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  1. Yeah, different geology/geography brings different issues. A lot of people from ouside North America do not realize how very divers we are geographically. Probably comes from having only 2 (3 if you include Mexico) countries occupying the whole continent.

    We almost completely destroyed our Great Plains ecology due to over clearing and excessive plowing. You want to read about a human-made Eco-catastrophe? Look up the "dust bowl" sometime. Horrific stuff.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    The moisture I felt could also be hydrablock, it dries within 24 hours and I have applied more this morning,

    It takes 3 weeks to completely harden, so maybe that's when it works 100% and not right away.


    Now going to watch TV, Picard is on with 2 episodes..


    I really need to stop worrying about everything, it annoys me but somehow, lately I see trouble around every corner.

    Not funny.


    Yeah, we don't do basements in Florida, because this:



    Across most of the state, you hit water anywhere between 3 and 8 feet down. Makes digging water, power, and sewer lines really challenging.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    The Basius pads seem to be rather nice, the only killer is shipping.  Oh, and finding space for them, since the XL ones are HUGE. 


    What is working for me for base decoration is polymer clay (bakes into PVC) and some texture rollers I found for sale on Etsy.



    I bake them at the recommended temp in a small toaster oven, so I do not have to heat a full size oven for just a few base inserts/covers. The result is as paintable as bones, and can be trimmed, etc as necessary. Plus the fact that oven bake polymer clay is cheap and easy to find. Even Walmart has it.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Inarah said:


    The shelf stable bags of veg masala and jaipur curry are a staple here.  I've also found some dry rice/dal/grain cups you just add hot water too, like noodles in a cup.   If you're up for a little bit of cooking,  get a packet of sambar powder, add water, and a handful of frozen mixed vegetables.  



    The one Indian food I love, but (since my diabetes diagnosis) can only rarely eat, and even then , only in limited amounts. is Gulab Jamun. Imagine Dunkin Donuts plain cake Munchkins, literally DROWNED in sweet syrup. So tasty, but massive amounts of sugars. I can have 1, IF I go and exercise immediately after, and no more than 1 in a week. But sooooooo good. :down:

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

    Thanks @Skallabjorn I have something new to check out!  Not to mention after the apocalypse I have a good idea of which store to dig through the rubble and scavenge from ::D:


    Sounds like something I'd like to give a try.


    I can also recommend these as sweet, crunchy, dry snacks. The Kachori and Samosas have a filling with beans, nuts, and raisins. Very tasty. The Bhakharvadi are like little crunchy, spicy cookies. Also mildly sweet.



    Bring these to your game night and watch the spice fiends mouths water, and the spice haters eyes water,

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  6. Unrelated to anything else, my current favorite tea.




    I drink it iced, no sweetener. Very refreshing. Ingredients are (from their website): Black Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves, Natural Flavors, Cardamom.


    My wife prefers their Ginger chai blend, which is a little simpler, having just the Black Tea, Ginger Root, and "Natural Flavors", whatever those are.


    I never would have thought of having black pepper in tea until I had some Masala Coffee I bought at an Indian grocer here in Orlando while dodging crowds doing hurricane prep. If you have never had to do this, mainstream chain stores such as Walmart, Publix, Savalot, etc get massive crowds and hoarders going after canned goods, bottled water, and hygene supplies. I once saw a middle aged woman with one cart in front of her and one she was pulling behind, both filled to overflowing with packages of toilet paper.


    On the other hand, when I went to the Indian market, all was calm and quiet, no hoarding, with people buying just enough to get themselves and their families through about two weeks of time. What I was purchasing were these:






    My wife was joking about them being my "Indian MREs", until I pointed out the fine print on the back of one of them that said something to the effect of "Packaged using technology developed by the Indian Ministry of Defense". And the taste? If you like spicy, they are awesome. Very good curries, etc, using beans, veggies, tofu or paneer (an Indian cheese). If you are a vegetarian that is OK with dairy, they are a good option for work meals, as they do not require refrigeration, can be microwave heated, or eaten at room temperature straight out of the inner package (given flatware). But if you are vegan, check the packaging as Ghee (clarified butter), milk, and other milk products are common ingredients in Indian cuisine. Also Indians tend to use certain spices in their savories that westerners reserve for sweets, notably cinnamon and clove. They are usually pretty cheap, around $2 US for a 10oz/280g package, and quite high in fiber, so they are filling enough to satisfy, without being so heavy as to slow you down.


    Most Indian markets stock them, and I have even found them in mainstream grocers, Walmart, and Big Lots.

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  7. 3 hours ago, haldir said:


    I like the mouse hero. Also what exactly is the last animal mini?


    It is listed as a hamster on their website. I might try to paint it up as a SFW Tanuki, given the size and general "fluffyness". Traditional Japanese depictions of Tanuki are DEFINITELY NSFW in  the west. Probably why Reaper did a "badger" as one of the Yokai in Bones 5.

