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  1. I, as a player, can safely say we'd never do that /s
  2. I pledged around double the cost of the core set in order to get the core, a couple expansions, and at least one dragon, but then the last day definitely introduced some budget creep to be addressed in the pledge manager phase. Eh, that's how it goes.
  3. I have a question. I've backed this one and I backed Bones 4 but I never found out where to get the images for the signature indicating being a backer. Where are they/how do I do that?
  4. Thank goodness it ends Saturday. If it ended Sunday then DST end is thrown into the mix and things get weirder/easier to miss
  5. I'm really hoping for more Brinewind soonish but we'll see.
  6. I had to set up my login again. It worked before but not today so I set it up fresh (with the same password as before, shhh)
  7. So many goat options. I'm truly thrilled! My character that needed one is dead but there can always be another once the shipment happens.
  8. I keep thinking that I should get up and stretch my legs but this is just spiraling up so fast
  9. Bumped to Wave 2 because of timeouts but I'm in!
  10. time to find out what kind of bandwidth Kickstarter's servers have.
  11. You'd need to paint it up like the Broccoli from the old Cartoon Sushi shorts. Well, at least I would need to do that.
  12. Is it 5:30 yet? I want to go home and pick something out to paint.
  13. I don’t have any pics of them in boxes, but have some general cat pics
  14. I know they said Wednesday which is why I was surprised that they had about 1/3 of a days worth of orders on the tracker at the end of today's shipping.
  15. It seems crazy that they might be done tomorrow. I know it's not but it feels that way.
  16. It's here and the hut looks good! It stands on it's own but could maybe use a little encouragement to get all the toes touching ground at the same time. We haven't had the chance to go through the rest really (except Nyarlathotep, that got dry fitted) but that should happen this weekend.
  17. It seems crazy but my UPS notification says delivery today. I may have to work from home this afternoon to sign for it.
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