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  1. Yeah, different geology/geography brings different issues. A lot of people from ouside North America do not realize how very divers we are geographically. Probably comes from having only 2 (3 if you include Mexico) countries occupying the whole continent. We almost completely destroyed our Great Plains ecology due to over clearing and excessive plowing. You want to read about a human-made Eco-catastrophe? Look up the "dust bowl" sometime. Horrific stuff.
  2. Yeah, we don't do basements in Florida, because this: Across most of the state, you hit water anywhere between 3 and 8 feet down. Makes digging water, power, and sewer lines really challenging.
  3. The Rollers. I think they were about 3-4 dollars (US) each. L to R: Wooden Floor, Lava, Irregular Stone. L to R: Tech Deck plates, Another Tech Deck Plates, Rough Earth. And a beard hair that somehow got in the picture.
  4. What is working for me for base decoration is polymer clay (bakes into PVC) and some texture rollers I found for sale on Etsy. I bake them at the recommended temp in a small toaster oven, so I do not have to heat a full size oven for just a few base inserts/covers. The result is as paintable as bones, and can be trimmed, etc as necessary. Plus the fact that oven bake polymer clay is cheap and easy to find. Even Walmart has it.
  5. The one Indian food I love, but (since my diabetes diagnosis) can only rarely eat, and even then , only in limited amounts. is Gulab Jamun. Imagine Dunkin Donuts plain cake Munchkins, literally DROWNED in sweet syrup. So tasty, but massive amounts of sugars. I can have 1, IF I go and exercise immediately after, and no more than 1 in a week. But sooooooo good.
  6. And remember, in this one, the DM actively is seeking TPK. Plan accordingly. Personally, I recommend the Ashe (housewares) approach. Classic 1970s road behemoth, shotguns and ammo in trunk, and a working knowledge of machine tools. Groovy.
  7. I can also recommend these as sweet, crunchy, dry snacks. The Kachori and Samosas have a filling with beans, nuts, and raisins. Very tasty. The Bhakharvadi are like little crunchy, spicy cookies. Also mildly sweet. Bring these to your game night and watch the spice fiends mouths water, and the spice haters eyes water,
  8. Unrelated to anything else, my current favorite tea. I drink it iced, no sweetener. Very refreshing. Ingredients are (from their website): Black Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves, Natural Flavors, Cardamom. My wife prefers their Ginger chai blend, which is a little simpler, having just the Black Tea, Ginger Root, and "Natural Flavors", whatever those are. I never would have thought of having black pepper in tea until I had some Masala Coffee I bought at an Indian grocer here in Orlando while dodging crowds doing hurricane prep. If
  9. It is listed as a hamster on their website. I might try to paint it up as a SFW Tanuki, given the size and general "fluffyness". Traditional Japanese depictions of Tanuki are DEFINITELY NSFW in the west. Probably why Reaper did a "badger" as one of the Yokai in Bones 5.
  10. Yeah, I just did not want to ping him at midnight, Texas time.
  11. Should this be subcaptioned "Why Reaper_Jon does not visit Florida"?
  12. The names of the dishes sound Dutch or perhaps Indonesian. Just a guess on my part. Just did a quick search. Indonesian.
  13. Took a gamble on these from Wildspire miniatures on Amazon. $30 for the heroes and animals (28 minis) and $28 for the townsfolk (29 minis). My thoughts? Heroes and animals is a good set. Decent detail, creative choices, casting quality is around Bones 3 to Bones 4 level. Towsfolk was a very good value for the number of minis, but (IMO) on par with Bones 1 or Bones 2 castings. Both are definitely in scale with Bones. The heroes as received. The animals. The townsfolk, as received, a
  14. My best guess is some kind of powder horn for priming the touch hole on the cannon. Wood or brass in construction, maybe?
  15. I had the same issue with mine, but the "treatment" solved the issue. I guess I am sliding to the dark side, torturing minis in my old age to make them more cooperative.
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