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  8. Took a gamble on these from Wildspire miniatures on Amazon. $30 for the heroes and animals (28 minis) and $28 for the townsfolk (29 minis).






    My thoughts? Heroes and animals is a good set. Decent detail, creative choices, casting quality is around Bones 3 to Bones 4 level. Towsfolk was a very good value for the number of minis, but (IMO) on par with Bones 1 or Bones 2 castings. Both are definitely in scale with Bones. 




    The heroes as received.




    The animals.




    The townsfolk, as received, actual castings rather than renders. Upper right mini is female pirate captain from Bones 5 Brinewind boxed set inserted for scale.








    More cowbell? No problem. Smaller than a minotaur, but larger than the Bones minitaurs. Maybe a miditaur? (technogeek bad pun)


    Overall, I am happy with the purchase. I wish the townsfolk had a slightly higher level of detail, but for the price, they are good (IMO).


    Link to more photos of the individual minis, as I am already putting a BUNCH of pictures in this post: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XQzoFJnjDNwA3ijv7

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  9. 2 hours ago, thoth19 said:

    Not sure if this is the right place for this… 


    So I’m painting the Powder Monkey from the Brinewind expansion and I’m trying to figure out what the long low-hanging thing on her belt is. Anyone know? I have no idea how to paint it!




    My best guess is some kind of powder horn for priming the touch hole on the cannon. Wood or brass in construction, maybe?

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  10. 32 minutes ago, paintybeard said:


    Absolutely right Kuroneko, mine turned up the middle of Sunday afternoon. So a happy evening was spent unboxing and examining the new mountain. Very impressed with the continued improvement of Bones detail and finish.


    just one problem encountered so far. The Fathom Tyrant in Dark Depths. The face part is a very difficult fit into the body. As the body is an almost solid casting I'm not sure that the hot/cold water treatment will reshape things enough to make the face fit.

    I had the same issue with mine, but the "treatment" solved the issue. I guess I am sliding to the dark side, torturing minis in my old age to make them more cooperative. :devil:

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  11. 1 hour ago, ShaneB said:


    From Bones 4, according to my records we haven't seen hit retail yet:

    Baba Yaga


    Narglauth (and Rauthuros)

    the Dragon Turtle

    Agramon, Duke of Hell

    Blacksting the Wyvern

    the Thunderfoot Behemoth and Blacktooth Terror

    Dance of Death

    Mossbeard the Treeman

    the Skeletal Dragon



    the Stygian Barge


    Pretty much all big addons that will need custom packaging.  Also, I wonder a bit about how hard that stuff is to move (in a retail sense).  The big boxed kits take up a lot of real estate in game stores, and most of those don't seem to be devoting a lot of space to stocks of minis.  And then Reaper has to share that space with Wizkids and Games Workshop.  I kinda wonder if the big items are more loss leaders to get people into the Kickstarters, but only folks with access to Reaper's financials would know for sure. 😛



    The hut is definitely a production item. The skeletal dragon may be leftovers from the KS. Agramon looks SIMILAR, but I think this might be a slightly different sculpt. I seem to remember mention during Bones 4 that the Agramon there was a new version of an existing sculpt.


    I think most of the others are likely, excpt Argent and the Stygian Barge. However, lessons learned from packaging Sophie's Revenge may rescue that one from the delay box. Given all the complaints about Argent, I think he may well be relegated to the delay box permanantly, unless there is a resculpt for Bones 6.


    Or by Baba Yaga, were you referring to this one?



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  12. 2 hours ago, Green Eyed Monsty said:

    Don't give up hope.

    While in Jr. High [which for me was in the equivalent of the Paleolitic Era] one of the kids I palled around with didn't have a living room because his parents, both avid Science Fiction Junkies had converted the entire room into a library as in stacks to hold all of their incredible collection of SF books.  Mostly Hard Covers with many, now valuable, First Editions.

    Their collection was better than most major city libraries.


    Nerds have been with us longer than most people know.


    Yep. At 55 years old, I remember being 6 years old and reclining in my beanbag chair at my grandparents house, reading THEIR hardback "Buck Rogers Treasury" collection of comics from newspapers. I found a copy about 10 years ago or so in an antique store and had to purchase it. It was not their copy (my uncle had that, which since went to his son), but it is still significant to me. My grandparents were responsible for introducing me to Ace doubles and "pulp" science fiction (the harder stuff, Asimov, Heinlein, etc.). My mom got me into Simak, Zelazny, etc. My uncle was the horrible troll (joking) who got me going on the ERB "planetary romances", Mars, Venus, Moon, Skartaris, etc. All of this before I hit my teens.


    Then I saw the Rankin-Bass TV broadcast of "The Hobbit, so I read that and LotR before I was 12 as well, and talked my mom into buying "The Silmarillion" for my 12th bithday. I still have the LotR birthday card she got me for my 13th.


