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  1. My understanding is that ALL of the size class Medium (Human sized) and smaller figures will be Bones Black, regardless of group (core, Expansion, Add on, Encounter). Size class Large and greater figures, terrain, etc will be cast in Bonesium, Bones Black, or (possibly for the ship) ABS on a case by case basis. From the Kickstarter campaign page FAQ link (ALLLLL the way at the bottom):
  2. A somewhat punnish one - The Cenote. As it costs 100$ (C-note), and is a pit for sacrifice of valuables (Cenote).
  3. Contact the Pratchett estate and give me a Hogfather. With pig drawn sledge, DEATH acting as a substitute, and elf Albert. In relation to B5 (so cool), is anyone else planning to do up one of the gem dragons as an Ice Dragon? I saw the thread where someone tested the Tamiya Clears, and just ordered one of each.Hopefully I'll be able to get some practice in with my transparent Bones from the previous Kickstarters before my gem dragons arrive.
  4. Another option would be to go DOWN a scale or two (to 1/72 or maybe 15mm) and use a full sized cannon from that scale. Probably have to scratch build or convert the carriage, though.
  5. A Bones product I would like to see is a series of Bones Black Multipart PC kits (to begin with). Here is what I visualize. 1) Broken up by race for the major PC/NPC races in most FRP systems. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes/Halflings, and Half-orcs to start. The classics 2) Each set would have 5 male bodies and 5 female bodies with at least 1 in basic clothing/robes, 1 in light armor (leather/cloth/studded leather), and 1 in heavy armor (banded, scale, chain, plate) 3) a few arm selections for each body type (staff, bow, sword, mace, spear, crossbow, etc) 4) 5-8 each
  6. Really depends on the GM and players. Also a lot of people transition in both directions, from RPG to Wargaming, or the other way around. I, personally do both, and IMO, a significant percentage of Reaper's customers as well. Eagerly hoping for Bones Black, multipart, tabletop wargaming units. I would happily pay 30$ for a 15-20 pack. Closest thing thus far is the elven rangers, boulderkin, grave kings, etc groups in this KS, and other groups of the same sort in previous Kickstarters. The siege equipment gives me hope, though.
  7. Altering the sign would also be a good use for these guys from Bones 3, if you have them. I'm sitting on 3 sets of each, unused, as I have been waitng for the retail release to make sure I can get more. As far as I know, these are the ONLY Bones items to never see retail. "Rusty Blade's Dwarven Pub, Come in and whet your axe!"
  8. As soon as you make something idiot proof, the universe immediately provides a bigger and better idiot.
  9. "Do people want Bones that can be nasally inserted?"
  10. characterful dwarves I would love to see in Bones: "Dwarves" I am looking forward to from this Kickstarter: I know that many of these are not technically dwarves, But with the size increase on the mouslings, they seem like they would make very good dwarven were rodents of some sort, or perhaps (given the right paint job) Were mustelids (otter, badger, ferret, skunk, etc). In the kid adventurers, there are several that would work as young dwarven adventurers. Specifically the 3rd one in the first row and the first one in the second row. The yokai would work qui
  11. From Reaper's store, metal search term "jackal". Hopefully these are the "Anubis figures" Ron mentioned. If you want something beefier, there are 6 Gnoll options in Bones, 11 in metal.
  12. Well they do have a lot of metal sculpts for Warlord in the Necropolis and Nefsokar factions that would be very good in bones. Some have already made the transition. Would be lovely to see in Bones 6 or as a PM unlock for this one. Actually, I think I remember Ron mentioning it at the end of the live stream yesterday. Yep. At 1:17:20 he starts talking about things that did not make it that they want to "try" to include in the pledge manager. Egyptian gods is one of several mentioned. It is on Reaper's channel on YouTube, Bones 5 countdown party part 3. Of co
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