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  1. This has been suggested many times, including having a reward on a Kickstarter for PDF rules with an army bundle. But alas, we have not seen anything from Reaper.
  2. Wanted to add some content to the Warlord section, saw that I haven't posted this list before. Everything except the leaders has assassin. I ran it a couple years ago against Korborlas & Overlords. The Korborlas got sandwitched between the forces and died quickly, but my assassins did good work, especially since all of his leaders and elites had Ironhides. I thought I would then lose out to the Overlords as he took a deck controlling force, but the arachnids had enough tracks to survive and were able to take out most everything when it got to my turn. It was still a pretty clos
  3. Well that pretty much eliminates Reapercon for me this year. I'm sure the tickets will go on sale while I am at work and will be sold out by the time I get off.
  4. @Kuroneko can you please post the pictures on Discord? I am late to head to a family event this weekend and won't have time. This is my first very sad attempt at OSL, but it was very rushed and I ran out of time. Might do this figure again at the end of the year for that challenge.
  5. Those both turned out great, what printer are you using? I got a bust from the Scan the World library. It looks good from the front, but any other angle looks off. Not sure what went wrong on the scan.
  6. Strangely, after I ask and the instructor invites anyone who wants to to do the same, very few people actually do. I've taken an in person class with cameras & a tv, it was ok. I prefer the smaller 6-8 people classes.
  7. In many of my in person classes at Reapercon I have asked instructors to look over their shoulders, all have been very willing to let me.
  8. I had Rheumatic fever when I was young, penicillin saved my life.
  9. I've found on presupported versions that increasing my cure time per layer sometimes helps.
  10. I've been very impressed with the detail you have got out of your FDM printer. But mold lines bother me so print lines bother me, so I had to have a resin printer.
  11. Are you using a presupported version? Or did you do the supports yourself? It's a nice figure, I'm willing to buy it and give it a shot if you want.
  12. Koi Mage by Titan Forge & Dwarf Bust by TytanTroll.
  13. I've been making a list of figures & such for a future Reaper order. I then go looking through my figures I have for painting classes tomorrow and I find half the things on my list. Multiples. In metal & bones. I may have a problem.
  14. It's a great show, you won't regret it. Most likely you will start quoting it regularly.
  15. Just found my thumb drive I use to move stl files from my computer to my resin printer in the dryer. Thought for sure it was dead but it seems to still work, really impressed by the little thing.
  16. They do kinda look like little bulldog gremlins don't they? Great job on them.
  17. There was discussion on this several years back, Neva Talmerela for Sisters was the only other model mentioned. But the Giant grunts for Icingstead were in the old P65 line and aren't available anymore.
  18. So I just looked at one class and it was through Zoom. I've never used Zoom, what are the network requirements? Are all classes through Zoom? Do I need to register with Zoom?
  19. She looks great, my only suggestion would be for higher highlights in her hair.
  20. I'll piggy back on Kuroneko's thread to show off mine.
  21. Haldir, I think I got similar issues when my cure time per layer was too short for the resin I was using at the time.
  22. And who moved that piece to Sylverthorne? A cat certainly wouldn't have traveled that far.
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