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  1. Three boxes en route, but all in separate locations: one in Tokyo, one in Chicago and the third still waiting for pickup from Reaper. Waiting, more or less patiently, at a DPO; I'm accustomed to slow mail times.
  2. I just received emails for 3 packages, not sure of weight but $140 shipping, Wave 6, includes 2 ships and nearly all the cursed items, no tracking info yet. But since I'm DPO, I don't expect to get anything for at least 3 weeks.
  3. One for me, one set to create unexpected moments at co-workers' desks, the other sets for friends
  4. Your Selected Rewards Power Up: Rocky Brush Holder Option x4 Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x1 Power Up: Reaper Figurehead Option x1 Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x8 Glow in the Dark Ghost Pirate Ship x1 Bones 5 Core Set x1 Catfolk x1 Boulderkin x1 Extra Dragons x2 Extra Living Dead x2 Constructs x1 Extra Armory x3 Extra Petey the Pizza Dungeon Mascot x10 Extra Gem Dragon x9 Extra Zombies x1 Extra Halloween x3 Extra Wraith Dreadnights x4 Extra Loot Golem x4 Goblins x1 Extra Overgourd x
  5. I just received my order, ~36 pounds. One of the last US orders I know because I have an APO address, but almost everything perfect. Weirdly the Darkreach box was open and the Gloomstalker was missing, but otherwise, everything seems in order. Excellent work, Reaper!
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