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  1. Welcome! The important things to keep in mind, is that the plan for the next round is unlikely to start until after Bones 5 delivery wraps up, which will allow people to add new things to the box as they make their rounds. To be included, as we push past the end of delivery AND the last lonely box of this round makes it's way home, there'll be a thread added to sign up for the next round. Watch for that thread, and hop in and say hi when it appears. Other than that ... questions are good! It will looks SOMETHING like this one:
  2. @prophetic_joe, in response to your question in the departure/arrival thread. I'm NOT in your box stream, but did you recently get jab 2? I know more than a couple people who were under the weather for a couple days after jab 2, which has been explained as a "Normal immune response to slaughtering the invader and putting up 'kill on sight' posters for COVID" That said, hopefully a: All is well with you, and @buckyball, @Dr Bob and @Rat13 chime in soon.
  3. @pcktlnt box has been received by @Disserrma... and there was more than an hour a half while I was on the clock working from home that we pulled things out of the box. it's ... HEAVY.
  4. I will be out of town 12/28/19 through 1/2/20. Internet will be available, but visiting the in-laws for the Holidays. Happy Holiday of Your Choice(s).
  5. I .... may already have plans for this. There's a solid chance though that I'll need to use a different figure for what I have in mind, depending on campaign speed.
  6. I am on vacation next week. I will have interwebs, but my routine will be completely disrupted. I will try to check in here as I can remember.
  7. @treyn92. You will want to take a look at page 3, top left corner, and make sure to fill in the table labeled: Spell Attack Roll & DC. As a Wizard, you are: Spells Trained in arcane spell attacks Trained in arcane spell DCs The appropriate Stat is Int. Other than that, and perhaps a couple other bits and bobs on that page, it looks solid for a new PF2 player. Listing the number of Actions things take is super useful. (Act box in spell list). I'd also list ALL your spells known in that list, and hit the prep box for those you have memorized at any given day. A
  8. FYI: I will be out of state this Friday-Sunday (10/25-10/27), and have limited interwebs.
  9. @treyn92, Welcome aboard! Did you have anything already in mind? We have Fighter (1 Handed, ), Cleric (Warpriest), Bard, and either (Rogue or Wizard).
  10. Missed @Dilvish the Deliverer's question the first time. Yes, Rogue gets: Sneak Attack When your enemy can’t properly defend itself, you take advantage to deal extra damage. If you Strike a creature that has the flat-footed condition (page 620) with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, or a ranged weapon attack, you deal an extra 1d6 precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown melee weapon, that weapon must also be agile or finesse. As your rogue level increases, so does the number of damage dice for your sneak attack. Increase the num
  11. YES: You can negate a flaw, with the free boost. There's also an optional, voluntary, additional flaws (2x) mechanic, to gain one additional bonus (1x). Optional: Voluntary Flaws
  12. First, this is the first time I've done pbp here on the reaper boards, so please bear with me if I ask silly questions, like ... how do I roll dice? O.O Unless the party wants a Wizard, I'll review the rogue I have built, give him another once over, and figure out how to send him to @haldir. Note, the rogue is an old, and much beloved friend (in case that changes opinions, some people don't like to see repeat characters. The wizard is new, and a goblin).
  13. I can answer the Cha question somewhat. +1's matter more in this system than say PF1, on the order of 2x. So, if your choices in PF1, were +6 to attack, or +8, would that help your decision? (I'm not familiar enough with 5E to say from that perspective.) You CAN get away with a 16 starting stat, but unless you are going with zero spells/powers/cha based skills/abilities that you need to force a save, or make an attack roll with, you do not want to be less than 16. As for Level 5+, Plaguestone does not expect to hit those levels, if that changes anything as well. 4, 4 is potentially w
  14. @Arkady, I think the important difference between my reading of it, and yours, are the following words: Can and If. If you Aren't using an instrument, you DO need VSM, AND a spell component pouch, AND a free hand. I mean, it's new, and I could be wrong, but that's my interpretation. YMMV, and in this case, @haldir's opinion is the one that matters.
  15. If one more person wanders in, I'll step up. If two or three more arrive, I'll bow out. I .... may ... or may not! (ok, did) have created 8 level one PC's that I would be willing to play, and built a framework for skills/feats through level 4 (because that's what Plaguestone appears have been designed with in mind). These include a Goblin Wizard (Burn it!), an Elf Barbarian, a Fighter and a Champion with the Hellknight Armiger Dedications (at 2), a couple old friends converted over, and some things I don't normally play. (Ok, that's a lie, I have played everything, and my players have m
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