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  1. Making me wait until tomorrow? I guess it is late.... ok. Also, I have shipping notice! Says it will be delivered Saturday.
  2. What??? I MUST HAVE IT! Yes I need more Rauthuros. Does it come in the mega bundle? I got one of those. /me runs off to check for shipping notice.
  3. When I was young they would play a movie on tv during the summer called The Sword & the Sorcerer, I really liked it because of the 3 bladed sword. I was a little older and we found a copy to rent, so we got it. Topless women everywhere. I have no idea how they edited that for tv.
  4. You got the name wrong, this is the Doom Kitty. Great work on this, the metals look really good. I wish I could pull off TMM that well.
  5. It looks good, I think the heavy makeup on the pale face works. I had a lot of fun painting this figure and have been thinking of getting another one.
  6. I haven't painted any busts yet so my questions would be more focused on what do I need to do different on a bust than I would on a 32mm figure?
  7. I'm also already friends with you Kangaroorex. Although you can delete friends and re-add them and that counts towards those quests.
  8. I had planned on trying the 24 hr challenge this weekend, but recently found out that is the family get together. I think I will have most of Sunday, will try to paint during then.
  9. I just got a Phrozen Sonic Mini, anyone else have one? Is there a resin it likes best for minis?
  10. Base coated and washed a couple of Battletech figures, and got eyes and skin based coated on a couple of fantasy figures. Not much but I'm still trying to get in the habit of painting every day again.
  11. I grew up watching He Man, it's been fun seeing you paint these up. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Got my mini ordered, should get it Thursday. Now just need to decide on colors.
  13. Oooh, I really like the design of that table Marineal. Totally going to steal it for a project I have in mind. I bought some seeds this year thinking I would plant them, but I'm really lazy when I get home so I didn't.
  14. She used to be an adventurer like you, till she....well you know. I'm tempted with a few of these, still on the fence though.
  15. I'm in to try the 24 hour challenge again. Hopefully I actually get to try, unlike last year.
  16. I got started painting with scale battleship models. When i found out Battletech had minis I got a few and got some craft paint brushes that were better than the Testors brushes I had. One of these brushes (Pro Art round 0) I used quite a bit until I got some of the Reaper Kolinsky Sables. That round 0 was still used on nearly every model I painted as a paint mixer, base coater, and drybrusher. Over the years I got paint in the ferrul that seems to have kept the bristles angled so it kept a decent point, despite the large amount of drybrushing I used it for. Being a synthetic brush the tip had curled, but that made it easier to get in some spots. Yesterday, while trying to get some static grass on a mini, some grass got where I didn't want it to be. So I grabbed my crappy brush to push it away. And promptly got super glue in the bristles. I though the glue had dried. A moment of silence please, for a cheap crappy brush that has done a large amount of work on the majority of the models I have painted for the last 20 years. I'm not sure how I'm going to replace it.
  17. I just pledged and took us over the 1k goal! Yay & stuff. I really like how the sculpt on the barbarian queen came out.
  18. I had a family trip planned in the fall, but that seems to have been cancelled for the foreseeable future so now I get to attend Reapercon Online. Not the ideal way to attend but I'm looking forward to it. Already have a mini planned for the paint competition that I based recently.
  19. I'm looking at getting a resin printer and the Bean was on my list of possibilities. Would you recommend it?
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