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  1. We have the @Guindyloo box (It got a late start). It needs to be restocked, and shipped home. We are the @Disserrma stop, so ALMOST done. The plan is to refill and ship off ... Soon™. Plausibly tomorrow, or early next week.
  2. The @Broonkah Box sent to @themudhead today from @Disserrma and I. Pictures ... soon.
  3. @Broonkah box has arrived from @msfnc today for @Disserrma and I.
  4. @Disserrma and I would be interested in the next round. We're actively moving this/next week, so things will be ... chaotic, but one of the boxes around here .... somewhere is intended to be a BoGW starter. It's just mixed in with 500 other boxes of various shapes and sizes.
  5. He made it to our 3rd? round cut, in the end, didn't quite make it. For a pre-paint, he's well done.
  6. I particularly like this idea. I hope that this drives discussion for a few pages, to bring out any nifty synergies that might lurk in the mind of Reaper's fanbase, and perhaps some downsides, with suggestions on how to avoid them. Personally, I'm ambivalent about Kickstarter Exclusives, but I DO acknowledge the reality, that some things just won't do well in Retail, and having the label clearly marked ahead of time helps manage expectations, and budgeting. Like the Pirate Ship from 5. At the time, there was absolutely NO WAY, Disserma and I could justify it, and even now, no way we could justify it. In 5 years? I don't .... expect... we could justify it, but it's not ... completely impossible.
  7. While I don't see anything we put in, in Ziggy's hoard, I DO see MANY things that we seriously considered for ourselves, but eventually opted to leave in the box. Glad to see them go to a good home!
  8. Just throwing this out there, but SOME of this can be corrected with paint. "That's totally leg" can easily become a dark brown leather pant leg. "This is clearly boobplate" can, with some effort become a metal/leather composite armor, with metal above, and leather supports. "That's a belly button" ... is a harder thing to adjust for, should that be a deal breaker, though could be a thin silk? *relative ease depending on skill set. Durn near impossible for me, might be easy for you. YMMV.
  9. @Chaoswolf box received by @Disserrma and I via @msfnc.
  10. I've tried to pick expansions/mini's based on game expectations (Double Lost Valley says Hi!) .... only to have the game in question fizzle before delivery. It's HARD to predict that far into the future. I'm older, wiser, and more experienced at predicting what I'll need. I'm going to need one of everything. <cough> In all seriousness, this is the first Kickstarter we've backed that ... that might just (almost) happen. This is largely due to the much smaller size of an "All In". I've also gone "I need a thingeramaber for this weekend's game" and with much searching into the various boxes and bins, come up with the PERFECT figure ... that I hadn't looked at twice during the actual Kickstarter campaign. We've also had more than a few times mid campaign where we've gone "That's perfect, guaranteed to get!" ... and not get it, because we liked something else MORE. I REALLY like the Men-At-Arms pack, but ... do not think we'll be getting them, because our collection fills that niche too well. There are a handful of other things that we might pass on, due to having 'enough' of that type. Maybe. We'll see? Budgeting is HARD, and EVERYTHING is getting more expensive by the second.
  11. Similar statements of one variety or another, have popped up over the last hundred odd pages. My two cents is, no matter what the final funding ends up, be it 2M, or 5M, I acknowledge that there are enough "Other Factors" that impact things, that are outside of anyone's direct control, be they health, social, political, technological, logistical, and/or whatever, that under those conditions, this will STILL be a wildly successful campaign. Even if we ONLY clear TWO MILLION DOLLARS, that's a high end campaign, and there will be sufficient options to pick from that my personal budget might not cover all my "wants". Heck, if they break 5 again, I might have to carefully winnow down my "Needs" list. ... and that's AFTER a new job with a significant pay raise over the last couple campaigns. Of all the things currently stressing me out right now, Bones 6 not matching the last couple in trajectory, is so far down, that it's not even something I'm considering. Besides, I'm confident that we'll more closely match Bones 1, than Bones 5 when it's all said and done. I'm expecting quite the ride in 6 days. I hope you're buckled up!
  12. We were just looking at those feet, and wondering. Is this a Tiefling/Hellborn? Is this a Human? We weren't ... sure, though we're leaning towards split toed shoes/boots, and a pelt, and not hooves/tail.
