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  1. Are updates being skipped for now (which would be understandable and fine) or am I being impatient? I'm mainly looking for a distraction but so far no little badge on my kickstarter app.
  2. That's kind of crazy. I'm not complaining but wow
  3. I know someone that just got a SLA 3d printer and I'm tempted to kick them $10-$15 bucks towards this if they are interested in it because these are nice
  4. Now I'm imagining a set of 3-4 giant spiders with howdahs as part of some set piece. Maybe Bones 6?
  5. Not me. I just tested it and it let me in without error.
  6. I don't remember it costing more to piecemeal it last time but I can't swear to anything
  7. Man that scatter terrain is sweet. Not wanting it specifically for a zombie thing but I can see it getting used in Champions or something like that.
  8. I'm most looking forward to the kids, the goat(!), and Mandupar Pass I think. I play a lot of halflings in non-traditional classes (not a rogue) so it's hard to find minis that signify what I want very easily. And the yeti encounter just screams pulp to me and will probably get used for Savage Worlds or Adventure! or something similar.
  9. I'm dying to find out what the ship's going to be named but I am never able to catch the shows
  10. I, as a player, can safely say we'd never do that /s
  11. I pledged around double the cost of the core set in order to get the core, a couple expansions, and at least one dragon, but then the last day definitely introduced some budget creep to be addressed in the pledge manager phase. Eh, that's how it goes.
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