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  1. Humansquish


    Wow, some really nice figures in there. Maybe I can get myself a 3d printer for Christmas.
  2. Humansquish

    Minivember 2019: One More Once

    I wish you the best of luck on this. I usually try to do this but I don't think I have it in me this year.
  3. Humansquish

    Mass mini prep ideas

    What they said. But if you have any ways to easily mass remove mold lines on the bones minis let me know.
  4. Humansquish

    Recast a Movie with Muppets, Leaving One Human

    Interstellar, just keep Matt Damon.
  5. Humansquish

    Catalyst Game Labs: BattleTech Clan Invasion box set

    I am a huge battletech fan, but I have been hesitant to pledge for this because of the success it has had. Catalyst isn't exactly know for producing miniatures, and with some of their past financial issues I wonder how they will be able to handle the metric crap ton of stuff they are promising. I also have not been following this thread or the kickstarter much at all, so if they have addressed my concerns please let me know.
  6. Humansquish

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2019

    Wooo! Sign me up to fail spectacularly at the 24 hour challenge again.
  7. I'm trying to fix up the house, but I should be able to find some time to get some painting in.
  8. Humansquish

    Going Native: From out of the Mists

    I got mine! First look over they all look great, especially the Quetzalcoatl.
  9. Humansquish

    Yes, I did.

    Congratulations! Glad to hear you will still hang out with us here.
  10. Humansquish

    Giant Ice Worm 77006

    Welcome! Great first show off, I really like the vibrant blue you used. And if you find a way out of your painting slump let me know.
  11. Humansquish

    Couple questions from a newb

    Welcome Michael! I don't remember all the pre battle phase actions but in our games its each card flip someone places a troop. Once all troops are placed ranger moves take place. Correct, no troop cohesion with no penalty to spreading out. Terrain that is weird needs to be defined and agreed upon by all players before the game starts. If you guys call it size 2 then that is what it is. For action declaring movement can be done at any time and separately. But if you want to shoot (or cast or melee) all of it needs to be declared at the same time. For example, I move archer A, move archer B, declare and resolve shooting for all 3 archers, then move archer C.
  12. Humansquish

    Demon Pegasus

    That is awesome!
  13. Humansquish

    Unreadable fiction

    Part way through middle school we had a new reading program where you could pick a book off the list, read it, do a test, then get points for questions you got right. The points were based on the length of the book, and you had to get a certain amount of points per quarter. I don't remember what the reading program before this was so it probably wasn't that great. I had been asked my parents for books to read and they had given me stuff they had read like The Firm, Pelicans Brief, Jurassic Park, etc, so I wasn't interested in most of the books on this new reading program. What I would do was pick the books with the most points so I could get that quarter done in one book so I could then continue reading the novels my parents gave me. This usually worked out pretty well, even with Little Women and even after finding out Little Women was not the small abridged version my sister had. No the book that I couldn't finish over the entire quarter and had to ask my Mom for a synopsis on the ending in case there were questions about it was Gone With the Wind. Stupid prideful people ruining their lives for stupid prideful reasons just annoys me to no end. Makes me wonder how I made it through Wuthering Heights as it is basically the same thing.
  14. My oldest order in the system was on 4/29/09 for the '09 Reapercon ticket. I know I ordered a bunch before then.
  15. I really hate how they revealed Eowyn when she picked up Meri. My favorite part in the book was when she ripped off her helmet and said "I am no man" which made the Witch Queen hesitate. The best surprise I've ever read in a book and they ruin that scene in the movie before you even get to that scene. I don't like all the slow motion hobbits in pain, and too much crying hobbits. But all the rest was pretty good.