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  1. Good advice. I just got home from work, so after lunch I plan on a speed paint. Mainly to get something done to feel good about it to get back in the groove of painting.
  2. Most orange paint I've tried has had bad coverage with streaking issues. Reapers Explosion Orange has been the best I've ran into.
  3. How about a tentative roommate who has financial obligations he has to take care of first and won't know if he can go to Reapercon for several months? 😃
  4. Man, I want a free trial to RN Estudio or Ghamak. All I get is Titan Troll. I'm just not a fan of Titan Troll's stuff.
  5. I really want to go for the 20th one, but I'm not certain yet on the finances.
  6. Totally fake. General Lee's doors don't open.
  7. That looks really cool. Probably a better effect in person.
  8. And then there was the year we carpooled from the airport and I asked you to go to a Home Depot, only to have the GPS lead us to a relatively old residential area. GPS's don't seem to like you.
  9. I want to like Belksasar's stuff, the proportions are just too weird.
  10. The factions in the two books are different, a few factions are very similar. Your best bet for more info on all the factions is the old Apocalypse book, which I think I saw in another thread that you were hunting down a copy. With the old first edition rules of Warlord they did release a handful of faction books, pretty much only useful for the fluff if you are able to hunt some down.
  11. I was just looking over their stuff on MMF and didn't see the figure. But it was listed in the "recommended for you" off to the side so I got it!
  12. I usually really like RN Estudio's stuff, but their December release doesn't do it for me except 1 figure. I've been tempted to subscribe for it but I'll probably see if they ever release it singly.
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