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  1. Ships carrying the Bones 4 pledges: We're moving soooo sloooowly... UK customs: Hold my beer.1 Me: *selfishly hopes the EU can "pull a Canada" for Bones 5 and get all our stuff first...* (1 Assuming the container arrived on the 24th, as per previous information)
  2. Fantasy Zombies - Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and Gnomes but also Hobgoblins, Dragonborn, Birdpeople, Goliaths/Half-ogres and Catpeople. Also a Turtleperson with a cracked and fragmented shell would be awesome. Also zombie Ogres (at least two, one male, one female). Centaurs. All the rest of my suggestions are for huge sized miniatures (3 inch base or bigger) Demonlords - Orcus and Demogorgon look-alikes Could a huge Juiblex / Demon Ooze be done in Translucent Bones? Is it possible? but also a Huge, 4-armed Shark-headed demonlord wielding a variety o
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