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  1. Lots of paper towels. Since resin is toxic I got a separate pair of nippers and exacto that are just for working on prints. For a non flammable cleaner I went with heavy duty Simple Green.
  2. Didn't paint Friday, got minis primed and did some base coats Saturday. Sunday I had hoped to get a lot done but I let myself get distracted. I did get all of the human type figures' eyes done, and they all turned out pretty good first try. I've been having a hard time with eyes lately so it was nice to have them go well again. No pictures cus I'm lazy.
  3. That's the good thing about demons, paint them any color under the sun and they still look good.
  4. Ended up with a date today so just spent a few minutes base coating a few small areas on a couple. Tomorrow may be spent on getting some basing done and a few primed.
  5. Going to try to finish 30 figures by painting every day. Most of what I've chosen are for my Darkspawn army so I'm hoping batch painting will help me get all 30 finished.
  6. @Kuroneko I got our duo posted on Discord.
  7. No new rule books since Savage North. You can start by getting either Savage North or the Warlord 2nd Edition book. You don't need both to play, but each book does have different factions.
  8. Nice to see you doing this again! I look forward to your progress. I'm going to do it a little different this year. I'm not going to worry about getting a mini done a day, but rather 30 minis done in the month. I'm going to try to get a chunk of my Darkspawn army done. Rubegon, yes the goal is the get a mini done a day in November. It is possible, but very challenging. By the end of the month you are usually getting pretty good results very quickly, but you're tired of looking at minis. I'm going to do mine a little different to try to avoid that burnout.
  9. Mine were sealed tonight, will be boxed up tomorrow and sent by Thursday.
  10. Didn't have much time tonight to cook so grabbed an alfredo skillet meal. Didn't come with sauce. It's not good without the sauce.
  11. Your hands are giving you issues but you still paint better than me.
  12. I few days ago I got these wonderful models from Rob from VA, haven't had time to photo them till now. I was then very surprised to get a package from Australia today from Pochi. I had volunteered to paint for two people which is probably why I got 2 packages. Thank you very much to both, they are all wonderful models!
  13. I'm hoping to make it next year, and would love to play Battletech if you run it.
  14. My sister worked at a day care for a couple years, she was also sick all the time. She loved the kids but was glad to get out to be healthy again. I hope you get feeling better soon.
  15. Yeah the reduced distance is not good. I will be playing less for sure because of this.
  16. First picture is of the assembled anchor. Second is where it goes, take note of the peg on the overhanging board, and on the tackle box that hangs out there is a hole on the bottom. Third shows it all together.
  17. You're right, too pacifist. Need to add guns.
  18. Sky captain & the world of tomorrow is never good. Seriously, don't watch it. It kills brain cells.
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