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  1. I would like to see an art book covering all 5 in one volume, perhaps with painted and unpainted versions of each mini. Call it "The (R)Evolution of Bones" (yes, Reaper you have my specific permission to use that title).
  2. Perhaps make a pluck foam insert to fit it? WOOOHOOOO)! Happy Snoopy Dance! Snagged a Wave 1! I was caught in the KS meltdown on day one. After a half hour of trying to get a pledge to go through, I wound up in Wave 3. Bumped up to 2 earlier in the week, and just snagged Wave 1! Go Me, Go Me, Uh-huh. Edited, just in case.
  3. 18:00 EST If you have the funds and space, a bin rack is a good option for unpaimted Bones. You can also find them used at industrial surplus stores, or when a business upgrades/changes their displays.
  4. I think the hierarchy is : In packaging, unassembled (have not opened package yet, probably for resale) < out of packaging, unassembled (opened packaging, checked for issues, first good look) < o.o.p. assembled (basic assembly done) < o.o.p, assembled, primed (cleaned, fills done, basecoat/priming done) < o.o.p., assembled, tabletop basic (3 colors+ black) < o.o.p, assembled, tabletop advanced (more than 3 colors+black, shading, highlights, finished base) < Display level (you know it when you see it) < competition level Feel free to add or modify this, just my opinion. Sadly, most of what I own is currently stage 3.
  5. Of course you won't order the same amount. That would be lame and silly. You will just order MORE! See, promise kept. Easy peasy.
  6. Interesting. they have added a pledge level for $40, the learn to paint kit. 2,000 slots for Americas/Europe, 250 each for UK and Asia/Pacific. May be an easier entry point for new backers.
  7. About 3'5" long by 9" wide at 1/52 scale. Doable. Heck, I might copy the bottom layer of the reaper ship to get my sizes right, and scratch build from there. That's basically how they built the Virginia. If I do this, I promise to post pics. Maybe I will track the build, never done that before.
  8. A Sloop of War, a Cog, a Galley, and a Drakkar would complete my list. Dwarven Ironclads I "think" I could scratch build.
  9. The Soviets managed to keep up and pull ahead a few times. sputnik, Yuri Gagarin, Foxbat. There is an itneresting take on this in the historical science fiction series "Worldwar/Colonization" by Harry Turtledove.
  10. You are going to spend a little over 10 months looking at it in the pledge manager. A lot of things can happen in 10 months. Hope your resolve is strong.
  11. If you have or know someone with a 3d printer, there is one on thingiverse. I would rather buy one from Reaper, myself, being an unashamed fanboy, but needs must. In spelljammer, if I remember correctly, the converted naval ships were considered the worst of the spelljammers, suitable for use only until something better could be purchased. Just like for an airship, a purpose built gondola would be superior to a converted boat. YMMV. My ship will be thoroughly naval, thank you very much. Mildly crazy dwarves try to swim, Only totally broccolibrained, two hammers and one anvil short of a forge dwarves try to fly
  12. Every dollar you spend at Reaper's store is a dollar that owner does not see. If you know enough people, save your receipts and show him the money he ISN'T getting. Might change his attitude.
  13. The minis, as far as I know, were just there to give an idea of scale. I would not expect a crew to be included in the ship add on.
  14. If your rule set says tabletop scale is 1"=5' (1/60) the SAME FIGURE will have greater range, reach, etc than if it is 1"=10' (1/120), in proportion to it's actual physical height. Given a nominal 1/52 scale for Reaper minis, 1" on the tabletop SHOULD be equal to 4'4" in the game world. Try getting that one to fly with a GM or Tournament Judge.
  15. That is one of the key issues for scale modeling purists. One manufacturer uses "Eye height" another uses "Top of Head". The eye height figures in any scale wind up being physically taller than the similar top of head figures in the same nominal scale. And, as said before, "Heroic" scale figures just get silly sometimes.
  16. 1720mm to top of head (5'7.7") is about 1610 (5'3.4" ) eye height. So to me that is pretty much dead on. Depends on what you consider the average human height to be in your period/genre.
  17. Yeah for some reason I don't have data for 32mm on there. That should be closer to the ideal. wonder why I missed that? 5'3" eye height is 1610 mm. Top of head would be 5'8", 1760mm total height.
  18. This is something I put together years ago, using data from "The Miniatures Page". It can be very useful when looking for terrain/scenery, especially for 19th and 20th century games. Reaper's scale, for this and previous Kickstarters seems to be in the 1/54 - 30mm scale, IMO. Pocket Miniature Scale Cheat Sheet 1/6000 = .27mm 1/600 = 2.7 mm 1/87 = 18.5mm (HO) 54mm = 1/30 1/4800 = .34mm 1/432 = 3.7mm 20mm = 1/80.5 80mm = 1/20 1/4600 = .35mm 1/300 = 5.4mm 1/76 = 21.2mm (OO) 90mm = 1/18 1/3900 = .41mm 1/285 = 5.6mm 1/72 = 22.4mm 1/16 = 100.6mm 1/3000 = .54mm 6mm = 1/268 25mm = 1/64 (S) 120mm = 1/13 1/2400 = .67mm 1/220 = 7mm (Z) 28mm = 1/58 1/9 = 178.9mm 1/1250 = 1.29mm 1/200 = 8mm 30mm = 1/54 Notes 1/1200 = 1.34mm 10mm = 1/161 1/43.5 = 37mm (O) Letters in parenthesis 1/900 = 1.8mm 1/160 = 10.06mm (N) 1/48 = 33.5mm are model railroad 2mm = 1/805 1/144 = 11.2mm 40mm = 1/40 scales. 54mm or 1/30 1/700 = 2.3mm 15mm= 1/107 1/35 = 46mm is the common ‘plastic 1/650 = 2.5mm 1/100 = 16.1mm 1/32 = 50.3mm (I) army man’ scale.
  19. As has been alluded to in other posts, I think this is due to a large percentage of wargamers coming from a model building background. The ones with a model railroading background especially seem to enjoy scratch builds, conversions, and kit bashing. I am of the opinion that those of us who prefer to assemble our minis, rather than have them preassembled, are from those types of hobbies.
  20. For RPGs, minis are a conveinience, an AID to tactical movement, and a preventative for retroactive repositioning. WYSIWYG, IMO, is NOT really critical, For tabletop wargaming, WYSIWYG is key, and failure to follow at least close to that can have major tactical implications.
  21. Plateau of Leng? Cult of the Yellow Sign? Carcosa/King in Yellow?
  22. Maybe it is the first troll with a new account. There are a couple of commenters who seem to be amazingly negative about a project they nominally support. Oh well, promise a dollar for a forum where your posts won't be deleted and people cannot ignore you. A troll's dream. Especially when they can poison the conversation all the way up to the last few minutes, then cancel the 1$ pledge.
  23. KS comments section especially seems to lack some of the "Quality of Life " amenities that I have grown accustomed to. Abilty to edit posts. Ability to delete posts. Ability to report trolling/spam posts. Bug or Feature?
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