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  1. @Kuroneko your minis look great! But this is where my lack of communication skills rears it's ugly head. When I thought we were painting the "dog thing" (my words and where I clearly failed) I thought we were painting the Leucrotta.


    This is where we see what I can do in a speed paint. 🤪 I'll have my Cerberus ready by tomorrow night.

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  2. 3 hours ago, JGF said:

    The 30th anniversary dragon is the only thing I've pledged for (for better and worse...) this kickstarter.  I'm reassssssonably confident that Reaper will go ahead with it regardless whether the total is hit or not but on the remote chance they dont, what would that mean in my case, do I just cancel my pledge?  Really don't have any interest in anything that has actually been unlocked as of yet so I dont really have a desire to redirect the pledge to anything else...

    In the past anything that has been revealed has been unlocked for the pledge manager, whether the goal was reached or not.

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