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  1. Agreed. Maybe if during bones 6 we get a lot of people requesting them in the comments... idk. Until then maybe I can find them on ebay, or buy a full bones 3 core set
  2. Oh, agreed. Do you think the packing issue may be sorted out if they did those sprues in Bones Black? There aren't a lot of US-friendly (shipping I mean) companies that have conversion bits.
  3. Agreed. The reason I was looking for those stories were the mox of items. Between the armories of death, vice, and virtue and arsenal I had just about everything I would need at (presumably) a very good price. Ive looked into various weapon kits (mostly designed for 40k, since it has that bulky steampunk look) but as of now haven't found much that really fits.
  4. Does anyone know when these will hit retail? We've seen quite a bit of bones 4, but not the weapon sprues from 3, and as someone who has party members with unique characters, the conversion potential there is great. Secondary question, do you think we will get stuff like the deadlands weapon sprue in bones soon/ever?
  5. Nice! Glad to see I'm not the only one who uses delta. I remember seeing it in a forum about good low cost alternative paints for 40k minis. (Never really got into it). For myself, I use these minis almost exclusively for D&d, villains and the pc minis. I think that's where my problem is. 600$ is a great value if you paint them all, but I've literally painted 0 of bones 4, though I do have some plans for a few of them at least. I also have mythic battles pantheon, the dark souls board game, the bloodborne board game on the way, deep madness, and middara on the way. So I have so many minis, and most will never see use.
  6. Wow! I didnt expect all the replies! Thank you for those who took the time. I think my issue is my other main hobby is gaming, and with steam and humble bundle I'm used to extremely cheap entertainment, and slow burn purchases. I get antsy spending more than 100 at any given time. I do recognize the difference in KS and retail. I would love a mal drakar or the artillery gun from earlier KS, but the retail price is more than I can afford... looking at the KS price makes me jealous. (Didnt know bones existed till about bones 4 time). For me, my wife and I are cheap dates, so the closest I could compare it to would be a cedar point trip. I'll have to add slowly though, you guys are right on that. I suppose compared to drugs and alcohol it's a good deal right? I need to get some paints as well, I'm using delta cermacoat right now but apparently the dedicated model paints are much better. Lastly, can someone let me in on the joke for buglips?
  7. Heh. Rural area. I don't think theres anywhere nearby I could spend 100 on a night out. Never done it before at least.
  8. So I have a problem. Just went through, I want all 5 chromatics, the pirate ship, brinewind, fan favorites, the core set, the siege weapons, and a few other things. That comes to about 600, I only did bones 4 beforehand and that hit 350. If I spend that much on miniatures, the adult half of my brain is going to torment me for months, even if I spread it out. What's a guy to do?
  9. Its a fast paced souls-like (made by the same people) set in an ultra-gothic victorian city, starting with a lycanthrope theme and blending into lovecraftian nightmare as the story progresses.
  10. Is gel or regular superglue better? Ive got two of the 3gram things of gorilla blue cap, but am unsure which to get for the rest of it.
  11. The irony is I said that exact thing on the KS comments yesterday. May the odds be ever in your favor...
  13. I am wave 6 with the frost giants, but i havent gotten an email stating its shopped. Is something wrong?
  14. I figured I may have to. I'll look to see, perhaps get some bionics. I appreciate the two links, those sprues are a lot cheaper. Didn't realize metal was so much cheaper than resin. Wierd.
  15. 3. Unsure which ones. I want to have some Ogres with larger weapons (the idea of an ogre with a gatling gun appeals to me on a personal level) but mostly I want to have some basic cultists with pistols and similar. I do have a set of elite troops with heavy weapons and armor, I'm considering using 40k Terminators for the base mini for an example.
  16. So I'm starting a steampunk campaign shortly, and want to do some minis for them. I have a fair bit of old 40k bits, and I feel like the sci-fi guns (painted brown and copper ofc) with fantasy miniatures will work well. (especially with a good chunk of bones 4 coming in I don't see why I should buy a bunch of new minis... though I didn't get the chronoscope expansion because I didn't realize I was doing that campaign at the time of ordering). My questions are: 1. for the US, where would be a good place to buy the bits I need? (ideally 5-7$ for packs of weapons and such). 2. Does resin (what most of these places use) bond well using glue to the bones material? What about metal, if I decide to go with the reaper metal guns/weapons? 3. Is there going to be a scale issue with bones-other stuff?
  17. Hey, quick question. How are you guys tracking this? Where you know if yours has shipped, the weight, which wave they're on, etc?
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