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  1. Wow I really like that green. The familiar is wonderfully disgusting also. Great job.
  2. I'm pretty sure I have a tube of that stuff laying around, just can't find it to verify. I used it to glue together my first battletech minis, and have wound up pulling all those apart and using superglue. It comes out thin and gooie. Superglue holds a little stronger than this stuff did, and when I put some minis put together with it in simple green they came right apart. I've also used it to repair a gas tank float. IIRC it didn't do that very well either. Overall I havn't been to happy with it, and wouldn't suggest using it for minis.
  3. I'm pretty sure paints and freezing don't mix so I would chuck them. Might want to wait for what the Reaper peeps say just to be certain.
  4. Wow, you did a stupendous job on them. What colors did you use on them?
  5. Thats a very awesome mini. Deep_sashelas did a great job on it. You're very lucky Shine.
  6. I use the cheapest tool box I could find. Paints go in the bottom, tools, green stuff, flocking, etc. go in the top.
  7. Yeah especially with that axe and sword you carry.
  8. The detail on the axe is amazing! Great work!
  9. Thanks Deep Sashelas for fixing the colors. I tried to do it with my photo editor, but obviously it didn't work. On the shield I really wasn't sure what to do with it so I just put paint on it and called it good. Thanks for the advice Lady Tam and actually this is the first mini that I thinned my paints with. And on the highlights I highlighted until I thought I was doing more harm than good. Thanks for the comments!
  10. Hi all, just got my first fantasy mini painted (been painting Battletech minis for about a year) and wanted to show it off. First time trying the highlighting and shading thing so lots of advice is wanted.
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