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  1. They do kinda look like little bulldog gremlins don't they? Great job on them.
  2. There was discussion on this several years back, Neva Talmerela for Sisters was the only other model mentioned. But the Giant grunts for Icingstead were in the old P65 line and aren't available anymore.
  3. So I just looked at one class and it was through Zoom. I've never used Zoom, what are the network requirements? Are all classes through Zoom? Do I need to register with Zoom?
  4. She looks great, my only suggestion would be for higher highlights in her hair.
  5. I'll piggy back on Kuroneko's thread to show off mine.
  6. Haldir, I think I got similar issues when my cure time per layer was too short for the resin I was using at the time.
  7. And who moved that piece to Sylverthorne? A cat certainly wouldn't have traveled that far.
  8. Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by "scientifically accurate"?
  9. Get the mighty anyway, and have 2 printers going at the same time! The beginning of your manufacturing empire!
  10. I'm willing to give a duo or trio a try.
  11. Nice, those all look much better from your previous prints.
  12. Looking over your models the areas with greebles look sharp & clean, but cloaks look like you can see the lines. How do they look in person? On mine I sometimes see lines and in most cases you can tell that when you primer it you won't see them anymore. There have only been a few cases where I felt I needed to sand lines off.
  13. Since you think you might have a lack of adhesion on the build plate, have you tried sanding it?
  14. Nice! I really like this figure and I think this is the first one I've seen painted.
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