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  1. Aww, got an email from UPS saying they can't deliver as scheduled. Sounds like they haven't received the package yet? Eh, it'll work itself out soonish.
  2. I just got a tracking email! I guess we lucked into one of the retail Dragonfolk. I am *really* glad the container will be there soon though.
  3. It actually looks like the weather's going to hold for a week or so maybe? So there's a little more time they can work without being broiled alive but yeah, it's going to get hot sooner rather than later.
  4. I love how the number's going down today because of the way they are rolling it. It's entertaining me 😄
  5. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. Ah well, I'll be ok without my Rocky brush holder for a while longer.
  6. So, do we know if the container's waiting for a berth, on the train yet, or sitting in Customs purgatory? I don't get the chance to watch the Q&As really
  7. Oh man, I forgot the Dragon Folk Adventurers! Darn. Ah well
  8. This is going to get weird fast then. But I'm wave 2 and I don't think I backed any of the missing items so soonish sounds pretty cool.
  9. Here we go! Twitch just went live and they are up to 550 shipments.
  10. I believe it's the following (got it from the kickstarter update comments): "It's the Dragon Folk, Rune Wights, Bust Collection, Campground Scenics, & Ghost Ship"
  11. No stream this morning so far but I'm tuned in and willing to wait 😄
  12. Came here to find out the same thing or if there's a counter page this go round. I may just have to fire up twitch tomorrow on my phone or something.
  13. Are updates being skipped for now (which would be understandable and fine) or am I being impatient? I'm mainly looking for a distraction but so far no little badge on my kickstarter app.
  14. That's kind of crazy. I'm not complaining but wow
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