheers 😉
  8. Also a lot of the weaker boxes are meant to be used on wrapped pallets, for stability and protection. But if you put palletized material in a UPS/USPS delivery van/jeep, you lose the cubic footage of the pallet as shipping space. a 4' x 4' x 6" pallet is 8 cubic feet of space. The reason shipping companies use pallets is that the container can be unloaded and back into service faster, generating more profit for the company. The manufacturer that sent the boxes to reaper, on the other hand, did NOT palletize the boxes, in order to fit the maximum of boxes per container. Plus, in my experience (
  9. I dread to see the actual weight and physical size of my order. Kind of went overboard again, but there was just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. Shipping was 130$, if that is an indicator. I have no doubt there will be some creative language on the part of the order puller and the UPS driver bringing it up to the third floor. Stairs, no elevator. It is honestly easier to say what I did NOT order (LTP kit, paints, busts, bases). Multiples of several items - Core x 2, 3 of each siege engine, 2 catfolk, 3 dragonfolk, 2 daimyo, 2 fan favorites, 2 chronoscope, 2 greek odyssey, 2 extra elves, 4 extra walls of s
  10. To my eye, the shoulder and boot on that side also seem slightly larger, as well. Whether it is an error, or as intended is hard to say. There are medical conditions that can cause this sort of thing, as well as life experiences. That is not even considering the effects of "fantasy physics" (spells, potions, curses, weird plants or venoms, etc.). There is also the possibility of sculptor, mold making, or casting error. Definitely off, to my eye. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a good starting point for an interesting NPC backstory. "Well, Magda Greatarm was cur
  11. The fourth scion is the Air scion (genie) and is in the Fan Favorites expansion.
  12. Sprue cleaning and disposal are a pain in the rear, but there are very good reasons for having sprued figures.
  13. If too many cords are drawing from one outlet (via power strips, etc) I believe this can cause a fire hazard by causing the wiring feeding the outlet to overheat. I have personally experienced this on a tradeshow floor when there was WAAAY too much stuff plugged into one extension cord, causing the cord to be hot to the touch. The flow of electricity through a conductor creates waste heat, depending on the efficiency of the conductor. Copper is the best balance of material cost and efficiency, although I have seen steel and aluminum used as well. Another fun fact is that as electricity flows t
  14. They actually had been doing 8 hour days for a while. I have no doubt they will be taking the time from today, Monday, and possibly Tuesday to try to figure out what is going on with their order pull system for the Kickstarter. Remember that this is not their everyday business. They do this every two years or so, and each time they have modified their system to get better fulfillment. Unfortunately, that also means new bugs, new breakdowns, and new challenges. What I dream to see is Reaper's in house production and shipping efficiency improve to the point where they become an opti
  15. Here is a nightmarish thought. Imagine if there is a Reaper employee, who in good faith supported the Kickstarter, got an early wave, and is sitting there pulling everyone else's orders while waiting for theirs to come up.
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