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  1. Along these same lines how would you all handel Chariotes I have several in a trojan army that I was thinking of using in club games Kevin S
  2. Russell First thanks for the great work on AB I love the system but I'm a chef not a programer so thanks from all of us who have no Idea how to do what you do. also are you going to have the stats for the generic cards from the book in the next upgrade? Kevin S
  3. Yes it was a good day for the forces of good or at least thats the way the report will read by the end of the game all I had left out of 1000 points was Finari, Ironraven, Sir Broderick and a lone Templar who had managed to survive the carnage. Ironraven had made two tough rolles in a row to stay in the fight and Halbarad had sacrificed himself to cast a cure spell on him. Leasons Learned 1 Skeeters: I hate them (would use stronger language...) you know it's bad when you charge into the black orks so the goblins can't shoot you 2. you can never have to many bandage and cure spells, these keep me in the game 3 when fighting undead do not forget that Halbarb has the holy special ability 4 when facing skeeters Iron crown archers DIE, (did I say I hated Skeeters) It was a good game real tuch and go for a while it looked realy grim when Dave's skeletons showed up. But Dave and his Allty both have the ability to have thier dice make a victory into a defeat. I am certain that thier will be a rematch soon Kevin S
  4. Don't Fear will be facing my Crusaders who consist of Ironraven and Broderick, with Finari, Valandil 6 unforgiven 3 templers 3 iron crown archers and 1 celesteual Lion and lots of magic items we shall se how it works out Kevin S
  5. HAy Dave Try Miller Blueprint on sixth street here in Austin they might have small map pins Kevin S
  6. HAY Digger What are you digging you souund like me back when I did Filed Archeology. Definently bring your figs like Don'tFear said we have a strong wargaming group here in central Texas Kevin S
  7. Dave I will have my Crusaders ready and hopfully another undead Army by the 18th ready to play Kevin S
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