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  1. I had a family trip planned in the fall, but that seems to have been cancelled for the foreseeable future so now I get to attend Reapercon Online. Not the ideal way to attend but I'm looking forward to it. Already have a mini planned for the paint competition that I based recently.
  2. I'm looking at getting a resin printer and the Bean was on my list of possibilities. Would you recommend it?
  3. Bases & grids are 1 & 3/16th inches. I couldn't find any of my measuring devises in metric. Figures are a little taller than Reaper minis, but heads are a little smaller than Reaper minis.
  4. Not a bad list, seems very well rounded. I have two concerns, the first being Margara. In our games she typically only gets one firestorm off to mediocre effect, then is squished like a bug (if she isn't squished before she gets a spell off). I like her stats, but in actual play she has never been able to influence much in the game. The second concern is almost all the soldiers have a DV under 10. The one that has a dv that high also has provoke, which won't help him live long. A high number of damage tracks is nice, but you don't seem to have the horde numbers to make up for the low dvs. Now having said that your list could be very durable in actual game play, so please let us know how it does if you play it. We have had several bondslaves and other low dv units live much longer than they should. But yeah, the Stone Spirit is really nice. I don't think I've ever seen him under perform.
  5. I received a very large box today with the game. Figures look nice (they were the main reason I got the game) hopefully someday I will be motivated to paint them.
  6. It's a good book. I believe there is a sequel that is digital only, I haven't picked that one up yet for some reason.
  7. Thanks Randy. The last year or so I've been really bad at selecting pledge rewards.
  8. Happy Birthday dude!!!

  9. Wow, some really nice figures in there. Maybe I can get myself a 3d printer for Christmas.
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