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  1. As far as I recall, the ONE time the US tried to invade Canada, it was an utter failure. Just sayin'.
  2. Currently not sure which direction my madness will take me with the communication blackout. Tryin to maintain a level of stoicism, but the voices.....
  3. I am anticipating recieving my notification (wave 6) about 13 working days after US shipping begins. So, at this point, that is beginning to look like the first week of May. It will be fun to watch the ticker progress once US shipping begins. Semper Fi, and Drive ON, folks.
  4. Maybe Bones 5, they can do one of me? One of my friends says I am an oversized dwarf.
  5. Wave 6 US here with all 3 list of doom minis, plus at least 1 of all the others, except the paints, the artbook, the modern scenics, the dungeon tiles, and the living statues. I did, however, order a total of 634 (seriously?) bases. Kind of wishing I had ordered the statues too, now. UPS is going to HATE me. Should weigh less than my mail hauberk, though (35 pounds, UPS).
  6. From what I have seen, the thread has been "enthusiasm and commentary on Bones 4" pretty much all the way, and OT deviations dont go long. Impressed, really.
  7. OH, MANNNN.... Looking at the size of these, USPS is going to freaking HATE me. 3rd floor apartment. Core set x2 includes: minis 1-20 24 bonus goblins Greybeards (4 wizards) Townsfolk (5 minis) Knights (5 minis) Dire consequences (3 minis) Armored Goblins (6 minis) Minitaurs (4 minis) Bedeviled (3 minis) Kobold Mooks (6 minis) Wyvern Griffon Ape attack (3 minis) Nagendra (6 minis) Female Fighters (4 minis) Cave Dwellers (3 minis) Baba Yaga Bandits (3 minis) Kobold Leaders (6 minis) Pathfinder Iconics (5 minis) Goblin
  8. The Land of BOB! Founded by the mighty hero Bob, son of Bob, of the tribe of the Bobbits!
  9. Not to forget -thorp, -caster, -berg (or -burh, -bouro, etc), -polis, as well as New -. I have a friend from Hexthorpe, just outside Doncaster.
  10. It puts the order in the bin, or else it gets the hose again.
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