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  1. As soon as you make something idiot proof, the universe immediately provides a bigger and better idiot.
  2. "Do people want Bones that can be nasally inserted?"
  3. characterful dwarves I would love to see in Bones: "Dwarves" I am looking forward to from this Kickstarter: I know that many of these are not technically dwarves, But with the size increase on the mouslings, they seem like they would make very good dwarven were rodents of some sort, or perhaps (given the right paint job) Were mustelids (otter, badger, ferret, skunk, etc). In the kid adventurers, there are several that would work as young dwarven adventurers. Specifically the 3rd one in the first row and the first one in the second row. The yokai would work qui
  4. From Reaper's store, metal search term "jackal". Hopefully these are the "Anubis figures" Ron mentioned. If you want something beefier, there are 6 Gnoll options in Bones, 11 in metal.
  5. Well they do have a lot of metal sculpts for Warlord in the Necropolis and Nefsokar factions that would be very good in bones. Some have already made the transition. Would be lovely to see in Bones 6 or as a PM unlock for this one. Actually, I think I remember Ron mentioning it at the end of the live stream yesterday. Yep. At 1:17:20 he starts talking about things that did not make it that they want to "try" to include in the pledge manager. Egyptian gods is one of several mentioned. It is on Reaper's channel on YouTube, Bones 5 countdown party part 3. Of co
  6. As far as the Chronoscope stuff goes, there are multiple ways to put it all to use within one game system: Time/dimension/probability travel. Probably the easiest, as you can go either direction with it. Welles' Time Machine, Trek TOS or Next Gen. Also Moorcock's Eternal Champion cycle. Holodeck/Simulator/Theme Park scenarios: Again TREK, plus Westworld, Jurassic Park, Lost World, Pellucidar, etc. For SF explorers, Alien worlds at a lower tech level, For cyberpunk - a Netrun/hack where the programmer forced a specific genre in the web. As far as firearms
  7. My understanding is that the polymers used are inherently transparent/translucent. There are coloring agents and opacifiers that are ADDED to produce the plastics we all know and love. BB apparently adds a hardening agent as well, would be my guess. The plastic straight out of the mold with NO agents added would probably look like the Invisible Heroes set for Bones 3. Understand, this is just a layman's knowledge, but I did work a blow molding production line at one point in my life, and I remember our raw stock (plastic pellets) being translucent. A side note, one of the reasons why we see so
  8. My KS purchase: 2x Core 1 ea of all 7 expansions 1 brinewind add on PM purchases: probably, no, very likely, aw heck who am I kidding, at least one of each of the models (excluding busts), multiples of some (catapult, trebuchet, ballista, dragonfolk, rune wights, fantasy dinos, yokai). 615$ up front, another 600$ in pm +shipping. I am such a tool.
  9. Hmmm. 'Harvest festival/County fair: Parking: 5-10$ Admission: 10-25$ Food (per person):15$ plus Games/rides, etc: 10$+ per person You and one companion: 75$ - 95$+ per person. This is excluding any merch, raffles, special admission events, etc. It is just spread out a bit more, so you don't notice it as much. FFS, at most of these events, a drink, some food and a sweet can hit 20$ per person, easy. This is for somethimg that happens ONCE and then is just a memory. Your bones (loot, trove, hoard, collection,use the term you like) is with y
  10. According to the statement at the bottom of the main campaign page, the pledge manager will close on 31 Aug 2020. Darnit, ninja'd. Too much 40k under my belt. I read Terminator and i was thinking "What? Where? Then I thought "Oh, they mean the Necrons".
  11. Reaper already assured in the comments that part 3 "will" unlock.
  12. I prefer "alternative experience of consensus reality" myself, thankyouverymuch.
  13. A mated pair. Time for the PCs to fish or (snicker) cut bait.
  14. I seem to remember Mouse in the books being a Tibetan mastiff, not a European one.
  15. Yes it is. update already posted. A good point for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqfL6_6qEJY
  16. Ah, but just as some Snarks are Boojum, some Ghouls are Ghasts.
  17. Honestly, the Chronoscope 1 minis (except maybe the Santa) will make a LOVELY addition to my Necromunda game.
  18. The reason for the development of the folding sheepshank knife with marlinspike. Correction: the blade is actually a sheepsFOOT blade, the knot is a sheepshank.
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