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  1. Aww, got an email from UPS saying they can't deliver as scheduled. Sounds like they haven't received the package yet? Eh, it'll work itself out soonish.
  2. I just got a tracking email! I guess we lucked into one of the retail Dragonfolk. I am *really* glad the container will be there soon though.
  3. It actually looks like the weather's going to hold for a week or so maybe? So there's a little more time they can work without being broiled alive but yeah, it's going to get hot sooner rather than later.
  4. I love how the number's going down today because of the way they are rolling it. It's entertaining me 😄
  5. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. Ah well, I'll be ok without my Rocky brush holder for a while longer.
  6. So, do we know if the container's waiting for a berth, on the train yet, or sitting in Customs purgatory? I don't get the chance to watch the Q&As really
  7. Oh man, I forgot the Dragon Folk Adventurers! Darn. Ah well
  8. This is going to get weird fast then. But I'm wave 2 and I don't think I backed any of the missing items so soonish sounds pretty cool.
  9. Here we go! Twitch just went live and they are up to 550 shipments.
  10. I believe it's the following (got it from the kickstarter update comments): "It's the Dragon Folk, Rune Wights, Bust Collection, Campground Scenics, & Ghost Ship"
  11. No stream this morning so far but I'm tuned in and willing to wait 😄
  12. Came here to find out the same thing or if there's a counter page this go round. I may just have to fire up twitch tomorrow on my phone or something.
  13. Are updates being skipped for now (which would be understandable and fine) or am I being impatient? I'm mainly looking for a distraction but so far no little badge on my kickstarter app.
  14. That's kind of crazy. I'm not complaining but wow
  15. I know someone that just got a SLA 3d printer and I'm tempted to kick them $10-$15 bucks towards this if they are interested in it because these are nice
  16. Now I'm imagining a set of 3-4 giant spiders with howdahs as part of some set piece. Maybe Bones 6?
  17. Not me. I just tested it and it let me in without error.
  18. I don't remember it costing more to piecemeal it last time but I can't swear to anything
  19. Man that scatter terrain is sweet. Not wanting it specifically for a zombie thing but I can see it getting used in Champions or something like that.
  20. I'm most looking forward to the kids, the goat(!), and Mandupar Pass I think. I play a lot of halflings in non-traditional classes (not a rogue) so it's hard to find minis that signify what I want very easily. And the yeti encounter just screams pulp to me and will probably get used for Savage Worlds or Adventure! or something similar.
  21. I'm dying to find out what the ship's going to be named but I am never able to catch the shows
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