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  1. I was under the impression (and I can't remember where it came from so it might be totally out of left field) that they leased the building starting April 1st and that's why things had to be moved, etc. in the middle.
  2. I really expected to be watching Wave1 ship before I got my tracking number for the Hellboy board game but at this point I don't know which is going to happen first.
  3. I thought they had most of last week to work on the warehouse. By Wednesday there were Canadians with tracking numbers which means things had to be gone from Texas before then.
  4. This is making me regret not driving up there this past weekend to gawk (and buy, because of course) and maybe eavesdrop a little.
  5. I feel like they'd make great stand-ins for when people forget their minis for a game. My current plan is to get 5-6 copies of Sir Garrick and paint him different colors and use those but I like the personality of the high rollers.
  6. See, I'd been doing so well this week with lack-of-buyers-remorse but now I regret not getting those
  7. Goats Specifically I want a goat for the mini of my female halfling ranger to ride but let's start broader with goats. And more halflings of various kinds.
  8. Just don't forget those sweet sweet glamour shots when your stuff comes in. I'm wave 6, I have time to kill!
  9. The thing I want most (other than lots of pics from Canadians who already got their goodies) is to hear that the last container with the doom trifecta stock has made it at least to customs.
  10. I look forward to seeing the triumphant 900th page soon
  11. Wave 6... all the glory of being middle of the pack. Hopefully the resupply comes in at the earliest possible date or I'll have to look towards Denton and make puppy dog eyes.
  12. I think it counts. Also, leather soled boots are uncomfortable in my opinion, but I'm not around large toe-trodding animals pretty much ever.
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