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  1. I don't know, but of all the track and field events I did (loved track in high school) the 400 hurdles hurt the worst.
  2. I backed one of their previous kickstarters and was very happy with the models. Just haven't painted anything yet.
  3. 2 right this week, goose egg last week. Running total 59.
  4. Most likely it was a custom build by @Castlebuilder or @Sergei. If you can't find them on the forums or Reapergames you probably won't find them online.
  5. Ok I will just slowly back into dark rooms then.
  6. @Kuroneko your minis look great! But this is where my lack of communication skills rears it's ugly head. When I thought we were painting the "dog thing" (my words and where I clearly failed) I thought we were painting the Leucrotta. This is where we see what I can do in a speed paint. 🤪 I'll have my Cerberus ready by tomorrow night.
  7. In the past anything that has been revealed has been unlocked for the pledge manager, whether the goal was reached or not.
  8. I'm not much of a role player, but I think I need to get in one of your games.
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