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  1. Words don't seem to do it justice. What a fantastic piece.
  2. Can't believe I'm playing this again
  3. I want it when does it go on auction?
  4. I think this thread may have...might have... somehow accidently gotten off the original idea of this thread.
  5. I'm reading this here at work and laughing so hard tears are comming out. Great story.
  6. How about a rubberband and a box full of paperclips
  7. I manage a car dealership here in Arizona, So I bad day for me can be a realy bad day. I drink
  8. Never painted one, never saw a need to. Although might someday
  9. Incredible the black skintones are awesome.
  10. With me it's comic books and the toys, original art etc. that goes with it. My collection is so large it takes up a room all by itself.
  11. Great job I like how the throne came out.
  12. Nice work. When did you get the time to post a picture?
  13. Why will it be your last one?
  14. Congratulations and good luck. In Arpril my wife and I also celebrate 10 years.
  15. Fieldarchy thanks for the invite, someday maybey I will be able to come down and get a few pointers from you. Work keeps me pretty busy, And weekends are always out. But maybey we can cordinate through Patty. Thanks again (Megatron)
  16. My group and just started D&D again and we play in Dragonlance. There is a campaign book out for 3.5 now. The only problem is everything is set in the current age of Dragonlance. So we backed up and are playing during the War of the Lancre era.
  17. UNBELIEVABLE!! I wouldn't wait that long for computer if they were free.
  18. Congrats Morgramen, glad everyone is doing fine.
  19. I paint in moods. Sometimes every day. Then I'll go for weeks with out picking up a paintbrush. I just get in a mood where I have no desire to paint.
  20. I'm Boozy smurf very *hic* accurate *hic*
  21. Brushmaster Pm me I know someone who may be able to help you.
  22. I don't have any probems with the Crimsion Knights. Of course it could be because I play Necropolis. I love the red guys I really do. Seriously Bryan brings up a good point about switiching armies, You probably find some new tactics by doing that.
  23. Since Necropolis doesn't get bandage, I guess I'll have to start getting this little gem.
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