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  1. Today's turning into a real nail biter Shipped!!! 10.10#
  2. I keep refreshing my pledge page to see if maybe I missed mine going by. Maybe I should be working? Nah...
  3. EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What are the chances that they'll get back to Wave 5 today? I've been sick so I haven't really been able to watch the second-chance fulfillments for the triumvirate of terror.
  5. My hope is that they manage to wade through the Wave 1 backlog today and be able to start tackling whatever's left of Wave 2 on Monday.
  6. Omg omg omg!! Sorry, I don't have substance today, just excitement!
  7. Yeah, I believe so. They usually stop 1-ish central time
  8. I think I need to do something similar for sanity's sake
  9. Ok, so the best Unicorns-and-Rainbows scenario is that they get the container tomorrow or the next day, right? I know worst case is a couple more weeks because of Customs but I'm trying to stay positive here.
  10. That's the biggest number that I remember but I'm not sure what the number was at the beginning of the EU bundling.
  11. Me too. I hate to say it but I was hoping things were going to go a little slower so it wouldn't feel like quite as much of a wait for that container. I can do this though!
  12. Someone was asking about storage ideas. I've got one of these gnedby bookcases from the big flatpack place of swedishness currently full of paperbacks but I think it's about to become Bones storage
  13. I had to close the app or I'd get nothing done at work today and eventually someone would notice.
  14. I realize a)it's totally irrational and b)it doesn't matter to my situation yet but I really keep hoping for early word that the shipping container of the terrible trio is past customs
  15. The UPS hub there is near the river but I wouldn't describe it as a garden spot. However, there is some excellent food nearish so maybe they went out for dinner (several times)?
  16. I feel like there's one person still knocking around the kickstarter warehouse, maybe wondering where everyone else is, maybe not...
  17. Welp, I didn't get my Hellboy tracking number before US shipments started but apparently I got it before the tracker was moving again. Back to watching the tracker being poked with a stick.
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