    Needless to say, I was VERY fertile ground when I encountered a group of high-schoolers at the Mesa public library in 1978, playing the "White Box" edition of D&D. Went out and bought the boxed set that came with "In Search of the Unknown" (one of the first modules). Added Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry, and Gods, Demigods and Heros. Then the first edition AD&D DMG was out for the UNHEARD OF, RIDICULOUS price of $18, but I had to have it. 43 years later, here I am, with a massive collection of rulesets, minis, dice, terrain, and of course, BOOKS. And a HUGE, MOUNTAINOUS, TOWERING stack of good memories. All things considered, life is good. My family did it to me. No regrets; other than not buying up more Squats when they were still available for retail. I honestly do not think I will ever have enough stunty, bearded blessedness. I also have the Mantic Forgefathers, the Hasselfree Grymm, and the two from Reaper (Willy Brassbender and Prof Froschmeister).


    TL;DR: Nerd child of a nerd, whose siblings were nerds, whose parents were nerds. My nerddom has had lifelong family support and understanding. 

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  13. 11 minutes ago, TGP said:

    So a Glittering Wolf would avoid a locally produced Heineken and instead go for a Budweiser from the Czech Republic..? …as an example. 

    The Czech Budwies is really tasty, unlike the American Budwieser. I had some when I was stationed in Germany in the 1980s. The Belgian whites are also pretty good.

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  14. My weekend started in June of 2018, but I would not recommend the process. I had a 250 pound section of staging dropped on my foot by a new hire on show site, then after I was ALMOST healed from that, survived an Ischemic (brain stem) stroke.. Just now getting to where I can look at going back to work in my industry (trade show and convention stagehand). Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people that do the setup for things like Comicon, Megacon, and looking at the past photos, possibly even Reapercon. I've even done the Star Wars celebration show several times here out east.




    Me during star Wars celebration. Some of you may get the joke.

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  15. On another note, I did some experimenting in the kitchen today. We had some bananas that were getting.... elderly. Rather than discard them, I made what I am going to call "Cuffins".




    3 soft bananas

    3 cups soy flour

    3/4 to 1 cup crushed almonds

    6 eggs

    2 Tbsp Stevia sweetener

    1/4 cup water


    About the ingredients: The soy flour and Stevia are due to the wife and I both being type 2 Diabetics, so I use bean flours for baking, etc to increase fiber levels and reduce carbohydrate content. If you have a Indian grocer near you, gram (lentil) flour is a staple. If not, you can frequently find bean flours in the organic/health food sections of a standard grocer. As a brand, I can recommend "Bob's Red Mill", I have had good results from them and they do an Almond flour as well.


    To continue:


    Put bananas, flour, almonds, and eggs in a mixing bowl and mix well. I used a standard potato masher for this, followed with a spoon to get the stuff on the sides of the bowl. The water can be added if you have smaller eggs, so as to give the dough a muffin batter like consistency. I recommend adding the stevia to taste, after the dough is thoroughly mixed, as you may like a different level of sweet than I prefer.


    I did these like drop biscuits onto a foil covered pan with cooking spray (store brand canola), placed them in a counter top toaster oven for 2 bake cycles (5 min per cycle) at 350 degrees.


    The result? Cookies that have the texture of banana bread or banana muffins in 10 minutes (plus prep time) The flavor was awesome, definite banana nut bread flavor, nicely soft texture. I got about 18 2-3 inch cookies out of this. I look forward to trying this soon with an oatmeal and apple recipe. Maybe with some cinnamon added to the mix.


    Hope you enjoy.

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  16. 7 hours ago, Kuroneko said:


    Just as a true artist should! Ours is a sellout who relies on the big river site for his  :ph34r:




    Why is there not a Catbat Bones mini? I found one definite in metal (#03977, Mercurix, winged cat, by Julie Guthrie), and one possible (the wings might be feathered, hard to tell from picture).







    Familiar pack III


    This guy looks like those might be feathered wings on him to me.

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  17. Here is something funny. With the number of individual minis I ordered (including a ship) divided into the cost of the order (including shipping) my average cost per mini came to $1.60 US.


    $1.60 for this?



    A little pricey, but I have done worse (looking at YOU, Greedy Wankers).


    $1.60 for this?





    Thought that might give a chuckle or two.


    If I remove the pirate ship from the equation, the price per mini drops to 1.34 per mini.


    WOW. Love those KS prices, but delivery time is worse than Ukraine to US, FL. Two months transit for a 64 inch chest padded gambeson, and I can only wear it MAYBE 3-4 weeks out of the year down here. But it is a good one; 1/2 inch of padding, wrist and knee length, with multiple attachment points for heavy armor. I have to admit, after wearing armor to fight in, I got a MUCH better sense for how armor should look on a mini.


    It can be weird how hobbies cross-pollinate sometimes. Like someone with a hobby in zoology or entomology devising paint schemes for various creatures or aberrations. Speaking of which, if you are ever stuck for paint schemes for stuff, one source I LOVE is my CD archive of National Geographic. Just about EVERYTHING turns up there at some point.

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