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  1. I'm hoping to make it next year, and would love to play Battletech if you run it.
  2. My sister worked at a day care for a couple years, she was also sick all the time. She loved the kids but was glad to get out to be healthy again. I hope you get feeling better soon.
  3. Yeah the reduced distance is not good. I will be playing less for sure because of this.
  4. First picture is of the assembled anchor. Second is where it goes, take note of the peg on the overhanging board, and on the tackle box that hangs out there is a hole on the bottom. Third shows it all together.
  5. You're right, too pacifist. Need to add guns.
  6. Sky captain & the world of tomorrow is never good. Seriously, don't watch it. It kills brain cells.
  7. Beautiful work! I've only ever seen IWM's super small picture of this one, it's nice to see larger pictures. Again, great paint work on it.
  8. Does anyone know if Loot Studios posts to MMF anymore? I've wanted to get their fae bust they put out a couple months ago but didn't want to do the patreon thing for one model. Their website seems to only be for their current month's stuff, and is less than helpful.
  9. I very much had an unproductive month mini wise also. I have our duo posted on discord, thanks for being patient with me.
  10. Had a failure today and needed to clean my tank, but noticed the tape around my LDC is starting to warp. Because of that I was not able to properly level the build plate. What kind of tape do I need to replace that? I assume something heat resistant?
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