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  1. Missed @Dilvish the Deliverer's question the first time.  Yes, Rogue gets:

    Sneak Attack

    When your enemy can’t properly defend itself, you take advantage to deal extra damage. If you Strike a creature that has the flat-footed condition (page 620) with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, or a ranged weapon attack, you deal an extra 1d6 precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown melee weapon, that weapon must also be agile or finesse.

    As your rogue level increases, so does the number of damage dice for your sneak attack. Increase the number of dice by one at 5th


    Assuming this worked well, I have 4 character sheets attached.  Both L1, and L4 projection sets for both Roonfizzle Garnackle, a young Gnome Rogue who has spent several years working with the Lumber Consortium, with some talents in woodcarvings, (The old friend/repeat/conversion character), and Jubgrub Burnfingers, a young Goblin Wizard, who's introduction to wizardry came when an adventuring party was delving his warrens, and mid charge he watched an adventurer unleash a blast of fire upon several of his warren-mates.  He immediately skidded to a stop, lowering his dogslicer, and asked "Can ...  Can you teach me how to do 'dat please?"  He spent the next couple years learning from the parties Wizard and Alchemist, and has developed an overly complicated method to keep spells and formulae straight without using actual words.

    I'm game to play either.


    Roonfizzle L1.pdf

    Jubgrub L1.pdf

    Jubgrub L4.pdf

    Roonfizzle L4.pdf

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  2. First, this is the first time I've done pbp here on the reaper boards, so please bear with me if I ask silly questions, like ... how do I roll dice?  O.O

    Unless the party wants a Wizard, I'll review the rogue I have built, give him another once over, and figure out how to send him to @haldir.  Note, the rogue is an old, and much beloved friend (in case that changes opinions, some people don't like to see repeat characters.  The wizard is new, and a goblin).

  3. I can answer the Cha question somewhat.  +1's matter more in this system than say PF1, on the order of 2x.  So, if your choices in PF1, were +6 to attack, or +8, would that help your decision?  (I'm not familiar enough with 5E to say from that perspective.)

    You CAN get away with a 16 starting stat, but unless you are going with zero spells/powers/cha based skills/abilities that you need to force a save, or make an attack roll with, you do not want to be less than 16.

    As for Level 5+, Plaguestone does not expect to hit those levels, if that changes anything as well.  4, 4 is potentially within the realm of doable.  Haldir might be willing to keep going after, but hasn't indicated as such as far as I've seen.

    A party of Rogue, Bard, Cleric, is actually really solid, and covers a lot of ground.  Would a 4th help?  Yes.  (I do have a rogue and a cleric in my pile, and could easily switch things around as needed.)

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  4. If one more person wanders in, I'll step up.  If two or three more arrive, I'll bow out.
    I .... may ... or may not! (ok, did) have created 8 level one PC's that I would be willing to play, and built a framework for skills/feats through level 4 (because that's what Plaguestone appears have been designed with in mind).

    These include a Goblin Wizard (Burn it!), an Elf Barbarian, a Fighter and a Champion with the Hellknight Armiger Dedications (at 2), a couple old friends converted over, and some things I don't normally play.  (Ok, that's a lie, I have played everything, and my players have murdered almost everything in sight).

    Crafting.  My (limited) experience and the remarks of the craft happy player in my one PF2 game, is only useful in the following two cases:  You are FAR away from civilization where you can buy something specific, or you have regularly scheduled months of downtime.

    Bard & Instruments:  " Because you’re a bard, you can usually play an instrument for spells requiring somatic or material components, as long as it takes at least one of your hands to do so. If you use an instrument, you don’t need a spell component pouch or another hand free. You can usually also play an instrument for spells requiring verbal components, instead of speaking "

    So, Instruments are an option, not a requirement.

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  5. Haldir, 

    The A o N 2e is actually a very solid resource for 2E (as it's the official SRD site), and even has some of of the Post Core things, but doesn't have new ancestries yet.

    This particular link: Fall of Plaguestone Adventure Backgrounds! May be of use to you and yours.

    Another thing that I've tripped over, and find SUPER useful, is This android app.

    As for interest ... I've found PbP to be either way to fast ... or equally slow, or both ... but If you need, I could possibly have my arm twisted... (But if you have 4 other gungho players, I'd let them have the slots.)

    About me: I'm mostly the one on the other side of the screen, and am comfortable tackling any group role.  I'm currently running one 2E homebrew game, in which, I was cruel and unusual, and started the group at level 10, a year ago.  Life happened, and now the group has lost a few, but is running more regularly, and hit 11 after Launch Day.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


    Email is [email protected]. State that it's for Bones 4, and include order number, Kickstarter email address, description of missing/messed up pieces (if possible using the numbers on the KS graphics). Don't include pictures or attachments unless asked to do so (or your email gets deleted by the filter). 



    --OneBoot :D 

    Important additional information.  Include your mailing address.  They CAN look it up with the kickstarter information but ... it will save them exorbitant amounts of time.

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