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  1. They use Warpath as a US distributor. If Marcello is still with Warpath, he is very sympathetic to blokes like us as he was there with Clan War from the beginning. I expect they will be hooked up with the warstore soon as well. Neal likes to sell nice stuff!
  2. I was on my way here to post about this one. The figs all look amazing! As a Clan War player, I cannot wait to add to my forces. As a wargamer, I love the fact that there is no pre-measuring and formations seem to matter in Kensei. I just downloaded their rules and I am working my way through. I too plan to back this at a decent level sometime in the next ten days. Rules
  3. Has it been seven years already? A fun read this time as well!
  4. Reapercon Warlord Championship about half a decade ago: My Brave Razig Crew fought ten times their number of Reven. We slew 97 out of 100 I think it was. Soul Cannon were limited shortly thereafter.
  5. I have always used tiny d6's to track damage. That works fine. When there was a Taltos map and registered players could report battles and we had tournaments at Origins and gencon, Warlord was at its best. It could have gotten better, but taking the competitiveness out of it hurt. I could always find lots of games within a short drive. Now not so much.
  6. "Eldest Son" is the only one I have. That may or may not be the only one.
  7. Here is one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/APOCALYPSE-Rulebook-DARK-HEAVEN-by-Reaper-Miniatures-1998-/251234982617?pt=Games_US&hash=item3a7ec59ad9
  8. There is a Reaper Apocalypse book from quite a few years ago, which is similar in format to the original World of Greyhawk set. It gives a lot of information on the areas around Taltos and beyond and is well done. I have it and have used it for a Rolemaster game. There is also a d20 adventure set in Reaper's world, which you can likely find cheap on eBay. Good luck!
  9. I love the fluff and the fact that it is not 38K years in the future and it is in our solar system. That gives it a great feel. I sold my armies when the second edition game out and was not as good as the first and the game went quickly into decline which ticked me off because that killed Chronopia too. I will likely back this when I get some paypal next week. It is simply too cool of a setting to overlook.
  10. I read that and know things. Mistakes and misrepresentations were made and the entire discussion was not appropriate for this forum. Merv never took any form of payment for any undelivered product. This I know. The conversation is gone now and if that conversation bothers people and they don't want to look at Spinespur, that is fine. The same goes for those who do not like the subject matter or horror gaming. BUT, if you like great mechanics, the kind that are easy to learn, take effort to master and almost always result in the player who plays better being the winner, then you should take a look. If you like stories ranging for good and creepy to tongue in cheek, sophmoronic humor, then read our stuff. If you like a game from a company offering unmatched access, feedback and whatnot, Comfy Chair offers just that. The first book is great. The lead designer went on to take a similar role for a company that brought us all together in the first place and now I am taking his genius rules and running with them as part of a three-man operation. The rules for the next Spur book are really good and the models have been through some good testing and will continue to do so while Merv takes care of the Kickstarter stuff and formats Street Chum. If we hit our number, all of this will be released and more. If not, we do it the hard way, but Spur is coming...
  11. Full disclosure, I am on Merv's Spinespur team. That being said, my name is also in the Warlord books and I am a fan of those. Merv is a great and honest guy. He gets defensive about his game and his reputation and that is understandable. There are people who hate on Spur for the stories or subject matter and that is a matter of opinion and fine, Just do not hate on it for the mechanics, which are excellent or for the owner, who is passionate and working hard to do things right.
  12. I like that Warlord keeps true to "Declare then measure and live with the consequences." Now 40K is going the pre-measure route and pretty moch only Warlord and Wargods are keeping it real. <3
  13. ...for my friends who play Warmachine, GW games, historicals, and D&D. Everyone loves the minis, but most did before. Feedback was mixed. Some observations shared by all: Need more incentive to charge Command Range Those were the universal observations. On mutual death I got mixed reviews, though most were negative. In some of the second or third games, we played with a +1 to hit for those who engaged that turn and used command radius calculated based on the max unit size for a leader.
  14. I used this for the first time the other night when I was getting forces together to demo the game to an experienced wargamer. I was astounded that 10 minutes after I started, I had datacards, SA Lists and descriptions, Spells and everything I needed for 1000 points of Razig and 1000 points of Dwarfs. <3 Very well done Reaper!
  15. Proof that girls have cooties. The article is fairly misguided, but it is opinion and not libel. Some people don't "get it" or it's not for them. Reading a nice "fluffy" article abut how "I just don't get it and it's not for me" is not very interesting. This article allows her to laugh at us, but really we laugh at her as well, so everyone is laughing and the world is happy. :)
  16. Wheel of Time: Links to images provided below-- Ogier Ogre sized but very different: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRh846N9m95QRQsQ4WTeXg6S_zD77xH89KglrY0saK_SIUb83FrXg Algai'd'siswai -- http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQo-6D9CwOECCLwgJOxe4aX1o9xtH_8iYxV8pkTlVAylZBgocX- Maidens of the Spear -- http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRITKM3cGJEWnKHhg0dJbAcbAyJ7Ib9gDl9keXNrT5osXS1QXxK Myrdraal- http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTOTAzb0ukLAfqIodNy8ds1ytslcxZqVsqQAFwvQwtLQDUO0zHO Trolloc -- Beastmen with more variety of heads and torso armour: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTi6cm07WNkeqhyFuUAMvSL1lf9iNU4xcHNpXxEfsLEsWFvZ7fSSg
  17. Pre-measuring slows everything down as there are far too many "ponderers" in our hobby. As others have said, the skill of range guesstimation is a good one to have in tabletop wargames and range guessing adds good elements to the game.
  18. I am not a zombie fan. I've watched some and was unimpressed. Walking Dead is great. It is about Zombies about as much as Starship Troopers is about Bugs. (The book, not the silly movie) This show has a lot of potential and I look forward to the characters rebuilding and surviving. The love triangle thing seems a bit "Lifetime" but somehow I find it very interesting. :)
  19. I like your pool analogy. :) In sci-fi it makes more sense, but I still like to have to guess range. Pre-measuring is for boardgames. Guesstimating distance is a skill of the tabletop general and an important one at that. Likely needs another thread for this discussion.
  20. I would go 100 if it looked sweet. I got the 8th Ed WH book. As long as the Warlord book keeps the great rules and does not add pre-measuring, Silly rules or Candyland terrain, I'm in.
  21. I watched this tonight with my brother. We have both been fans of the Dark Millennium for over 20 years. THe movie was ok. Very short. The marines were not well done as far as writing and attitude. The disparaging remarks directed toward the apothecary were out of character as were all of the questions about the Captain's orders. Don't spend money on it, but do watch it if you know someone who has. I give it a 4 on its merits but considering how crappy it could hav ebeen, I guess it's ok.
  22. Any plans to do the Second Edition in Hard Cover? Whattabout a special Reapercon edition? Print 100, sell what you can at reapercon and then the rest online? :)
  23. The model that first attracted me to this line: His regal pose, with the raptor on his arm states that he is King both below and above ground. It is not the best in the line, I found others that I liked even more, but the Dwarf King is the one that pulled me away from the Olde World.
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