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  1. Firebird

    Shark Tank

    Words don't seem to do it justice. What a fantastic piece.
  2. Firebird

    desktop tower defense

    Can't believe I'm playing this again
  3. Firebird

    Dice Rolling Tower

    I want it when does it go on auction?
  4. Firebird

    Soldier Appreciation and Cute Kittens

    I think this thread may have...might have... somehow accidently gotten off the original idea of this thread.
  5. Firebird

    Dinner date

    I'm reading this here at work and laughing so hard tears are comming out. Great story.
  6. Firebird

    These better be strong balloons.

    How about a rubberband and a box full of paperclips
  7. Firebird

    Really, REALLY bad days

    I manage a car dealership here in Arizona, So I bad day for me can be a realy bad day. I drink
  8. Firebird

    Space Marines

    Never painted one, never saw a need to. Although might someday
  9. Firebird

    2990: Crypt of the Vampiress

    Incredible the black skintones are awesome.
  10. Firebird


    With me it's comic books and the toys, original art etc. that goes with it. My collection is so large it takes up a room all by itself.
  11. Firebird


    Great job I like how the throne came out.
  12. Firebird

    Death Priest

    Nice work. When did you get the time to post a picture?
  13. Firebird

    Greyhawk Arena

    Wow that is incredible.
  14. Firebird

    3102 Olivia

    Why will it be your last one?
  15. Firebird

    I got engaged!!!!!!

    Congratulations and good luck. In Arpril my wife and I also celebrate 10 years.