  13. Current thoughts in no particular order from the household of @Disserrma and myself (Long time forever DM). Most importantly, there has not been ONE mini that has been previewed, or added that I, personally, have disliked. More than a few we're likely to pass on for various reasons .... but I'm absolutely, positive, that we'll be able to fill out our planned budget with mini's we want/need, either in the KS proper, or the PM period. Core: Odds of us NOT getting this, are low. Second set of Ants? strong chance. Any other break outs? We'll see what if any are offered! Second Nightmare? - I'm ok with not all of the Core being broken out as options, but would love to see a few here and there broken out like the teased Ants. Heck, I'm ok with requiring a Core purchase to open up the option of Core Extras, though, equally ok with that not being a thing. The Core value is just too good to pass up lightly. Briarwood: Definitely getting. Disse loves Fae, the way I do Dragons.... this was a low bar, and they sailed over it with ease. Going to echo that I'd love to see some more Fae represented, such as Fauns/Satyrs or other male variations in addition to the lovely ladies. Wouldn't mind seeing Fae expansions every Bones kickstarter here on out! Sullenhall: Depending on other things as they appear, strong contender. We have no ... NEED for more than half the sculpts here, but napkin math of the ones I DO want, put it WELL over the $50 retail marker. GG: Again, depending on other options, a strong contender: Going to echo, would love to see more representation in this theme. Denizens and Lost Tombs? Excited to see! Can't make the judgement call here yet, due to insufficient data. We didn't get Dungeon Dwellers last time, as despite having many wonderful things in it .... we had many of the things we wanted from it already, and just couldn't make the math work. Painter's Picks: Hard to guess what paint supplies we'll have in two years, and the current stock of some of these isn't low ... we'll see how funding holds up! Gnolls: Fair chance at picking these up, Gnolls is under represented in our collection. Multi-part Men at Arms: Love the idea, but no personal need for this. Orcs: The only one of the set that I strongly want, is the one with the Whip. I think the niche the rest of these fit is overfull in our collection. Chibi: Heroes: I think we're passing? Not sure, they're wonderful sculpts, but doesn't fit our niche precisely, and therefore there are a number of other things we'd like MORE. Goblins: These? These are more likely. The Chibi Style actually fits the Gobo's well. Dragon: I like dragons! (Strong Probable!) The other things teased? There were a number of like! things in this thread, and well, regardless of where this kickstarter ends, be it 2M or 20M, there WILL be things we want, but can't justify in our hobby budget.... and we've gone fairly deep in several prior kickstarters, despite the last several attempts at "Less." On the front of the newest teasers, the lovely Barbarian lass. I, as forever DM, have no character immediately in mind that she fills perfectly ... but, if we end up getting her, there's a VERY strong probability she'll get painted, and if she's painted, I might just end up with a something to use the wonderful figure. That, and of the 15 people in my current, active, games, 7 are female. Just because I don't have an immediate use for the mini ... doesn't mean that one of the players in one of the games doesn't get inspired!
  14. Disse and I have considered starting a box on several occasions. The major reason we haven't, is while we have WAY TOO MANY GW mini's, and could start a round of boxes with just those, we feel that sending out a box that's 90% one genre would result in disappointment, so we've been holding off until we can start a mixed box. The mini's we've released into the wild have mostly been snapped up VERY quickly, which makes us happy to see... but would we achieve the same level of down stream excitement if the box was overwhelmingly similar? We've been afraid it wouldn't be, and have erred on the lighter side, even while trying to cram in more than we take out. We've happily taken several 3d printed mini's over several rounds, but the bulk of those we're still passing on. TLDR, moderation, and mixed options may be best, versus heavily weighing in one direction.
  15. @Disserrma and I missed the last one by ... 3 days? Something like that, so trying extra hard to keep an eye open for the next one.
  16. Welcome! The important things to keep in mind, is that the plan for the next round is unlikely to start until after Bones 5 delivery wraps up, which will allow people to add new things to the box as they make their rounds. To be included, as we push past the end of delivery AND the last lonely box of this round makes it's way home, there'll be a thread added to sign up for the next round. Watch for that thread, and hop in and say hi when it appears. Other than that ... questions are good! It will looks SOMETHING like this one:
  17. @prophetic_joe, in response to your question in the departure/arrival thread. I'm NOT in your box stream, but did you recently get jab 2? I know more than a couple people who were under the weather for a couple days after jab 2, which has been explained as a "Normal immune response to slaughtering the invader and putting up 'kill on sight' posters for COVID" That said, hopefully a: All is well with you, and @buckyball, @Dr Bob and @Rat13 chime in soon.
  18. @pcktlnt box has been received by @Disserrma... and there was more than an hour a half while I was on the clock working from home that we pulled things out of the box. it's ... HEAVY.
  19. I will be out of town 12/28/19 through 1/2/20. Internet will be available, but visiting the in-laws for the Holidays. Happy Holiday of Your Choice(s).
  20. I .... may already have plans for this. There's a solid chance though that I'll need to use a different figure for what I have in mind, depending on campaign speed.
  21. I am on vacation next week. I will have interwebs, but my routine will be completely disrupted. I will try to check in here as I can remember.
  22. @treyn92. You will want to take a look at page 3, top left corner, and make sure to fill in the table labeled: Spell Attack Roll & DC. As a Wizard, you are: Spells Trained in arcane spell attacks Trained in arcane spell DCs The appropriate Stat is Int. Other than that, and perhaps a couple other bits and bobs on that page, it looks solid for a new PF2 player. Listing the number of Actions things take is super useful. (Act box in spell list). I'd also list ALL your spells known in that list, and hit the prep box for those you have memorized at any given day. A side note on Unseen servant, it takes a Sustain action each round to keep going, ie, 1 action a round (of 3) to keep it going. Just something to keep in mind.
  23. FYI: I will be out of state this Friday-Sunday (10/25-10/27), and have limited interwebs.
  24. @treyn92, Welcome aboard! Did you have anything already in mind? We have Fighter (1 Handed, ), Cleric (Warpriest), Bard, and either (Rogue or Wizard).
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