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  1. Here's the basecoat on the Wizkids v2. I'm happy with the gold trim on the armour, less happy with the colour choice on the cloak. I'll use some light blacklining (if I can get the skill down) to define the borders between armour and skin, and they are of a similar shade (as advised by a helpful poster) I also need to up my basing game.
  2. This is the sculpt for v2. I'm struggling with colour combinations, but otherwise looking forward to it.
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied. I'll be starting v2 of this mini soon, different sculpt with the same colour scheme. What I'll take forward is: -Blackline between similar colours, like the grey and silver -Don't sepia wash on whites & greys, use a grey or black wash -Lighting on the blue steel, and metals in general, is tricky. I might skip the blue steel entirely, and find another interesting accent colour. I might post pics of v2, although it's not a Reaper sculpt, so perhaps that would be frowned on.
  4. I'm a lapsed painter trying to get back into the hobby. When I started painting there was no YouTube and probably no painting forums, so I'm glad there is now an arena to get some feedback. With this model (Reaper's Dragonman Warrior) I'm going for a D&D Dragonborn Paladin/Cleric of Bahamut, with white/grey/silver scales and a blue motif because of his religion. I'm not happy with how this mini ended up, partly due to rusty skills, but also due to some of the techniques I used that I heard about on YouTube. Specifically, I used a sepia wash on most of the model, except for the blue parts, and I'm not sure it worked well with the grey. I'm not at all happy with the face. And the light blue metallic accents seem a bit goofy to me. So I know I need to really work on my accuracy and thin my paints more, but any other guidance would be highly appreciated.
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