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  1. It will last until M.E.O.W gets tired of being touched, then the claws come out.
  2. If I had an FDM printer I would be all in on the ship but with a small build area resin printer the ship just seems like too much. I'm just started getting the pieces ready for Artisan Guild's Tarasque and that already seems like too big of a project.
  3. Glad it got to you safe, I was worried the spear would bend or pop off. The extras are my apologies for being late.
  4. I have no need for these, but they intrigue me so I got a set.
  5. A clone trooper commander spilled coffee on a Jedi's robes, no apologies were given, chaos ensues.
  6. The benefit with in person classes, you can usually get out of you seat and look over the instructor's shoulder. I've done that in many of my classes, with the instructors permission of course.
  7. I haven't used it but I the description of a program called Meshmixer sounds like it will allow you to modify files.
  8. Great conversion and a beautiful paint job.
  9. Very well done, I really like the NMM on the sword.
  10. I really have no use for these, but I think they will be a fun change of pace from my usual painting stuff. Went with the sampler + a batch of white tiger knights.
  11. Post your successful prints here, we all like to see the pretty minis. Here are a few I got recently from RN Estudio off of MMF. Sorry for the crappy pic but I don't want to retake them.
  12. Just started my second bottle of Phrozen Aqua, the only kind I have tried so far but no issues. Since my printer prints fast due to the mono lcd I have been wanting to try Siraya Fast to see just how fast I can get layer prints.
  13. For a Phrozen Sonic Mini. I'll look into Lychee. I tried Z-suite, which the little I've played with it I like, but it doesn't save to the right format for my printer to recognize.
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